Lasertron lt 12 vs zone nexus fec


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Lasertron lt 12 vs zone nexus fec

  1. 1. LASERTRON LT-12 vs. Zone NexusFEC
  2. 2. Dear Future Client,Thank you for your interest in LASERTRON’s new LT-12 Laser Tag Game System and CustomArenas. We look forward to assisting you with your project.LASERTRON has been a leading manufacturer in the laser tag industry for over 23 years. Weare also successful operators of a 4-acre indoor/outdoor entertainment center with 21,000 sq.ft. indoors. Within our center we have a 9,200 sq.ft. multi-level LASERTRON arena, 2 CyberSport courts, arcade, billiards, full service bar, party rooms, snack bar and catering services.Our outdoor attractions include a large go-kart track with 40 electric go-karts designed andbuilt by LASERTRON, 27-holes of miniature golf and a large patio with high-end outdoorseating. Click here to visit our entertainment center’s website.We use our center as our testing facility for all of our attractions (laser tag equipment andarenas, Cyber Sport, as well as our custom go-karts). We are the only laser tag company thatcan offer you a complete turn-key laser tag solution.LASERTRON can provide you with the best, most reliable and durable laser tag system alongwith the coolest custom arenas that are easy to maintain and look great for 10+ years.LASERTRON recommends that while you are researching your choices in laser tag providers,you should visit locations, play with the various equipment, observe how durable the arenasare, learn how the equipment and various game formats play within the arena layout and mostimportantly talk to operators that are successful. 2
  3. 3. The following comparison offers you information on how the LASERTRON LT-12 vests andarenas compare to the Zone NexusFEC equipment and arenas. If you find anything that is notaccurate in our comparison, please let us know so we can update our information.Thank you for taking the time to review our comparison.Your LASERTRON team,Ann Kessler, Project Advisor John Rizun, Equipment/System Installations/POS/OperationsDirect Line: +1-305-257-3930 Direct Line: +1-716-608-4006Cell: +1-716-308-3019 Cell: jrizun@lasertron.usMarc Epstein, Project Advisor Larry LaClair, POS Installation/Training/OperationsDirect Line: +1-646-606-3246 Direct Line: +1-716-833-8766Cell: +1-917-474-1729 Cell: +1-716- llaclair@lasertron.usSteve Kessler, Arena Design Jim Kessler, Owner/Management & Operations/& 3D Presentations/Facility Layout Entertainment Center LayoutDirect Line: +1-716-242-8630 Direct Line: +1-407-905-2843Cell: +1-716-308-3018 Cell: 3
  4. 4. WHY CHOOSE LASERTRON?With the introduction of our state of the art, extremely responsive, brand new LT-12 vests, LASERTRONoffers the newest, most-advanced and coolest laser tag system on the market.Our LT-12 includes features such as full-color OLED display on the back of the phaser which shows theplayers code name, score, laser pulses and energy units as well as CHIPS mode identification. New andbrighter LED light patterns, 5 standard directional vibrators, brighter white hit indicators, MP3 high-quality sound, faster radio communication, red and green lasers and more. All of these features createthe most responsive and fun laser tag system you can experience.LASERTRON’s Arena packages include our durable custom molded arena parts, center tower structures,cool UV reactive decals, 5-year warranty and much more. LASERTRON also offers Self-Install options.Self-installing your arena is an excellent way to save money by utilizing your own labor to install yourarena.Find more information about our arena packages on page 25 of this comparison as well as on thefollowing links.Arena TourIt’s All About The GameSafety by DesignFree Arena AnalysisSelf-Install ArenasLASERTRON’s LT-12 Vests and Arena Packages are the most affordable and best choice for yourentertainment center. 4
  5. 5. EQUIPMENTBatteries LASERTRON LT-12 Zone NexusFECBattery Life 25+ Hours (LASERTRON’s faster paced ? Base Game)Battery Life (Shields Games) 30+ Hours (Shields Game) 24 Hours (Shields Game)Battery Charge Time (To Full) 8 Hours (higher-capacity battery) 6 Hours (lower-capacity battery)Quick-Release Charging Harness Yes ? (hard wired)NOTE: LASERTRON offers a faster-paced game which is more interactive and allows players to beactive for more minutes per game than a shields game. LASERTRON and Zone NexusFEC both offershields game formats which utilize less battery power. In the past, LASERTRON only published thebattery life based on our most active game formats. We now publish both our low-and high- batteryconsumption numbers.NOTE: LASERTRON guarantees longer battery life. We are the only laser tag company that guaranteesour batteries will last for 16 hours of continuous play for 3 years or well replace them for free. Whennew, our batteries last for 25+ hours even when utilized in our faster paced team base station games.No other laser tag systems battery can last as long as our battery under the same operatingconditions.NOTE: LASERTRON’s quick-charging system will recharge a vest to 10 hours of playing capacity inonly 2 hours (a full charge takes approximately 8 hours). The LASERTRON system does not requireyou to remove the batteries in order to recharge them. LASERTRON quick-release harness eliminatesthe possibility of shorting out the recharge harnesses. Quick-Release charging harnesses significantlylower long-term maintenance issues. 5
  6. 6. Vest and Phaser Features LASERTRON LT-12 Zone NexusFECDurable Plastics Yes YesLocking Connectors Yes YesADA Compliance with Phaser Yes YesFull-Color OLED Display Yes No (single color LCD display)Dual Programmable Phaser Activation Buttons Yes NoDurable Phaser Cord Yes No (curly cord is prone to shorts within 6-12 months)Phaser Cord Warranty (Standard Yes No3-year warranty)Low-Battery Indicator Yes YesFull-Frontal Foam Safety Glove on Phaser Yes No (small rubber nozzle)Manufactured in the United States Yes NoYear System was Introduced May 2012 (NEW) 2006NOTE: LASERTRON’s Programmable Phaser Activation Buttons enable rapid-fire mode and other special playermodes.NOTE: The Zone NexusFEC Phaser is activated by a sensor when your hand is in the appropriate position. Playerswith dry hands may have difficulty activating the sensor.NOTE: The Zone NexusFEC Phaser cord comes from behind the vest which can be awkward to players. Stretchingthe cord from behind will cause the wiring to fail over time. 6
  9. 9. NOTE: The LASERTRON LT-12 Phaser has a full-color OLED display with the players code name, score,laser pulses and energy units as well as CHIPS mode notification. LASERTRON designed a rugged,lightweight, high-tech, athletic-fitting vest that appeals and works well for adults and kids. 9
  10. 10. LASERTRON PHASER PROTECTION To see the ZoneLASERTRON NexusFEC phaserprotective click here.foam glove 10
  11. 11. LASERTRON PHASER CORD LASERTRON PHASER CORD Click here to see the Zone Nexus FEC curly cord.DurableLASERTRONphaser cordlocated on thefront of the vest(3-year warranty) 11 11
  12. 12. Radio LASERTRON LT‐12 Zone NexusFECRadio Based Yes YesRadio Signal 900 MHz (4x’s faster -less than .2 seconds) 900 MHz (speed- ?)Real Time Scoring Yes YesIlluminationTeam Indicator LEDs on Phaser 12 14White LED Hit Indicators on Phaser 4 NoneLaser Pulse Indicator on Phaser 1 NoneTeam Indicator LEDs on Vest Front 9 8White LED Hit Indicators on Vest Front 4 NoneTeam Indicator LEDs on Right and Left Shoulder 12 (6 each shoulder) 8 (4 each upper chest)White LED Hit Indicators on Shoulder 6 (3 each shoulder) NoneTeam Indicator LEDs on Back 9 8White LED Hit Indicators on Back 3 NoneMultiple White LED Hit Indicators Yes No (NexusFEC vest will change to a different color when tagged which can be confusing)Total LEDs (White and Multi-color) 60 38Number of Colors 8 8Number of Teams 8 8Green or Red Laser Yes YesVest ID on Phaser Yes ?Vest ID on Vest Yes NoNOTE: LASERTRON offers 8 teams. The LT-12 is programmed with the following 8 colors - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow,Purple, Pink, Teal and Orange. In our center in Buffalo, NY we take it a step further and play red team with red lasersversus the green team with green lasers.Fixed or Color Changing Vesting Racks Yes Yes 12
  14. 14. LASERTRON VESTING RACKS To see Zone NexusFEC vesting racks click here. 14
  15. 15. Sensors /Vibrators LASERTRON LT-12 Zone NexusFECShoulder Sensors 3 wide-angle sensors per shoulder None (front, back and side- LASERTRON (Sensors are located on the front shoulder sensors are positioned of the vest-upper chest area) better for single and multi-level play)Upper Chest Sensors None 2-? (Upper chest area sensors face forward and can be more difficult to tag from the side and above. Chest sensors cannot be tagged from behind)Phaser Sensors 3 wide-angle (front, right and left) ?Vest Front Sensors 1 wide-angle (facing forward) ?Vest Back Sensors 2 wide-angle (facing back) ?360 Degree Tag Radius Yes AlmostDirectional Vibrators 5 (front, back, left and 3 (2-front of vest and right shoulders and phaser) 1 in phaser) No vibrator on back - players unable to know that they are being tagged from behind)VERY IMPORTANT: Individual directional vibrators allow players to know from which direction theyare being tagged. 15
  16. 16. LASERTRON LT-12360 degree tag radiusdesign with wide-angle sensors on front Can beof the vest, left and tagged fromright shoulders, back aboveof the vest and phaser 3 sensors per shoulder-front, 3 phaser back and side (cansensors-front, be tagged easilyleft and right from above which side is important in multi- level arenas) 1 front sensor 2 back sensors- left and right side 16 16
  17. 17. NOTE: LASERTRON’s multiple display options inside the arena include the following; Real-time scoresfor individuals, team scores and high score players. LASERTRON’s lobby monitor displays current andpast high score players, advertising display space and much more. Zone NexusFEC provides softwareto run a television that displays scores.Sound LASERTRON LT-12 Zone NexusFECStereo Yes YesSpeaker Location Shoulders (positioned near players’ ears) On PhaserCustomizable Voice/Sound Effects Yes YesNOTE: LASERTRON offers the best-in-the industry, high-quality stereo effects with MP3-generatedsounds and speech with large-capacity micro sd flash technology. Player vest sound capacity hasbeen dramatically increased from previous systems with new sound and speech announcements andsignificant capacity for additional speech and sound effects in the future.WeightPack 5.5 lbs 3.6 lbsPhaser 2.1 lbs 1.8 lbsTotal 7.6 lbs 5.4 lbsNOTE: LASERTRON’s equipment is designed with important advanced features such as more LED’s,more hit indicators, more directional vibrators, higher capacity battery, larger phaser safetyprotection glove, etc. Our vest is not designed for pre-schoolers which is less than .5% of the market.Our equipment and arenas are designed for 99.5% of the market which is kids, teens and adults. 17
  20. 20. SOFTWAREGame Formats LASERTRON LT‐12 Zone NexusFECLate Game Entry Yes YesUnique Game Formats Yes Yes12 CHIPS Modes Yes (given out randomly, No bingo style to the same number of laser tag players on each team)Bases Yes (8 bases with Yes (8 bases with up to 3 up to 4 teams) teams)Active and Continuous Base Tag Format Yes (tag the base No as many times as you want during a team game)Graduated Base Tagging Yes (higher point value ? for first tag and lower point value for additional base tags)Base Shields Yes (tag base once ? to activate base, tag base a second time to score)Reaction Shot Yes ?Handicapping Yes ?Note: LASERTRON is the only manufacturer to offer team base games with recharging and the ability toprogram the number of laser pulses and energy units before deactivating without shields. LASERTRON can alsorun shields, shields-recharge, free-for-all, vampire, role playing, handicapping and many other game formats,but we recommend advanced game formats for small groups of players or special occasions.Note: For the Zone Nexus FEC, power-ups require a player action to activate. This only benefits seasonedplayers. 20
  21. 21. LASERTRON LT-12 Zone NexusFECNumber of Options and (significantly more options than Zone NexusFEC) (multiple options)GamesNumber of Vests 48+ (expandable) 60Game Data Retention Yes YesBirthday Announcement Yes YesVIP Announcements Yes ?Special CHIPS Mode Privileges Yes (Birthday party No honoree and VIP’s can be provided with extra CHIPS modes)Point of SalePOS Software Option Yes YesKiosk Software Option Yes NoPOS/Kiosk Software Cost Free $9,995Annual Software Fee $1,995 ?POS Updates Included with annual fee ?POS Support Included with annual fee ?NOTE: We have fully integrated our point of sale, reservation system, guest/member database, registration,data entry and guest information kiosk (see photo below) and the Preprogramming, Game Selection and TeamCreation for the LASERTRON Game System. LASERTRON has many clients that utilize our POS software. Youcan’t afford not to capture your players’ information. Our POS runs our entire multi-attraction entertainmentcenter including Laser Tag, Cyber Sport, Go-Karts and Mini-Golf. LASERTRON currently has 80,000+ guest emailaddresses on file. Click here to see our LASERTRON entertainment center’s website.MiscellaneousOperating System Linux using MySQL database Window XP, Vista, 7Memberships Yes Yes 21
  22. 22. LASERTRON POS LASERTRON’s POS is now integrated with the Intercard debit card system. LASERTRON offers a reservation, point-of- sale and management software system criticalto your centers success. 22 22
  23. 23. LASERTRON KIOSKS Capture important information for marketing purposes. LASERTRON currently has over 80,000 email addresses. 23 23
  24. 24. STANDARD WARRANTYWarranty LASERTRON LT-12 Zone NexusFECLength 1 Year 1 YearNOTE: LASERTRON offers up to a 5-year warranty on both the LT-12 system and our arena.Wear & Tear Covered CoveredConsumables Not Covered Not CoveredActs of God Not Covered Not CoveredPhaser Covered CoveredPhaser Cord Warranty 3 Years NoBattery Warranty 3 Years NoRepair Time 48 Hours 48 HoursOnsite Tech Training Your technician will be taught ?(during installation) PM’s (preventative maintenance) and basic repairs, including swapping spare parts in vest and phaser which can be done on site by your technicianNOTE: LASERTRON guarantees the battery and the phaser cord will be covered for 3 years or the lifeof the warranty whichever is greater. The guarantee is written into our purchase agreement.LASERTRON clients are encouraged to perform weekly preventative maintenance and to replace anypart that is not working properly with a spare part. A spare parts kit for the LT-12 is included in everypackage. The LASERTRON LT-12 game system will give you 10+ years of use with proper maintenance. 24
  25. 25. ARENA CONSTRUCTIONLASERTRON ArenasLASERTRON believes the arena is an integral part of the overall laser tag experience. LASERTRON willwork with you to design and build a complete single-level or multi-level laser tag arena.LASERTRON Arenas are easy to maintain and clean. LASERTRON’s cool, high-tech arenas look newlong after plywood-painted arenas look faded and old.LASERTRONs LT-12 Game System and Arena are designed to synergistically work together. Arenaobstacles are designed to maximize the number of places a player can use for cover as well asreducing the number of potential collisions that are possible between players. LASERTRON’s moldedarena components are virtually indestructible, cannot be damaged by laser tag players and arefunctional for 20+ years. LASERTRON arenas are re-configurable over time. Each arena component iscompatible with our current portfolio of parts as well as future components.NOTE: LASERTRON offers several self-install arena options at a significantly lower investment. TheLASERTRON arena obstacles can be taken apart easily and are re-configurable.Zone NexusFEC ArenasNOTE: Zone NexusFEC does not design or build the majority of their arenas. You often have to workwith a separate company and crew which means you must be sure both companies arecommunicating and focusing on how to develop the best and most profitable arenas. 25
  26. 26. LASERTRON ARENA Click here to see Zone NexusFEC painted wall arenas 26
  27. 27. LASERTRON ARENA 27
  28. 28. LASERTRON ARENA 28 28
  32. 32. MARKETINGArtwork LASERTRON LT‐12 Zone NexusFECImages Yes YesReadymade Flyers, Posters, etc.. Yes YesTV and Radio Spots Yes YesNOTE: With the knowledge gained from our 23+ years of real-world laser tag experience,LASERTRON provides laser tag operators with the service, management, operational, and marketingprograms required for long-term success. The LASERTRON entertainment center has grown into a 4acre indoor/outdoor facility with LASERTRON Laser Tag, Go-karts, Cyber Sport,Mini Golf, arcade, full bar, food service and catering.ConferencesOperators’ Conference 4 Times/Year Yes NoStart‐up Yes YesNOTE: LASERTRON offers 4 quarterly conferences a year. Many of our best operators attend ourconference multiple times per year. The LASERTRON FEC Conference is the only industry conferencethat is free to attend. Our laser tag experience and operating knowledge has enabled us to developproven systems. These systems combined with our advanced laser tag equipment and arenas,provide you with the tools needed for long-term success. Many industry professionals have alsoattended and spoken at our conferences including Scott Brown from wddonline, Randy White withWhite Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group, Jason Mitchell with Intercard, Eric Lindfors fromBrunswick Bowling, Glenn Lynn of Harris Miniature Golf, Ben Jones-FEC Specialist and many more. ALASERTRON Operators’ only conference is held every year at IAAPA. 32
  33. 33. Web LASERTRON LT‐12 Zone NexusFECClient Locations Listedon Manufacturers’ Website Yes YesClient Locations Listedon Where To Play Laser Tag Website Yes ?Web Forum* Yes Yes*LASERTRON provides a private LinkedIn Group Forum which is available to all LASERTRONOperators. VALUE LASERTRON LT-12 Zone NexusFECTerritory Protection No NoList Price for a 24-Player System $72,800 $73,800(with a 1-year warranty)Financing Available Yes YesLASERTRON promises to meet or beat any Zone NexusFEC proposal when you compare “Apples toApples”. LASERTRON offers a package to fit any budget from self-install quotes to turn-key.Zone has 4 different grades of laser tag equipment. At LASERTRON we made the decision to onlyprovide our clients with the very best laser tag system and arena. 33
  34. 34. Thank you for taking the time to review our comparison. We hope it has helped in your searchfor developing the best laser tag experience possible.Our team looks forward to working with you on your project!Your LASERTRON team,Ann Kessler, Project Advisor John Rizun, Equipment/System Installations/POS/OperationsDirect Line: +1-305-257-3930 Direct Line: +1-716-608-4006Cell: +1-716-308-3019 Cell: jrizun@lasertron.usMarc Epstein, Project Advisor Larry LaClair, POS Installation/Training/OperationsDirect Line: +1-646-606-3246 Direct Line: +1-716-833-8766Cell: +1-917-474-1729 Cell: +1-716- llaclair@lasertron.usSteve Kessler, Arena Design Jim Kessler, Owner/Management & Operations/& 3D Presentations/Facility Layout Entertainment Center LayoutDirect Line: +1-716-242-8630 Direct Line: +1-407-905-2843Cell: +1-716-308-3018 Cell: 34
  35. 35. 35 35