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  1. 1. Asturian "chorizo" ——I-———I-———I———-I———-I———-I———-I————I-———I-— —-o-——-u-——-ò-— One of the peculiarities of Asturian "chorizo" is the grea! amoum of pork fa! in ìts composilion and, as lhis fal is in pan responsible for dislributing its aroma and flavour to the mcat. the rcsult is a product wilh a typical savour. Preparation is as follows: The park and park fa! is minccd and mixcd togclher with sali, paprika, cayenne pepper. oregano and garlic. The mixlune is sluffed inm the intestine»; and smokcd. The curing pcriod depcnds on the Ihickncss of the "chorizo" and the use (0 which it will be dedicated (fried. boiled. "in cider". consumed raw, ... ). WEIGHT 300gr Price: 4€
  2. 2. Cheese: Ahumado de Drla __| -___| ___-| ___. ..__. q___-| -__-q-___| -___| __ __| ___-g___-g__ A lypc nf chucw lhal ix smnkud with «mi. wuml and lhnl cnjnxyan. n high Icvcl nf pmstigc amnng gastronomy‘ cnllttnsiasls. Pusturised cuw mill. ix uxed mixed with cream (‘mm aheep milk. II is pressa! fnr 2-1 hnun und lhcn xullctl in hrinc. Aîìcr uiring. il ix Icft 10 maturo Irom onc I0 m0 nmnths. ‘lhcn. it is‘ smokcd. INGREDIENTS ("nw milk. Cmuu (mm sheep milk. nnlural renne! and sali FEATURES Type: Scmixuft Shape: Cylindricul. with roundcd cdgcw and sidcs “ielght: There are haaicully lwu si/ es: the smnll vuriely weiglts hclwccn 500 and 80|) grams‘; and thc Inrgcr typc hctwccn 1.5 and 2 kilugranìs. Rind: Han! and flul, cylintlricul and dllfl-Ctlltìnrttl Paste: Fimì cnnsistcnry‘ and prcscnts snmc small hnlcs, YCHUW‘ÌSÌÌ—‘ÌIÌIU in colour Aroma: Smnky- Flavnur: Smooth. with a typncxd smoky umma which remaim fnr sunlc lilm. ‘ un thc pululc WEIGHT: 500 GR PRICE: 6 EUROS
  3. 3. Cheese: Cabrales __| -___| ___-| ___. .___. q-__-| -__-| -___| -___u__ __| ___-. .__-Q-_ lkxfiunallonn of Orlgln. Thn ix the ho! Lnumu chcrxc ymxlnxcd m Auunm g» wcll u‘ (In un: uith due hughrsl pnnlucluturl Iexzl. il): mmx cnmumrtl zuul the mm! men m prqnnruuy xhflcrcxul dlxhrx. II n the hnl Axlurlun chees: In Pn- uunnletl n Deugvnnluunrt 0| (ìngum II ull Degni» mlh the nnlk Ilul lux hwn Ilulkenl lhe nlyhl lwfnm nml Ihul h. » han Icft tu «CHIC un .1 îmsh ulunlsplbcrc, The cuuls ma: cui uurufull)‘ mm mum! pura-s u! 1 In lcuhiu Ufllllllkllbx un! us regulur g» puwhle and (ha: mq ma Ieft ln «dille. Almusl ull thc cwcsx s‘lxc_‘ u» [vumcd nut 4nd thc "urmux" nunuduu tlxxlfldx) un: thc" lîllcd Vnlh a luusc uml lnyhl un». The) un: lui! I0 thuin tu: 0m: or [un da}: quid (han sdllfit Sali n spread user lbe upper Lune untl lhrn mule lune n ulllmrd fui il I0 h: wull Ahurxlìcd hcfmc (ummp un: pfixhxl ma: u: un thc mm- un Ilx‘ 0mm I'm-c. Fmnlly Ihe chczsm m: Iukcn (u m. - mnny nella: lux luu I0 [iure ‘Aztkx, Mullulng 1x Lwuxltpleletl unlh n xpell In a cane hu [un IIIuHIÌH. al Ieusl, Imm Il: dale u! the Luuls INUREDIENTS Rum mw. «hm-p 4m} g‘“l'NlN'k1“nlxl uml unll. Pcmuilluum Rughcfuth lungi FFATURFA Type, Isnmlturxt mlh hluu pants Shape. ("glumlluual «uh cleml) flul sldes In the pus! the) uwtl In h: - vmnpps-d m muplu Inno. Tuda} the)‘ m: mcscnmî vnumxd m mcmluscd tìul utllu thc slmpc uf lhr Ius e» pnnlml un Il, III nwcuitlnwlre sulla pumsunm u! the Rcgulznllng ("unmnllce Wtluhl Vutmhlz. llmn l lu 5 kllngrunuunu. lumi. Sun, snuk}. lumwn mlh umny} m ycllcvutxlm una» 4nd lumi Murll. Paste Suwuky uhlt dnlleueul degrees ul rom-mm nlrpernlnup: m1 Il: degna nl Iermcttlunon uf Il): L"lL‘€E (‘umnncl wuhuuul hulrx Bnlhnnl mu; uh": MIII hluula-grccuu sntuks. WEIGHT: 200 GH PRICE’ 3.5 EUROS
  4. 4. Cheese: Derai Biuu uiicuxi: Èiiggiil} uiiiiicruzlud i‘) . "'liìlIL: l n: iiii» 1); ‘; iii (iICL'>L' I‘. iziii h: iniirii . | 4111 iigwrriiiî Ul‘ lziifl" Minsk (Ìîii u‘ llìu Ii‘. .ii wiuivx l! Is tlll 4111‘. più m l‘: .i m/ v | ‘L'T'-‘ tciiîiiziclzus iii mitici‘ In Éic ilIiIULiJaCLi : ii'. n pîasîit‘ iiiniiltîs. «xi . in. i'. Iilki i . ipp|4'in: _! FIKWNKIH‘, ‘Mivrv ‘î i'. ‘i"i. ii-x îII'i‘iI1'i‘ "iirlfx iîiziiniri-g xx hvy T ‘ xilii ix Adda]. i iii. fi|. liti‘ dirmi‘ ix | i‘. .i'llI': "iî îi-i‘ . i llll'îlllllil‘i niium lllilli. 'ì i". L. k iî; I'ììi"-. ‘i Ih‘ piiwrx m‘ pisriuni i‘) . i wvcii i‘ I“ | I|'l'. |‘i' in 'zit’i'il. it; ‘ fhv. ‘ uiuuniii ut iiyìliLiiilLlll. T pipa" iiiid LhcLcJ - xiirtiirc‘ W Itivn t . ::: iiicii un! Ihv rivcxc ix “LLPPCti in IYUÌniIHCHi ISGRLUIINIS Rum Iì' iiiiik. . -: iiii: '.ii iciti ‘cp iwLJI-u: Jihl mlil WEIGHT: 60D GR PRICIÎ: 6 ÎJROS
  5. 5. Fabada is the most typical stew in Asturias. It includes broad beans from the country. chorizo, black- pudding and pork fat. The trick is to prepare it on a slow firc. WEIGHT: 400 GR PRICE: 8 EUROS
  6. 6. Marafluelas A hard biscuit, simplc, prcpared with buttcr. sugar, eggs. flour and lemon rind, decorated with plaits Typical dessert of Luanco and Candàs. thc two sca- faring villages lhal dispute the origin of these tasty biscuits. SMALL BOX: 6 UD PRICE: 4 EUROS
  7. 7. SIJSDIDDS ——I————I————O———-l———-I———-I-——-I————I-———I-— —-o-——-u-——-j-— Home-made biscuit. Small, round and lhick, bul which musl n01 be hard" Suspims are made with cooked buller (the secret lics in the quality of the bullcr) mixed with sugar. egg and flour. Suspims are differem depending on the area where they are prepared. The most famous are lhnsc {mm Pajams, which began to be prepared al the beginning of the cemury. WEIGHT: 500 GR PRICE: 5 EUROS
  8. 8. SADDINIÎS Tasty sardines can be found all year round, espccially in summer / ‘Îì 7 V_ n“ 7.. ... . when severa] festivals dedicuted I0 x/ lu/ l U, 7')‘ r _ - sardincs are hcld. Il is thc quccn of t” , j îfix’ our coznslline, the moslpopulur 01' " j H‘ y / ’ 5' ' x/ fishes. “Q2 4 . ' ix), It can bc scrvcd frìcd, grilled, roasled. Coaled in breadcrumbs or stuffed. WEIGHT: 200GB PRICE: 2 EUROS
  9. 9. Dice Duddina ——I-———I————I———-C———-I———-I———-I————I-———I—— —-I———-| -——-Q—— Rìce pudding is, togcther wìth"fabada", a fundamental part of our identity. This dish is not exclusive of Asturias but its success is, without doubt, due to the cxccllcnt quality of our milk and lo the way the sugar is burned. WEIGHT: 150 GR PRICE: 2.5 EUROS
  10. 10. ‘CASADIIÎLLIÎS Traditionìal Carnival dcssen. similar to sweet cakcs. stuffed Éasadicufls wuh walnut. sugar and ‘amsette j ystzmanms . .V. ;=_. ‘" (and lcss frequcnlly with a î-r-î-fiî ‘dr’ I l. * sweet cream). À i Some authors believe thai the i Ò ‘ / name comes from a dislortion — g _ _ ì i of "cosadielles" (guessing game e ì; ‘ ‘Îv’ , ‘ffl ofthc lypc "l spy. ..") bccausc the stuffing was a surprìse. PRICE (ONE BOX): 5 EUROS
  11. 11. Sea Urchin _. _|. ._. __| ___-| ____g. __. q-__-| -__-q-_. __| -.___g__ _-| ___-g___-g. _ Sea Urchins, known in Asturias a5 "oricio", are an extremely tasteful product with a flavour of "sea spray". It is usually eaten boiled in salty water and accompanied by PRICE: 6 EUROS Cîder-
  12. 12. scorpion fish Daste ——I-———I————I———-C———-I———-I———-I————I-———I—— —-I———-| -——-Q—— This pie is accompanied by asparagus and mayonnaise. It can be prepared with other types of fish, but scorpion fish is thc most appropriate thanks to its pleasant flavour. The "cabrafio" or "tirîosu" (scorpion fish), once boiled, is cut up and the spines are removed. It is thcn mixed with tomate sauce, cream, beaten cggs and pourcd into a mould. It is finally cooked in the oven. A15 ‘m àgqf WEIGHT: 125 GR PRICE: 2 EUROS
  13. 13. OLIVES SPANISH TYPICAL e e e OLIVES îî_j;4_. ;‘: ,,- WEIGHT: 15o GR ‘a; 2' PRICE:2EUROS r ' f" ' t, _ 17*- m‘ ’ . . 3:44! : _.‘__ ‘ , ' a , î‘ . _ , 5 | ’ x , “I PÎÉ) ‘ g»-
  14. 14. SPANISH CANDIES SMALL RAG 0F DIÎTFRFINTS l i SPANISH CANDIES‘ w s FUROS ‘ 4‘ ' I xarnum n40 or nlrnznwrs ( _ ' ‘a . _ _ -* SPANISH CANDIIIS‘ 3 s IEUROS r. ' ma tuo or DIFFERFNTS snwusn __ . _ (‘. »NI7II'. S* r» 5 rums
  15. 15. Technical Characteristics: 100°/ oCotton Size: S, M, L PRICE: 22 EUROS T- SHIRT 1 -I-——-I-——-I-——-I-——-I-——-I-——-| -——-Ò-- f r s
  16. 16. Characteristics: Rubber Key-ring PRICE: 5 EUROS a k n h c e T KEY-RINGS ——I-———I————I———-I————I———-I———-I————I-———I—— ——I———-| -——-Q——
  17. 17. BALL-PEN _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S _ O _ m _ È _ i u _ a _ C _ R _ D. . _ _ _ _ _ _ _