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Final project

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS What Comes Around Goes AroundPooja Amin, Daniel Sanchez-Roldan, Kelsey Brandon, Kayla Tyzio, Emily Wiley Creating Consumer Experiences SMHM 3950 Section 002 Spring 2011 4/6/2011
  2. 2. Introduction  Our company, What Comes Around Goes Around, would be located in Denton, Texas in a previously owned building at the heart of the Denton Square. This is a renewal-based company where we remake already-made garments, and then resell them to our customers. Our target market is college-aged, environmentally friendly students. The company would be primarily based on working towards being green, as well as being convenient and affordable for our target market. The clothing sold would essentially be recycled, and not chemically treated. Mission Statement  The purpose of this company would be to bring something more inexpensive and creative closer to the customer. Being able to bring in a previously owned item and turn it into a completely different garment is well-suited to the shopping-savvy college student today. Since many students are now beginning to become more ecologically aware, it is important to offer this opportunity to the budget-concerned consumer. There are not many businesses out there that offer these types of products and services all-in-one, and this could be greatly beneficial to this new type of retail service from the average college-aged consumer.Products and Services  Since What Comes Around Goes Around is all about recycling and reusing, products that we offer will be made from reused fabric, which could come from a variety of different sources such as curtains, tops,
  3. 3. bottoms, dresses, etc. Most of our clothing will be recreated by our specialized team of seamstresses. Once we find the gently used clothing, we will deconstruct it and then reconstruct it into a new style. We want to take old clothing and create a new fashion statement. This unique service would be offered to the public. If individuals get tired of their clothes, but don’t want it to go into a landfill or to goodwill, they can simply bring their garments in and we will reconstruct them into a garment they would be interested in for a small fee. Considering the age of our target market, we do our best to keep the cost very affordable. Compared to the prices of green and organic clothing, our prices will be much more reasonably priced.  The boutique will offer a location inside the store for donations. Each time a customer drops off donations they get points on their rewards card. This rewards card will be used to receive a percentage off of our services or products in the store. Any donated clothing that will not be remade into a garment will be used to construct reusable shopping bags. What Comes Around Goes Around will also host monthly “Clothing Swap” parties. At these parties, customers will bring there gently used clothes and for each item they bring they get to take that many home. While this event is going on we will offer beverages, snacks, and coupons. Our business is not exactly a resale shop, but closer to a green boutique. We provide a lot more opportunities to become and stay green.Target Market
  4. 4.  The target market we are going to be focusing on will consist of primarily green conscious, college-aged students. This target market will have a need to have a creative outlet in which they can express their individuality through their clothing. These college aged consumers will enjoy helping the environment but will also have a side of them that longs for creative fashion. The age range will be based between ages 18 and 30. Because our market is college-aged students we offer affordable outlets which will be located close to the university; this allows for excellent convenience to shop our products.  Our company is a revolutionary idea that will penetrate the fashion scene on an eco-friendly and creative level. Because our company is using recycled clothing and bags we will be able to keep our prices at a minimum while maximizing the profits. College aged students generally have a limited income which does not always allow for them to express themselves in the fashionable way they would like. We offer an excellent way for them to express themselves without being placed in a financial bind.Consumer Experience Provided  What Comes Around Goes Around will offer both utilitarian and hedonic consumer experiences. College students can not readily afford new clothes on a regular basis, and tend to live off of whatever they have. Our boutique offers to revamp their old clothing, which can even serve as simply fixing or
  5. 5. transforming a garment that was not necessarily wearable anymore. This serves as the utilitarian consumer experience. The hedonic consumer experience will be provided through the remaking of old clothes that are still wearable but not in style anymore, and making them into what the consumer is looking for. This will provide the consumers with stylish clothing that had been transformed from their old clothing, giving them the outlet to express their individuality without putting them under financially. Both the utilitarian and hedonic experiences will be provided through the interior and exterior aesthetics. Since the boutique will be located in the square, it is going to be located in a refurbished building surrounded by the Old Opera House and the Town Hall, providing a vintage aesthetic, while also being surrounded by the likes of the other trendy boutiques in the area. Simply being located in a refurbished building fits in with our boutique’s image of remaking the old. The interior aesthetics include trendy lighting and decorating, along with music provided by local bands and singers. The store will be using refurbished furniture and have the clothes hung creatively throughout the store in order to provide a rejuvenating experience. There will be specific areas in the boutique for donating items and for working with consumers to redesign their old clothes. Through these aesthetics, the consumer will receive both hedonic and utilitarian experiences. The quality of our goods and services will be to the utmost importance to us and to the associates of the boutique. We will have experienced seamstresses
  6. 6. to remake the clothing in a way that will last the consumers a very long time,as well as associates that will do their best to ensure the customer is happywith their experience. What Comes Around Goes Around will be a servicethat will be unique to any other clothing store and will provide products ofunmistakable quality.
  7. 7. BibliographyKim, Y.-K., Sullivan, P., & Cardona Forney, J. (2007). Experiential Retailing: Conceptsand Strategies That Sell. New York: Fairchild Publications, Inc.