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Day of Caring Training for Nonprofit and School partners
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Day of Caring Training for Nonprofit and School partners



Published in Self Improvement , Travel
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  • 1.
  • 2. Largest day of volunteering in WA
    Kick-off to United Way Fundraising Campaign
    Over 10,000 volunteers from 100+ local companies
    Over 400 projects throughout King County
    What is Day of Caring?
  • 3. Who’s involved?
  • 4. United Way’s Role
    • Connect and support Day of Caring participants to ensure a positive, meaningful, and impactful volunteer experience for both partner organizations and volunteers
    • 5. Recruits partner organizations
    • 6. Engages corporations
    • 7. Manages registration
    • 8. Supports organizations and Volunteer Project Leaders
    • 9. Celebrate
    • 10. Gather Results
  • 11. Partner Organization’s Role (That’s you!)
    • Provide an excellent experience for volunteers
    • 12. Plan and register a volunteer project
    • 13. Provide all necessary supplies*
    • 14. Act as point of contact for Volunteer Project Leader
    • 15. Manage project on event day
    • 16. Collect and save volunteer waivers
    • 17. Celebrate results
    • 18. Provide post-event feedback to United Way
  • 19. Volunteer Project Leader’s Role
    • Register for a Day of Caring Project
    • 20. Recruit team members
    • 21. Act as point of contact for partner organization, share info with team
    • 22. Provide post-event feedback to United Way
  • 23. The 3 Phases of Day of Caring
    May 16th
    Project Registration Opens
    • Phase 1: May 16th-July 27th
    • 24. Laying the groundwork
    • 25. Phase 2: July 27th-September 16th
    • 26. Volunteer Registration and Communication!
    • 27. Phase 3: September 16th and beyond
    • 28. Event Day and follow up
    Project Submission Deadline
    July 15th
    Early Volunteer Registration
    July 27th
    Volunteer Registration Opens
    Aug 2nd
    Volunteer Registration Closes
    Sept 9th
    Day of Caring!
    Sept 16th
    Sept 19th
    Post-event Surveys
  • 29. Submit a project
    Attend Agency Training
    Project reviewed by UWKC
    Make final edits to project
    Volunteer registration opens
    What happens in Phase 1?
  • 30. Phase 1: Laying the groundwork
    • Writing project descriptions that sell
    • 31. Sell the benefits
    • 32. Share the features
    • 33. Connect it to your mission
    • 34. Planning for success
    • 35. Think through logistics (timing, supplies, staff, etc.)
    • 36. What is your back-up plan?
    • 37. How will you thank volunteers?
  • 38. Writing Project Descriptions that Sell
    Which would you rather?
    Title: Day of Caring
    Help in removing the window awnings at the Community Center. No training required. Need muscles and ability to climb a ladder.
    Versus. . .
    Title: Clean Sweep for Children
    A lot of heart and a little muscle go a long way to help children thrive. We invite you to help us spruce up our youth residential care facility, with yard cleanup, planting bulbs, pulling weeds, and reconstructing the compost and recycle bin areas. The variety of tasks will meet all your diverse interests, talents and abilities. Your tasks, in turn, will make a positive impression on resident youth and their family and/or visitors, staff and the neighbors!
  • 39. Communication Time!
    Agency contacts VPL, sends Packet
    Confirmation sent to agency and VPL
    UWKC approves volunteer registration
    Volunteer Project Leader (VPL) signs up for project
    What happens in Phase 2?
  • 40. Phase 2: Communication
    • Communicating with your Project Leader
    • 41. Communicate with Volunteer Project Leader early on and frequently
    • 42. Project Leader Manual
    • 43. Suggest a Site Visit
    • 44. Communicating with United Way
    • 45. Changes to projects (location, time, # of volunteers, contact)
    • 46. Cancellations
  • 47. What happens in Phase 3?
    Day of Caring!
    Orient Volunteers
    Thank Volunteers
    Supervise Volunteers
    After Party!
    Survey and follow up
  • 48. Phase 3: Event day and beyond
    • Managing your Volunteer Group
    • 49. Orientation
    • 50. Supervision and coaching
    • 51. Celebrating Success
    • 52. Thanking Volunteers
    • 53. The After Party
    • 54. Satisfaction Surveys
  • 55. A note about Microsoft
    • 5,000+ Day of Caring volunteers
    • 56. Separate volunteer registration page
    • 57. Slightly different registration schedule
    • 58. Project bins
  • 59. Share your story
    • Photos
    • 60. Flickr: Tag photos with #dayofcaringKC
    • 61. Facebook
    • 62. Like us! We like you.
    • 63. Tag United Way of King County
    • 64. Tag your volunteer group’s company page
    • 65. Twitter - @VolunteerKC
    • 66. Follow us! We follow you.
    • 67. Join the conversation: #dayofcaringKC
  • 68. Pop Quiz!
  • 69. The number one most important factor in having a successful Day of Caring experience is?
  • 70. You know you’ve written an excellent project description if it. . .
    a) Sells the benefits, shares the features, and connects to your mission
    b) Could fit on a post-it note
    c) Reads like an instruction manual
  • 71. The first thing you should do when you receive your confirmation email from United Way is. . .
    a) Jump for joy that your project was picked, and then forget about it until September 14th
    b) Contact your Volunteer Project Leader, send them the VPL Manual, and confirm project details
    c) Delete it
  • 72. 5 minutes into your project, a volunteer hits her head on the dumpster (true story). Good thing you had everyone sign the. . .
    United Way Volunteer Waiver!
  • 73. Your volunteers finish the project 2 hours early. What do you do?
    Consult your back up plan!
  • 74. Which of the following is a great way to thank your Day of Caring volunteers?
    a) Ask for their feedback on the project
    b) Take a group photo and send it to them with a thank you note
    c) Document and celebrate their accomplishments
    d) Say “Thanks”
    e) All of the above
  • 75. If you were to come to Qwest Field from 3-6pm on September 16th, what might you find there?
    Free food and drinks!
    b) Prizes!
    c) Entertainment!
    d) All of the above
    e) None of the above
  • 76. When you receive your post-event survey from United Way, you should
    a) Delete it and mark it as spam
    b) Fill it out and help make Day of Caring even better!
  • 77. The number one most important factor in having a successful Day of Caring experience is?
  • 78. Questions?
    Contact us at dayofcaring@uwkc.org
    For additional Day of Caring info, check out www.uwkc.org/doc and our FAQ page
  • 79. THANK YOU!