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Mobile automation testing leading tools and challenges in the mobile land

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Mobile automated testing_erank

  1. 1. Mobile Automation testing
  2. 2. • • •driver ! " • ! •" # # • # web •
  3. 3. • • – – – " ! – # Macroclient/server, UI only, UI + Performance, web application, hybrid – application, native # OCR – # Pop up events –" SeeTestcontinues – integration process
  4. 4. $ ObjectiveJava C BBX C# C BADA – C++ C++ BB API’s
  5. 5. • SeeTest by Experitest• PerfectoMobile• Device Anywhere• Google Android CTS• Jammo -• Gomez (Web Load and performance testing)• ZapFix ( )• FoneMonkey• TouchTest by SOASTA• HP Tools (Load Runner, TruClient)
  6. 6. Mobile Application Testing – Experitest-Automation tool. Records on real devices. And on Emulators. - Plugs into QTP, Test Complete, C#, RFT, Java, Perl and Python- Supports iOS, Android, BlackBerry, HTML5 web applications,and older platforms such as Symbian/Windows Mobile-
  7. 7. Mobile Application Testing – Experitest Cloud Solution- Lately Experitest launched a cloud based service which provideremote management for devices, scheduler for using devicesfrom remote and more.
  8. 8. Mobile Application Testing – Experitest Cloud Solution ContinuePossible configurations‘SeeTest‘ can be provided in the following cloud-basedconfigurations:- On-site internal hosting configuration- External off-site hosting configurationSupported CapabilitiesBoth configurations include full support for rich devicemanagement and scheduling capabilities such as:-Device inventory manager-Device online scheduling manager-Device online enforcement executor-Multi-location scheduler-Multi-lingual device scheduler-On-site security VPN enablement-Offsite security VPN enablement
  9. 9. Mobile Application Testing – PerfectoMobile- Mobile automation full platform which provides both Test automationframework and Cloud based servicesCloud Testing: - Enables access to variety of real handsets which are spread across the world among most leading mobile operators. - Pricing model of paying by the hour of use - Results in video recorded test results of the live test to ease the defect reproduction and defect reporting - Enables ease of installation of newly developed apps - Provide variety of tools to ease the text typing (sends text as URL’s, provides capabilities of changing device orientation from Landscape to Portrait and more)
  10. 10. Mobile Application Testing – PerfectoMobileMobile test automation: - Uses keyword based ScriptOnce ™ as the base for test development - Variety of handset tools enables efficient scripts (OCR text recognition tool, smart Text/Image selection and detection even on dynamic conditions in which image moves etc., easy way to add virtual functions such as “login to my app” etc.) - Simple text typing methods - All development tools available for the users (loops, data tables etc.) - Plug in recently added to QTP for integrated test development/execution on real devices
  11. 11. Mobile Application Testing – PerfectoMobile
  12. 12. Mobile Application Testing – PerfectoMobile
  13. 13. Mobile Application Testing – KeyNote Device Anywhere- Mobile automation full platform which provides both Test automation framework and Cloud based services (Same as PerfectoMobile) - Testing, SaaS Architecture (Test Center Enterprise Interactive): • remote online access to all popular mobile devices including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and WebOS Smartphones and Tablets. • An always-on, globally accessible device bank saves significant cost and effort vs. establishing and managing mobile QA labs for distributed teams. • Test and monitor across multiple devices or test device-to-device interactions from any location in the world. • Online reporting (including video and screen capture) and collaboration enable efficient review and sharing with colleagues. • Built for on-demand use in our enterprise cloud environment as well as for private cloud deployments.
  14. 14. Mobile Application Testing – KeyNote Device AnywhereAutomation framework (Test Center Enterprise Automation)• Support for all popular OS’s, smartphones in the market•Multi-tiered scripting technology to Create keyword driven and businessprocess/requirements driven test scripts• Easily creates high level device-agnostic test scripts that can be used acrossmultiple devices – making test script maintenance and porting easy to use• Specialize specific test cases for specific devices• Uses visual drag and drop interface or program directly into Java using our JavaAPI.• Test any app: web, messaging, client-server, downloadable, streaming media,short code, etc.• Powerful integration to extend existing HP and IBM ALM (application lifecyclemanagement) installations into mobile.• Scripts can either be developed in Java (and use existing JAVA API’s with built inmobile related capabilities such as connect/disconnect battery etc.) or use KeynoteDeviceAnywhere Test Automation’s visual scripting language, and easily generateJava code from these scripts with the click of a button.
  15. 15. Mobile Application Testing – KeyNote Device AnywhereMonitoring Solution (Test Center Enterprise Monitoring)• TCE Monitoring evaluates the performance and responsiveness of enterprisemobile apps and websites from the end-user perspective, using real handsetsconnected to and distributed across live mobile networks. • For example: • Users can create and schedule automated scripts at any time. • Users can take crucial measurements such as how long it takes for apps/content to download on different handset models across multiple mobile markets and whether or not content appears exactly as it should on various devices • Users can also define alerts and how they are triggered at any time.
  16. 16. Mobile Application Testing – KeyNote Device Anywhere
  17. 17. Mobile Application Testing – Device Anywhere
  18. 18. Mobile Application Testing – Device Anywhere
  19. 19. FoneMonkey – Automation console• Library which can be plugged into Xcode projects easily to allow UI automation• Tool to enable recording and running automated test cases on iOS and Android (AFAIK Beta stage)• The tool provides a FoneMonkey console which allows the user to create, manage, and run the tests.• When you launch an application that has been linked with FoneMonkey, the FoneMonkey Console is displayed on top of the application’s window.• You can also develop/insert verification points into existing scripts – see below
  20. 20. FoneMonkey Brief Overview
  21. 21. Q&A testing