Eurocities presentation on open data


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Presentation given on the Eurocities conference "Involvement and Engagement of Citizens and Cities through ICT" about Open Data in Enschede. See also

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Eurocities presentation on open data

  1. 1. Open DataErwin Ilgun07-04-2011Enschede
  2. 2. Open DataWhat is Open Data?> Complete and raw ( unrefined repositories, not exerpts or summaries)> Actual (it has to make sense now)> Accessible> Machine readable (not flat text)> In Open Standard formats (cumpulsory for government since 2008)> Unconditional (freely usable for or in any application when source is cited, Open DB license)
  3. 3. Open DataIs sharing of data allowed?> Yes, it is Law (WOB, 2005) > The government must actively publicize everything relating to policy making and execution > If information is held back, the WOB gives citizens the right to request the information and has the right to re-use it (e.g. Research, publications etc) > Effectuation of EU PSI Directive from 2003> New law in 2010: Government may not charge fees for digital data request and may not impose intellectual rights or copyright.> Supreme Court added freedom of access to public databases
  4. 4. Open DataFree and without restrictions?> Exceptions > Privacy laws > National interest
  5. 5. Open DataPerceived benefits> Improving transparency> Internal efficiency> Internal effectiveness> Increased self-reliancy> Increased participation> Increased knowledge base> New services and products> New services for citizens
  6. 6. Open Data What has already happened?• Open Innovation Festival - june 2010> Presentations by Ton Zijlstra, Peter Breukers, Patrick Reijnders> Twitter-Foursquare-GoogleMaps Mashup> First introduction of Open Data in City Council• Sessions in Information management department - october 2010• Mini Open Innovation festival - november 2010> Offer by Ton Zijlstra (11 days in 2011)• Open Data Day – december 4 2010• POC Open Data platform - january 2011• 1st Enschede Data Drinks – february 3 2011• Start of new policies on Information Management - february 2011• Adoption of the Motion Innovation through Open Data – march 2011
  7. 7. Open DataDeclaration of Enschede as Open Data City> Active Open Data community in Enschede> Adoption of the motion by the city council> Plan de campagne will be drafted by responsible alderman > Public campaigns > Apps for Enschede contest > Design Open Data framework > Publicize data as it is ready > Engage third parties
  8. 8. Open DataExamples Data via inschrijving Json / iCal API key Xml / RSS / Registratie Html / PDF / Json / iCal /straatnamen/ Xml / RSS / DWH ETL Html / PDF / Json / iCal /........../ Xml / RSS / Html / PDF / OWL /Gegevenswoordenboek/ RDF Generieke Json / iCal afhandeling /POIservice/ Xml / RSS / BO 2 BO 1 Html / PDF / Json / iCal /........../ Xml / RSS / Html / PDF / OWL /Gegevenswoordenboek/ RDF Data vrij toegangelijk
  9. 9. Open DataYe Old Way: publication of requests for buildingpermits
  10. 10. Open DataLocations available as Open Data.....
  11. 11. Open DataQuestions that can be answered usingOpen Data> Are industrial sites accessible by public transport?> Where in the city can I find a public bathroom if I am physically impaired?> What and how much did the mayor and aldermen declare in costs?> How much of neighboorhood budget is spent on what projects?> Etc. etc Using data already there and combining it with creativity creating knowledge and new possibilities for (local) governments to carry out tasks and interact with citizens.
  12. 12. Open DataInteresting Links> Translation of the motion:>>>> Information in this presentation provided by Ton Zijlstra and Patrick Reijnders