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Webinar hybrid automation_approach

  1. 1. Effective mobile test automation using the hybrid approach & live demo Enabling Enterprise mobility Extending Software Quality to Mobile We will be starting momentarily Perfectomobile Mobile Testing Center of Excellence Group
  2. 2. Webinar Agenda 1 • Intro 2 • Mobile testing challenges • Native and Visual Objects explained 3 • Mobile automation live demo 4 • Q&A
  3. 3. ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ Founded 2006 80+ employees Office in Boston, London, Israel Over 600 customers Fortune 500 enterprises, Telcos, SMBs ∙ SaaS Platform + Licenses ∙ Recurring revenue model Mobile Application Quality across the mobile application lifecycle Monitoring Testing Automation ALM Integration Offshoring Continuous Integration Public Cloud Private Cloud
  4. 4. Solution - The MobileCloud™ Platform
  5. 5. SEND SMS NOW to… First wins Appnificent Air X Racer!
  6. 6. SEND SMS NOW to… 1–781-572-7808 First wins Appnificent Air X Racer!
  7. 7. Mobile testing challenges
  8. 8. Extremely Dynamic & Fragmented Market iOS 4.2 Nov 2010 iOS 3.1 Sep 2009 iOS 3.0 Jun 2009 iOS 4.1 Sep 2010 iOS 4.0 Jun 2010 iOS 3.2 Apr 2010 Eclair Oct 2009 Donut Sep 2009 Cupcake Apr 2009 2009 2010 Windows 7 Oct 2009 iOS 5.0 Oct 2011 iOS 4.3 Mar 2011 Gingerbread Dec 2010 Froyo May 2010 iOS 6 Sep 2012 iOS 5.1 Mar 2012 ICS Oct 2011 Honeycomb Feb 2011 2011 Jelly Bean Jun 2012 2012 2013 Windows 8 Oct 2012
  9. 9. Mobile web – Browser fragmentation
  10. 10. Mobile environment - Continue Difficult to test Hard to automate dynamic complex environments and apps Difficult to determine the devices to test on Need to meet AGILE time frames Decide when to stop testing (What is the adequate coverage criteria) Manual testing is imperative as well Meet external dependencies OS UI guidelines Devices availability
  11. 11. Mobile Quality IS a serious Challenge…
  12. 12. Poll What is the most complex aspect around mobile test automation
  13. 13. Native Objects and Visual Objects
  14. 14. Objects Introduction Objects are the ‘building blocks’ of an application Buttons, Edit boxes, Lists etc. Developing mobile automation requires access and robust object recognition All use cases and test scenario's leverage the application objects (Pressing buttons, selecting from lists, entering text into textbox’s etc.) In mobile it is important to use OS Object level analysis Web objects are critical for web based mobile applications (DOM)
  15. 15. Object Level Analysis – Pro’s/Con’s Represents the available UI controls Returns the texts of the current application Complete control text is returned, including partially displayed text located outside Supports all languages - information about the text language is not required Text compare is completed with a simple string compare. Provides 100% accuracy that is sensitive to small characters, such as punctuation marks Match grade is either 0% or 100% Control region and text are known, but not the order or the exact structure on the screen Native control text retrieval is fast! Performs the operation on the found control In this example, the retrieved text is "name123"
  16. 16. Visual Objects (OCR) Pro’s/Con’s Represents the actual real user experience (WYSIWYG) Detects visual problems such as button heights, incomplete text, overwrite elements, etc… Best when used to analyze images or complex applications (Games) Indifferent to the device OS, Supports all languages Returns the texts that appear on the screen: Includes everything Control text that is too long to display in the control region on the screen is partially displayed followed by ‘…’ Visual analysis is more time consuming than native control analysis Performs the operation on the found region Link to a useful white paper on mobile objects can be found here: http://help.perfectomobile.com/article/AA-01248/ In this example, the retrieved text is "name123 x"
  17. 17. Examples of OCR vs. Object Level analysis In the above image, Object level analysis won’t detect the Logon button issue on the HTC device, OCR will In the above image, Object level analysis won’t detect the Truncated ‘Time’ label, OCR will
  18. 18. Live Demo Sveta Kostinsky
  19. 19. Questions & Answers
  20. 20. Thank You! If you have any further questions, please contact: Perfecto Mobile info@perfectomobile.com Join us on LinkedIn Mobile Testing Center of Excellence