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Business Help Guide


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Business Help Guide

  1. 1. Circulating Collection Databases W&J has many books in its circulating We have several databases that provide collection about business. business information. U. Grant Miller To find a book in the library’s catalog, go 1. ArticleFirst: Citation index of articles Library to from thousands of journals from 1990 to Click on “Geotom Catalog” in the gray present. Quick Links box. 2. Business Source Premier: Full-text scholarly articles covering business, marketing, management, accounting, finance, and economics. Full-text from more than 350 journals dating back to Help Guide 1922. 3. LexisNexis Academic: Covers a wide range of business information, including noteworthy people, company stock Business quotes, and more. 4. Regional Business News: Full-text Resources articles from 80+ regional business publications in the US and Canada from 1996 to present. Try using the Advanced Search form. Businesses are a large part of our daily lives. We interact with businesses when we stop for coffee at Starbucks in the morning or when we pick up toothpaste Online News Sources at Target. This guide provides useful resources to The leading publications in business have websites with current news articles in the consult when learning about Try a search with “business” in the first box and select “Book” from the drop- field. business terms and down menu next to “type.” 1. Bloomberg Businessweek: News concepts. covering companies, industries, technology, small business, and more. 2. Entrepreneur: Articles covering the latest issues in entrepreneurship. 3. Business Day: The NY Times website has a comprehensive This will return a very long list of results. business section on business news. Washington & Jefferson College Try narrowing it down by searching for a specific business topic or concept. index.html
  2. 2. What is business? Reference Books Business Cycles and Depressions: an Encyclopedia When we think of the subject of business, HB3711 .B936 1997 There are many books in the library’s This volume explains concepts, we tend to think of organizations. Reference Section that define and explain facts, and historical events of A business organization is “an entity common terms and concepts used in the study business cycles and crises in the formed for the purpose of carrying on of business. United States. commercial enterprise...predicated on systems of law governing contract and exchange, property rights, and incorporation” (Encyclopedia Britannica). Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society HF5387 .E53 2008 v.1-5 International Bibliography of This set shows the relationship Business History between business, ethics, and HD2321 Z.G66 1997 Where can I find business resources? society at large. This volume provides an exhaustive, annotated list of the best sources for business history. At W&J’s library, we have many resources available that will provide accurate information on business concepts. There are three main locations to find Business Statistics in the United information related to business: States 1. The Reference Section, located on Prentice Hall Encyclopedic HC101 .A13122 2005 the far wall behind the Research Dictionary of Business Terms This volume looks at the business HF1001 .C68 1995 Services desk on the first floor cycles and data since World War II. This volume provides definitions of 2. The Circulating Collection, located business terms and includes an on the first floor (A-E) and essay section on important issues in downstairs (F-Z) the field. 3. Databases, located on W&J’s library website at The Portable MBA in There are also online resources you can Encyclopedia of Business Entrepreneurship consult to find business information. HD62.5 .B94 1997 HF1001 .E466 1995 v.1-2 This volume covers the This set provides historical and entrepreneurial process, including current information on business Tips concepts, issues, terms, theories, starting an enterprise, marketing, and legal issues. and models. To find similar titles to the ones listed in this guide, check the shelves around the call numbers given here. Books are shelved by subject, so you might find a different book Entrepreneur Magazine: better suited to your needs. Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs International Directory of Remember: reference books can’t be HC102.5 .A2 H35 1997 Company Histories checked out and must be used in the This volume profiles over 500 HD2721 .I63 1988 v.1-69 library. Items in the circulating collection American entrepreneurs from the This set provides brief histories for can be checked out. past two centuries. 250 major corporations in ten Don’t hesitate to ask a librarian for help! industries. Just stop by the Research Services desk.