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2013 ECNHF Contract

  1. 1. Contract No. GA-2013-0172013 Erie Canalway Heritage FundContractErie Canaiway Grant ProgramErie Canalway National Heritage Corridor &Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway Coalition1. PartiesThe Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMT $) has directed funding to The Erie CanalwayNational Heritage Corridor (the "ECNHC") and the National Park Service (the "NPS") for the broadpurpose of supporting the .vork o[ muscmns and libraries located within the National Heritage Corridor.The Eric Canalway National Heritage Corridor Commission (the "Commission") was established by anact of Congress, and is the management entity [or thc Eric Canalway National Heritage Corridor (PL106-554, title VIII).a. Grantor: The grantor is the Erie Canal way Heritage Ftmd ("ECHF").b. Grantee: The grantee is Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byv.ray Coalition ("GRANTEE").2. Purpose of GrantThe purpose of this grant is to provide funding for a project focused on organizationalsustainabilityandvolunteer training.3. Project Cost and Fundinga. Funding is provided by the ECHF {or assistancc pursuant to this grant, for a total award ofThree Thousand Dollars ($3,000).b. Matching Funds GRANTEE shall provide a one 10 one match of awarded funds for thisgrant through in-kind services, staff and volunteer rates, nonfederal grants received, and/ornonfederal cash contributed.4. Product and Acceptance StandardsBy signing this contract, the GRANTEE gives the ECHF the right to distribute materials produced withthe grant.The ECHF is responsible for enforcing the provisions oUhis contract and may request reimbursement ofawarded funds if work is not carried out with care, skill and diligence; does not meet professionalstandards; or does not fulfill the goals and purposes described in the attached letter.5. Publicity and CreditThe GRANTEE shall provide the ECHF with copies of any newsletters, newspaper articles or any otherpromotional material related to this award. The GRANTEE will notify the ECHF at least two weeks inadvance, if it sponsors or participates in any public exhibit or program, related to the grant project,and/or if project material is postcd to a website, bulletin board or any other virtual place. All pressreleases, publications, maps, presentations, signs, final reports and any item produced as a result of this
  2. 2. Contract No. GA-2013-017grant funding shall notc the partnership with and financial contribution of the Erie Canalway NationalHeritage Corridor. If requested by ECIIF, the ECNHC logo shall be displayed on all {inal products inordcr to receive payment. Final drafts of any displays, signs, or publications must be submitted to theECHF before final production. The logo will be provided upon request. Printed materials must containthe following statement:The ECHF reserve the right to publicize this project, as opportunities arise, will notify the grantee as itdoes so, and will provide the grantee with copies of any vvritten material it uses to do so.6. Record RetentionThe GRANTEE will maintain accurate records of cxpcnditurcs for a period ofthree years after theprojcct is complete. The ECHF may inspect the finaneial records related to this project, and for a periodof three years after the project is complete.7. Schedule and Method of Paymenta. Payment will be made to GRANTEE by check. Check will be forwarded to GRANTEEupon rcccipt by ECHF of a fully executed original of this contract. Award funds shall not earninterest while being held by GRANTEE.b. Consultants and Contractors: engaged by thc GRANTEE to carry out any part of the workprogram, shall be agents of the GRANTEE. There shall be no obligations between the ECHF,NPS, IMLS, or the Commission and such agents.8. Required CommunicationThe GRANTEE shall notify the ECHF immediately should there be any change in the elements of theproject, whieh would delay completion or prohibit implementation. The GRANTEE shall also notifythe ECHF if funds will not be needed for the purpose stated in 2. Purpose of Grant.9. Compliance with Federal, State, and Local LawsThe GRANTEE agrecs to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, and pem1it requirements thatmay be required for the project and any applicable procurement policies.• The provisions of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-I02: Grants andCooperative Agreement with State and Local Governments; A-liD: Unifom1 AdministrationRequirements for Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, andOther Non-Profit Organizations; A-l33; Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-ProfitOrganizations; 1-87; Cost Principles for State, Local, and Indian Tribal Governments; A-2l CostPrinciples for Educational Institutions, and A-I22 Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations (Call(202) 395-6880 or see www.whitehouse.lwv/omb/grants/attach.html). Thc attaclunents to CircularA-I02 were replaced by the grants management common rule, contained in 43CfR 12 for theDepartment oiInterior (see http://training.fws.gov/fcdaid/toolkit/43efr12.pdD• All federal laws, including but not limited to those specific to preservation and conservation projectsincluding Section 106 of the Historic Preservation Act, Secretary ofInterior Standards, thc NativeAmerican Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, the National Environmental Policy Act.Recommendations contained in studies, reports, and plans mllst also comply with these Acts.
  3. 3. Contract No. GA-2013-017• ECHF is a privatc charitable foundation. Thcrefore, no part of this grant shall be expended (a) tocarry on propaganda or othenvise attempt to influence legislation within the meaning of Section4945( d)(l) ofthc Intcrnal Rcvenuc Code, or (b) to influence the outcome of any specific publicelection or carry on, directly or indirectly, any voter registration drive except as permitted by section4945(1). No part of this grant shall bc uscd for any purpose other than one specified in section170(c)(2)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code.10. Terms and ConditionsThis agreement will become effective upon the date ofthe last signature and will remain in effect{Or 18 months. This Contract may only be modified or amended in writing upon written request ofcithcr party and with the concurrence of the other party.An intcrim report is due to the ECHF no later than six months from the last signature date on thiscontract. A second interim report is due to ECIIF 12 months from the last signature date on thiscontract. This interim report will detail the following.a. Summary of project development to date;b. Budget report including any expenses incurred to date;e. Changes in status of any matching funds; andd. Confirmation that the project remains on time and on budget.Changes in project that warrant a change in the agreement include, but are not limited to, anyunforeseen revision of the scope or objectives of the project, any substantial revisions to the projectbudget, any changes to key personnel, or any extension of the grant period. There is no guaranteethat any of these changes will be approvcd by the bCHF.While it is the express intcnt of both parties that the activities described under this agreementcontinue uninterrupted and on schedule, this agreement may be terminated or suspended inaccordance with the provisions detailed bclow:a. By the awarding agency, thc bCHF, with the consent of the grantee in which case the two partiesshall agree upon the termination conditions, including the eiTective date and in the easc of partialtermination, the portion to be terminated.b. By the awmding agency, the ECHF, with or without the consent of the grantee, if the deliverableshave not been completed according to the project schedule or by thc completion date or, ifaccording to the schedule submitted, it is unlikely that the deliverables will be completed ontime, given the target dates missed.e. By thc grantee upon written request to, and agreement of the ECHF, setting forth the reasons forsuch termination, the effective date, and in the case of partial termination, the portion to beterminated. However, if, in the case of a partial termination, the ECHF determines that theremaining portion of the award will not accomplish the purposcs for which the award was made,the ECHF may tenninate the award in its entirety.
  4. 4. Contract No. GA-2013-01711. Notices and Project ContactAll notices to the ECHF shall be mailed via thc LSPS to thc following address:Andy KitzmannProject ManagerErie Canalway National Heritage CorridorPO Box 219Waterford, NY 12188Notices to GRANTEE shall be addressed to:Eric IIamiltonExecutive DirectorMohawk Towpath Byway67 Pica RoadClifton Park, N Y 12065518-371-7548Effective date:This contract shall be effective when it is fully executed and until 18 months from the date of cxccution.Appendix:The folio-wing documents arc attached to and made a part of this Contract:A. Project description and budget description.Accepted and Approved:ECHFAccepted and Agrccd:GRANTEESignaiureBcth SciumeeaExecutive Director, IDated: () (e- ,20Eric IIamiltonExecutive DirectorDated: I/fZd/~ ,20,,,/3"----_,
  5. 5. Appendix AContract No. GA-2013-017Conduct a project focused on organizational sustainability and volunteer training. Organizational sustainabilitywould require a consensus building and strategic planning effort facilitated by a member of the Consulting Alliance(http://www.consultinqalliance,org/). This planning would be completed by mid-summer 2013The volunteer training would "fallout" of that planning effort, but could include everything from perfecting an"elevator speech", "hospitality" training, what is this eco-tourism, to enhancing and protecting our historicresources, to working with youth groups to instill a sense of "heritage" We have some great local talent that wecan draw on for this type of training once we have some "Jazzy" topics to work on. This would help grow our localsupport and interest in the Byway and in the gateway area of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor.The Mohawk Towpath Byway is considering turning this project into a "Byway Summit", to be held in earlyNovember 2013, or potentially into a series of workshops depending on how both the Mohawk Towpath ScenicByway Coalition and how the newly formed Friends of the Mohawk Towpath Byway would like to proceed.Erie Canalway Heritage Corridor Capacity Building: GrantBudgetHemBudget:Datc05/1511306/01113Facilitated Planning SessionsPreparation of Draft Sustainable Business PlanByway Summit Facility RcntalByv,ay Summit Training Talent (stipends and limitedtravel)B;fway Summit Prcparation, Consultations andBriefingsByway Summit Printed Materials and HandoutsPrinting and Electronic Distribution of Business PlanTOTAL10/15/1311115113Local MatchIn kind Services (project direction)[n kind Services (volulltl:cr partidpation &contrihution)TOTALAnticipated$ 1,000.00$500.00$450.00$450.00Actual$250.00$200.00$150.00$3,000.00$600.00$2,400.00$3,000.00