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Webinar mobile performance_best_practices

  1. 1. Mobile Performance Best Practices Enabling Enterprise mobility Extending Software Quality to Mobile We will be starting momentarily Perfectomobile Mobile Testing Center of Excellence Group
  2. 2. Webinar Agenda 1 • Intro 2 • Mobile Performance Intro • Mobile Performance building blocks 3 • Mobile Performance Demo • Mobile Performance Case Study 4 • Q&A
  3. 3. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ Founded 2006 80+ employees Office in Boston, London, Israel Over 600 customers Fortune 500 enterprises, Telcos, SMBs ∙ SaaS Platform + Licenses ∙ Recurring revenue model Mobile Application Quality across the mobile application lifecycle Monitoring Testing Automation ALM Integration Offshoring Continuous Integration Public Cloud Private Cloud
  4. 4. Solution - The MobileCloud™ Platform
  5. 5. Mobile Performance Testing
  6. 6. Mobile Performance in the application lifecycle Performance Functional Continuous Delivery Production Automation Time
  7. 7. What is mobile performance testing? Measuring the mobile end user experience in real-world simulated conditions Servers will be loaded Networks will experience performance issues Devices will behave differently Optimizing/troubleshooting the bottlenecks Find & measure against a mobile-specific benchmark Understanding the specific mobile bottlenecks. And optimize • Caching • Reduce network dependency & chatter • Provide graceful fallback
  8. 8. Different devices will behave differently when the server is loaded (Delay, timeout,…) Response time & availability Mobile KPI Virtual Users
  9. 9. Different devices will behave differently under network conditions The mobile constraint: Transaction response time Bandwidth CPU Mobile KPI Bandwidth LTE WiFi 3G
  10. 10. POLL
  11. 11. “Performance is the key to success” “Efficiency of performance was identified as a focus for mobile testing activity by almost two-thirds (64%) of firms” “Mobile users expect robust performance and usability on the move” “Financial firms are the most acutely concerned about application performance with 72% citing this as a priority. ”
  12. 12. 5 Key Requirements for Mobile Performance Testing Measure the mobile end user experience Define and execute the metrics that users care about Execute the test on a variety of devices Execute the test on a variety of networks Discover the impact of server load on mobile users Measure the mobile experience while server load Enable mobile performance testing on proven enterprisegrade solutions
  13. 13. Performance testing- Mobile User Experience- How To Network conditions Server load conditions Measure user-facing KPIs Convert network sniffer (PCAP) under network conditions file into emulated traffic load Collect network sniffer file Conduct measurement from Analyze network traffic View network optimization recommendations real devices (while the service is under load) Focus on real device measurements
  14. 14. Mobile Performance Demo
  15. 15. Mobile Performance Best Practices Ramesh Nagarajan Sky IT Group
  16. 16. About Sky I.T. Group About Sky I.T. Group Organization • Established in 1997 • Headquartered in NYC, Office in: ATL, Raleigh, Boston, Baltimore, Ft. Lauderdale & San Jose • 60+ Employees • Focus: Leverage Technology to solve Business Challenges • Target Market – Mid-to-Large Enterprise • HP Focus • HP Software Reseller • HP Solution Provider – Professional Services • HP Education Provider • Specialty Focus: • Managed “Testing-as-a-Service” • Mobility Testing CoE • Service Delivery – Throughout the USA • • • • • Awards • • • • 2012 HP Software Spirit Award 2011 HP East Commercial Partner of the Quarter & Year 2010 HP Emerging Partner of the Year 2010 Arrow Partner of the Year 16 Seasoned Executive & Account Management Teams HP Certified PS Delivery Teams Leading provider of HP Software Solutions Largest/Authorized HP SW Training Partner HP SW Certification Center
  17. 17. Importance of Mobile Performance Testing YOUR COMPETITOR YOU Impact to your brand Customer dissatisfaction The customer goes to your competitor’s mobile site Loss of customers Loss of revenue
  18. 18. Impact of mobile on performance 500 Web Virtual Users against a web application – No Mobile users until 26 minutes – stable performance 10 Mobile users introduced at 26 minutes
  19. 19. Factors that impact Mobile Performance Number of Mobile users Application Design and Code Mobile Devices and their OS Mobile carriers and their quality Type of Connection – 3G, 4G, WiFi etc., Location
  20. 20. Key Considerations for Mobile Performance Testing Capture, Analyze and Identify the performance bottlenecks Identify the right combination to emulate Selection of Right Mobile Automation Tools
  21. 21. Selection of Right Mobile Automation Tools Scripting capability Network emulation capability Load testing capability Analyzing capability
  22. 22. Right combinations to emulate Know your end user profile Identify the business processes Identify the most important device and network conditions combinations Determine the expected load Emulate production load mobile scenarios using PCAP and real devices
  23. 23. Capture, Analyze and Identify the performance bottlenecks Monitor real devices power and performance Utilize snapshots, video of test executions & logs Correlate the metrics and identify bottlenecks Analyze the impact of mobile users
  24. 24. Mobile Performance White paper In this white paper, you will be able to gain insights into the following mobile performance aspects: Key building blocks for a mobile performance solution Best practices and process to build a mobile performance solution Best practice solution design overview LINK to download (Registration required): http://help.perfectomobile.com/article/AA-01594/
  25. 25. Thank You! If you have any further questions, please contact: Perfecto Mobile info@perfectomobile.com erank@perfectomobile.com amirr@perfectomobile.com rnagarajan@skyitgroup.com Join us on LinkedIn Mobile Testing Center of Excellence