Carlos Martins, Transforming ideas into action - Interfacing Innovation Brussels


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Carlos Martins presented Transforming ideas at the Interfacing Innovation conference Brussels

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Carlos Martins, Transforming ideas into action - Interfacing Innovation Brussels

  1. 1. Creative Industries Transforming ideas into action Carlos Martins
  2. 2. Guimarães
  3. 3. Guimarães today World heritage with inspiring history In Guimarães in 1128, Portugal was founded as a nation and King Afonso Henriques was crowned the first Sovereign of Portugal Entrepreneurial spirit supported by a strong feeling of belonging and a dynamic University Population of 160,000 - one of the ‘youngest’ cities in Europe 50% of its inhabitants are under 30 Historical textile industry facing significant competitiveness challenges 14% unemployment 2X national average
  4. 4. “A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste”
  5. 5. Towards a toolkit for Fixing the Future
  6. 6. Fixing the Future Engaging change: Organisational structure, management, capacity and vision Engaging digital Engaging A Creative transformation: partnership: Leading the way in City in a Actively brokering programming, Digital new boundary- innovation, crossing Age knowledge transfer relationships and business Engaging physical transformation: Reconceptualising, re-connecting and expanding the physical footprint
  7. 7. European Capital of Culture Opportunity to lead the way for smaller cities to maximize the role and impact of its creative sector
  8. 8. Guimarães 2012 – a Model for Cultural Leadership • For small cities everywhere • For creative exchange • For open source culture and open governance • For an embrace with digital culture • For driving innovation, competitiveness and growth in the creative economy • For creative problem solving and positive disruption • For knowledge-development, dissemination and co-creation
  9. 9. The Vision
  10. 10. Guimarães 2020 - The Vision In 2020 Guimarães will be: • A place where the people come first • A place where culture is for everyone • A place where the past, present and future are interwoven and embodied in daily life • A place that is animated, brimming with activity and dynamic • A place where cultural production and consumption are inseparable and interdependent
  11. 11. Guimarães Cultural Capital 2012 - Impact Urban regeneration - transforming the public realm, animating the streets, connecting spaces and places, re-imagining the city: the city as a creative landscape. Social regeneration - engaging the citizens to take part in cultural activities, developing audiences and organisations, supporting talent to reach its potential: the city as a creative academy. Economic regeneration - positioning the creative economy at the mainstream of the city’s renaissance, nurturing high value- adding employment opportunities, enhancing the competitiveness of the city: the city as a creative hub and cluster.
  12. 12. Strategy – Realizing the Vision
  13. 13. 1. People and Partnership • Creative Education and talent sourcing • Unlocking people creative potential • New types of ownership • Web 2.0 & Social networks • Formal and non-formal learning • Diversity and inclusivity • Brokerage and organisational development • Local and global knowledge • Entrepreneurship (fiscal incentives & venture capital) • Social Innovation • Documentation, display and narration
  14. 14. 2. Exposing the Multiple Textures of Guimarães • Animating the streets – performance, surprise, exchange • Connecting the industrial to the residential, formal to informal, public and private • Introducing new tactile landscapes – from the park to the square • Developing different time geographies • Improving navigation and introducing new types of legibility • Engaging pervasive media and continuous stimulation
  15. 15. 3. Creative Economy - Maximising the Value of Culture • New creative business development • Networks and collaboration • Convergence and spill-over • Market and audience development • Co-location and urban transformation • Knowledge labs and creativity spikes
  16. 16. Connecting Investment Bridging the Gaps Innovation platforms Creative and venture oriented programmes/ Creative incubator networks environments Catalyst for SMEs, artists, corporate Infrastructure Networking events business, research & and Place knowledge institutes Open source Legal & business issues approaches Cross-disciplinary collaboration Innovation clusters & creative tools
  17. 17. Urban regeneration / Knowledge and Creativity Campurbis Couros Creative Platform
  18. 18. Campurbis Advanced Training Centre Project aims • to develop new paradigms of learning • to integrate learning levels • to tie learning, culture and economic activity
  19. 19. Couros Creative Platform Project Aims • to restore and refurbish a run-down area • to encourage interaction between knowledge, creativity and innovation • to develop the entrepreneurial dynamics of the city and region
  20. 20. University as a stakeholder of Guimarães 2012 • Supporting a knowledge community • Fostering institutional interaction • Promoting a digital culture • Assuring long term impacts • Encouraging creative economy • Supplying the cement for long-term relationships
  21. 21. Cultural Programme Putting cultural production and consumption at the heart of the transformation •  Strong connection to the community •  Artistic residences of national and international companies •  Invigorating the sense of belonging to Europe •  Strong education emphasis •  Artistic use of communication and information technologies •  Emphasis on the city and region resources •  Invading, engaging and re-imagining the public space
  22. 22. Guimarães today Competitiveness World Heritage Entrepreneurial spirit Dynamic University Young population challenges Guimarães 2020 - The Vision Past, present and Cultural production & People come first Culture for everyone Animated Place future Consumption Guimarães ECOC 2012 – Impact Urban regeneration Social regeneration Economic regeneration Guimarães 2012 – a Model for Cultural Leadership Innovation and For creative problem For knowledge- Small cities Creative exchange competitiveness solving development Strategy – Realizing the Vision Creative Economy - Maximising the People and Partnership Exposing the Multiple Textures Value of Culture