Webinar learn how to test any mobile app style from within eclipse using real devices


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Webinar learn how to test any mobile app style from within eclipse using real devices

  1. 1. Feb, 2014 Learn How to Test Any Mobile App Style from within Eclipse Using Real Devices Perfecto Mobile Academy Webinar Presented by: Itzik Levi, Director, Head of Perfecto Mobile Academy (Itzikl@perfectomobile.com) Eran Kinsbruner, Director of Product Marketing (Erank@perfectomobile.com)
  2. 2. Speakers Eran Kinsbruner Mobile Quality Evangelist Director Product Marketing Itzik Levi Director, Product Manager Perfecto Mobile Academy Booth 7, IMA pavilion, Hall 2 2 Copyright 2013 Perfecto Mobile
  3. 3. Agenda The Transition from Web to Mobile Selenium Mobile WebDriver Perfecto Mobile MobileCloud Platform Overview Q&A MobileCloud WebDriver Technical Demo 3 Copyright 2013 Perfecto Mobile
  4. 4. Go Mobile Confidently • • • • Founded 2006 125 employees Offices in Boston, London, Israel 900+ Customers Customer Value Leadership Award Mobile Application Testing Global, 2013 Santa Clara, CA Vancouver, Canada Mexico Brazil 4 Boston England Germany Spain Israel Switzerland France India Japan Australia
  5. 5. The MobileCloud 5
  6. 6. Common Mobile Project Challenges/Pains 8 Copyright 2013 Perfecto Mobile
  7. 7. Specific Challenges – Selenium & Mobile Reuse web based selenium scripts Collaborate with teams Test any mobile app style Moving from Emulators to Real Devices Test across devices and platforms 9 Copyright 2013 Perfecto Mobile
  8. 8. POLL 10 Copyright 2013 Perfecto Mobile
  9. 9. Recap From Previous Webinar 11 Copyright 2013 Perfecto Mobile
  10. 10. MobileCloud WebDriver –Function Reference Applications (Install, Launch, Close) App Performance Management (Timers, Network Conditions) UI (Screenshots, Objects, Check Points) Reporting (Visual and Video) MobileCloud Platform (Device Scheduling, Data Repositories, Global Coverage, Live Video Streaming) Devices (Rotate, Reboot, Gestures, Vitals, Logs, Properties)
  11. 11. How To Get The MobileCloud WebDriver GA: Q1 2014 Free for existing/new MobileCloud Automation Licensees Contact Us to learn more https://www.perfectomobile.com/request_demo 14 Copyright 2013 Perfecto Mobile
  12. 12. Solution Overview
  13. 13. MobileCloud Web Driver Concepts Java implementation Implement relevant Selenium interfaces Two new layers:  Mobile Driver – represents a MobileCloud  Mobile Device – represents a single device Selenium RemoteWebDriver not used 16
  14. 14. MobileCloud Web Driver Concepts Supports three Web Driver implementations:  DOM  Native  Visual Supports Selenium By classes for object identification  including identification by xpath and by image 17
  15. 15. MobileCloud Web Driver Extensions Extend Selenium with the following functionalities         18  Application Management (install, uninstall, launch, close) File Management (get, put, delete) Device Operations (rotate, reboot, home, gestures) Device Vitals (CPU, memory, battery, network traffic), Device Logs (Android, iOS), Device Properties Screenshots from the device Control network conditions (start emulation, download PCAP file) Timers for application performance (device time, system time, user experience time) MobileCloud Platform Benefits (device scheduling, data repositories, global device coverage, live video streaming) Reporting - visual and video based test reports
  16. 16. MobileCloud Class Relations Diagram MobileCloud Web Driver Mobile Device  DOM  Native  Visual Virtual Network Touch Screen Vitals Timers Web Driver Keyboard Reservation Web Element 19 Copyright 2013 Perfecto Mobile
  17. 17. 1. MobileCloud Web Driver Class Hierarchy Selenium Interfaces MobileCloud Interfaces MobileCloud Objects Role 20 HasTouchScreen IMobileDriver HasInputDevices TakesScreenshot IMobileDevice provides MobileDriver • Get devices • Download reports • Manage repository items MobileDevice • Open and Close device • Work on device
  18. 18. 2. MobileCloud Web Driver Class Hierarchy Selenium Interfaces WebDriver MobileCloud IMobileDevice Interfaces MobileCloud Objects MobileDevice JavascriptExecutor IMobileWebDriver MobileDOMApplication MobileNativeApplication MobileVisualApplication Role 21 DOM applications Visual screen analysis Native and hybrid applications
  19. 19. 3. MobileCloud Web Driver Class Hierarchy Selenium Interfaces WebElement MobileCloud IMobileWebDriver Interfaces MobileCloud Objects Locatable IMobileElement MobileDOMElement MobileNativeElement MobileVisualElement Role 22 DOM element Visual element Native Element
  20. 20. 4. Mobile Web Driver Class Hierarchy Selenium Interfaces Keyboard TouchScreen MobileCloud IMobileDevice Interfaces IMobileKeyboard IMobileTouchScreen MobileCloud Objects MobileKeyboard MobileTouchScreen Role 23 MobileDevice Keyboard operations Touch screen operations
  21. 21. 5. MobileCloud Web Driver Class Hierarchy Selenium Interfaces MobileCloud Interfaces MobileCloud Objects Role 24 IMobileDevice IMobileVirtualNetwork IMobileVitals MobileDevice MobileVirtualNetwork MobileVitals Virtual networks operations Vitals operations
  22. 22. 6. MobileCloud Web Driver Class Hierarchy Selenium Interfaces MobileCloud Interfaces MobileCloud Objects Role 25 IMobileDevice IMobileTimers IMobileReservations MobileDevice MobileTimers MobileReservations Operation Timers Reservations operations
  23. 23. Same API for Web and Mobile 26 Copyright 2013 Perfecto Mobile
  24. 24. MobileCloud Web Driver Documentation Getting Started Developing MobileCloud Automation Project Video 27 Copyright 2013 Perfecto Mobile
  25. 25. Thank You