The Salesatative Consultant


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This session is dedicated to the possibility that consulting and sales are not different disciples, but one and the same. They are both the business arts of enabling the best possible decisions for customers. Recognizing this reality is not easy because it requires us to rethink the paradigms and prejudices of the past. If you would like to contribute to a conversation about this topic, please join Ed Kless from Sage.

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  • The Salesatative Consultant

    1. 1. P-202 The Salesatative Consultant Ed Kless @edkless
    2. 2. CPE Credit • In order to receive CPE credit for this session, you must be present for the entire session. – Session Code: P-202 – Recommended CPE Credit = 2 – Delivery Method = Group Live – Field of Study = Specialized Knowledge and Applications • Visit the Sage Summit Connect kiosks to enter CPE credit during the conference. #SageSummit
    3. 3. Opportunities for more: Sage Academies • Atlanta October 14-17 • Dallas December 2-5 • Irvine February 10-13 • Toronto April 7-10 Listen at the Keynote for Academy Plus
    4. 4. How much software do you need?
    5. 5. Sage Customer Process 5
    6. 6. Unrecognized Need
    7. 7. Short quiz: True or false • People will assign you an intent whether you want them to or not. • Their perception of your intent will largely influence the meaningful flow of information during your conversations. • The meaningful flow of information will affect your ability to create a system that will create greater freedom for them to succeed. • You can strongly influence people’s perception of your intent, even without saying what it is. • Question for dialogue: Why not state your intent?
    8. 8. The Consulting Process Initiation & Entry Discovery & Dialogue Feedback& Decision to Act Engagement & Implementation Extension, Recycle or Terminate
    9. 9. Consulting Assumptions • Problem solving requires valid data. • Decision making requires free choice. • Effective implementation requires customer commitment.
    10. 10. Consulting Goals • To solve problems so that they stay solved (for as long as possible) • To establish a collaborative relationship • To ensure that attention is given to both the technical problem and the emotional well being of the customer • To develop customer commitment
    11. 11. Which of these best describes the type of relationship you would like with us? • Subject matter expert • An extra pair of hands • Collaborative partner
    12. 12. Smile Curve for IT Determine Value to Solve Develop Project Plan Implementation System Commencement Access Level Agreement ValuetoCustomer Duration WhenWeBillThem
    13. 13. Magic Work vs. Logic Work Step Magic Work Logic Work Determine Value to Solve Requires providing insight into the data gathered and assimilated and developing tangible goals Is mostly about just gathering and assimilating data from the customer Develop Project Plan Requires a focus on tight objectives, resource and quality requirements Is mostly about just describing the deliverables and functional requirements Implementation Requires a high level of collaboration with the customer including a well executed communications plan and adherence to the scope or change request process Is mostly executed by the partner by using a checklist System Commencement Requires a detailed understanding and use of the change and transition model Is mostly about is the data right and can the customer personnel function Access Level Agreement Requires a deep understanding of the on-going knowledge requirement of the customer Is mostly about fixing problems the crop up in a timely manner
    14. 14. Opportunities for more: Sage Academies • Atlanta October 14-17 • Dallas December 2-5 • Irvine February 10-13 • Toronto April 7-10 Listen at the Keynote for Academy Plus
    15. 15. Your Feedback Is Important to Us! • Completing a session survey is fast and easy: Complete the survey on your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet through the Sage Summit mobile app. – IOS, Blackberry, or Android users may download the app from the at the App Store by searching “Sage Summit” • Remember each completed survey is another entry for one of several daily prize drawings, including an Apple iPad! • Your feedback helps us improve future sessions and presentation techniques. • Session code for this session: P-202 #SageSummit
    16. 16. Contact Information • Presenter Contact Information: – Ed Kless – – Twitter hashtag @edkless • Follow us @Sage_Summit – Use the official Sage Summit hashtag: #SageSummit • Don’t forget to use the Sage Summit mobile or web app for all your conference needs. Thank you for your participation. #SageSummit