Español 3 Test 2 Reflections&Analysis                                 Eshita Karnik          2        6                    ...
Español 3 Test 2 Reflections&Analysis                Nombre________________ bloque ___ grupo___                            ...
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Sp3 test 2 reflections 2


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This is the second test reflection.

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Transcript of "Sp3 test 2 reflections 2"

  1. 1. Español 3 Test 2 Reflections&Analysis Eshita Karnik 2 6 Nombre________________ bloque ___ grupo___Fill in the chart for each section on the test. Section Name #number of points earned points missed % score out of possible # of points A. Camping vocabulary 10/20 10 50% B. Family vocabulary 10/20 10 50% C &D Beach vocabulary 16/20 4 80% E. Preterite Regular verbs 9/10 1 90% F. Preterite Irregular stem verbs 1/5 4 20% G. Imperfect tense 4/6 2 66% H. Preterite vs. imperfect 8/16 8 50% I. Reading vocabulary comprehension 3/3 0 100% Beach Vocab, Preterite Regular, Reading VocabMy strong sections were: ________________________________________________ (name the topics) Preterite Irregular; Imperfect tense; Camping, Family Vocab; Preterite vs. ImperfectMy weakest sections were: ______________________________________________ (name the topics)Go to next page 2.
  2. 2. Español 3 Test 2 Reflections&Analysis Nombre________________ bloque ___ grupo___ YesI did extra credit vocabulary cards in the chapter. T2.1 ____ T2.2 ___ none ____I did other extra credit available in the chapter yes ___ no ___ NOI stayed after for tutoring on these dates: ______________I contacted Mr. Powell and attended Davidson tutroring on these dates: ___________I studied my vocabulary daily using /quizlets/worksheets/classnotes. yes___ no ___ somewhat ___ YesI studied all the above and used the resources I needed for Tema 2 in Angel lessons in the Tema 2 resources folder yes __ no ___ (tracking is on) NoI understand that everything on the test was taught in this class this semester and that I was not requiredto remember lists/concepts from Spanish 2 yes___ no___ YesI am on task when working in my group yes___ no ___ (be honest!) Yes or I tend to socialize too much yes ___ no___Plan of action if overall score is below 76: 10/17/11I understand that I may remediate on date: ________ 10/19/11I understand that I may retake another version of this test on: date______I plan to (list 3 strategies to improve your study habits): __________________________________________________________ Study the vocab more often, practice the verbs, keep __________________________________________________________ memorizing the conjugations for the verbs __________________________________________________________Upload to the Angel dropbox.
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