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  • Entirely new section Encourage you to read it if your district has or is contemplating stw students. FTE should be pro-rated based on the number of courses as compared to full time load of HS classes
  • Entirely new section Encourage you to read it if your district has or is contemplating stw students. FTE should be pro-rated based on the number of courses as compared to full time load of HS classes
  • = new requirement Log-ins do not have to be in the same class. Must be longer than few seconds or minutes If < 20 there is no pro-rating FTE = 0.00
  • Children of active military family must be enrolled in the district where the child is currently residing while their parent is on active duty or may stay at school where they were student when living with the military parent. This student is a RESIDENT student. If has an address outside of your district but is coded as resident – mark on alpha list that the student is from Military family.
  • 2012 13 iisd workshop

    1. 1. Ingham ISDIngham ISDPupil Accounting WorkshopPupil Accounting WorkshopSeptember 2012
    2. 2. General UpdatesGeneral Updates• Updated forms – on Ingham ISD website• www.inghamisd.org• Click on “District Support Services”• On left side of screen click on “Pupil Membership”• Under Pupil Membership click on “Forms”• Compulsory attendance age raised to 18 forcurrent 9thgraders
    3. 3. Alpha ListsAlpha Lists• Alpha list must Include:• Name of district and school at the top of each page• GE, SE and Total FTE for EACH pupil• If SE FTE Claimed – include Special Ed Program• Include date of enrollment for each pupil(enrollment in district, not in grade/class)• Residency status(ie: 14, 02, 06)/Residency code(ie: Grand Ledge =23060)• Principal Signature
    4. 4. Friendly Reminders•If Category “I” (Other) is used on the Non-Resident Form,please include description in the “All Other Category”column•All forms must be thoroughly completed•If a pupil is receiving Homebound/Hospitalized orHomebased services, supporting documentation must beprovided (Hours of Instruction, letter from physician, or longterm suspension/expulsion letter)
    5. 5. FRIENDLY REMINDERSFRIENDLY REMINDERSPupils Less Than Full Day per IEP:Pupils Less Than Full Day per IEP:•NOT a reduced schedule pupil•NOT a part time student•Claimed as 1.00 FTE•Must have IEP stating need for < full day and signature ofphysician or school social worker or school psychologist that arepart of IEP team
    6. 6. Days and HoursDays and HoursDays and Hours ReportsDue September 28, 2012Do not include professional development days inyour count of days of instruction
    7. 7. Days and HoursDays and HoursPartial day counts as ONE DAY of instruction whencounting total days towards meeting minimum dayrequirement½ day = 1 day of instructionExam day = 1 day of instructionTotal number of days should always = whole numberwhole number
    8. 8. GAD and Exit CodesGAD and Exit CodesExit Code ChangesRequests and documentation due by October 12, 2012Required documentation for “moved out of state”, “enrolled innon-public school”, and “enrolled in homeschool” has changed.(Handout) Exit date > or = As of Date
    9. 9. GAD and Exit CodesGAD and Exit CodesAppeal window closed 9/21/12Audit window begins 10/22/12Auditing:1. Change requests – for any students who were notactive in 2011-12 school year.2. Rotational Audits of active cohorts for high schools
    10. 10. GAD and Exit CodesGAD and Exit Codes Beginning with the Fall 2012 General Collection, the MSDSwill generate a field-level error if a student with a cohortstatus of Graduate is submitted with an exit status ofContinuing in any certified collection. This field-level error willprohibit users from certifying their data unless the actionslisted below are taken. SE Student with certificate of completion or exit codes of 05,06, 20, 21 will generate warning message but FTE stillallowable.
    11. 11. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - Revisions Kindergarten Start Age = 5 on or before KindergartenStart Cutoff DateKindergarten Start Cutoff Dates:2012-2013: 5 on or before December 12013-2014: 5 on or before November 12014-2015: 5 on or before October 12015-2016 and beyond: 5 on or before September 1
    12. 12. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsKindergarten Start Age – Parental Waiver Parent of child residing in district born between the kindergarten start cutoffdate and December 1 must notify the district in writing by June 1 (or if childbecomes resident after June 1 by August 1) that they intend to enroll theirchild in kindergarten, the district can make a recommendation onkindergarten enrollment, but the parent has the sole discretion to determinewhether or not to enroll the child in kindergarten. The district/charter school must report to the MDE by December 31 howmany children enrolled under the parent waiver provision.
    13. 13. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsKindergarten FTEFull day kindergarten required for full FTE with one exception . . . a district orcharter school that proves to the MDE it used federal Title I money in the previous 2school years to fund full time kindergarten, can get full FTE for providing ½ day‐kindergarten if allowed by federal law. The MDE following up with USED to make‐sure this is allowable use of Title I money.Kindergarten pupil attending half day, parental request for example, = part timepupil (< 1.00 FTE)This change in funding to require full day kindergarten for full FTE, is not amandate.
    14. 14. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsKindergarten FTEBy the fifth Wednesday after count day, each district and charter school mustreport the number of instructional hours scheduled per kindergarten pupil for 2012‐13.Update on Using Title I Funds for kindergartenhttp://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Title_I_Funds_for_Kind_396678_7.pdfMCL 388.1606(6)(4)(r)
    15. 15. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsData Reporting – Grad Data at EOY andStatewide Standard ReportingGraduation Data – to CEPI 5 weeks after the fall membership count dayAND by June 30Intent language to implement statewide standard reporting requirementsfor education data by 2014 15. MDE and CEPI to work with ISDs and‐districts to develop. ISDs and districts to implement by 2014 15 or when‐updates its education data reporting system, whichever is laterMCL 388.1619(2),(7)
    16. 16. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsOn-Line Learning Cost ReportIf district or ISD offers on line learning, must submit detailed per pupil‐ ‐cost report to MDE by October 1, 2012 for 2011-2012MDE must provide analysis of on line learning costs to legislature by‐December 31, 2012http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Online_Learning_Report_Reqs_397994_7.pdfGoogle Survey: http://www.tinyurl.com/388-1618-11
    17. 17. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsCount Day SubmissionMembership Count Day – October 3, 2012Submit by 5th week – November 7Certify by 7th week – November 21 but CEPI calendarcertify by 6th week– November 14!Supplemental Count Day – February 13, 2013Submit by 5th week – March 20Certify by 6th week – March 27MCL 388.1701(1)
    18. 18. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsDays and Hours1098 hours and at least 170 days but not less than days scheduled in2009 10 = 5 day increase starts this year!‐6 days or equivalent hours for “forgiven” days38 hours of qualified professional development count towards hours ofinstructionDS 4168 Days and Clock Hours electronic Live for 2012-2013 data November Reports will be part of re-workDS 4168b Planned Days and Clock Hours (due in April) gone!MCL 388.1701
    19. 19. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsAdult EducationRequirement that assessments be done every 90hours of attendance has been removed.
    20. 20. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsDual EnrollmentExpand opportunities for high school studentsTake up to 10 college courses count for high school and postsecondarycredit:If 9th grader – 2 in first 3 years, 4 in senior yearIf 10th grader – 2 in year 1, 4 in years 2 and 3If 11th or 12th grader – not more than 6 per yearIf nonpublic school student, Treasury to pay prorated % of statewidepupil weighted average foundation allowance‐MDE August 30 , 2012 Memohttp://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/PSEOA_cte_396672_7.pdf
    21. 21. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - Revisions2012-2013 Section 25 of SAAEnrollment of pupil in a district or intermediate districtafter pupil membership count day (October count)http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(040exezfbcvyasuhpiws2j55))/documents/mcl/pdf/mcl-388-1625-amended.pdfAllows for pro-rated FTE for student enrolling in District “B” after beingcounted by District “A” for the October membership count submission.Pupil must have been claimed for at least some FTE for fall countNew FTE amount for District “B” prorated based on the Oct FTE
    22. 22. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - Revisions2012-2013 Section 25 of SAA – cont.FTE Pro-rated based on 1/180 of the foundation allowance for each dayin which the pupil was enrolled and in attendance.District “B” must notify MDE and request adjustment from ISD.Voluntary!
    23. 23. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsRequests for FTE adjustment per Sec. 25Process for Receiving DistrictDistrict A = Original District on October countDistrict B = New educating/receiving district; requesting district1. Notify District “A”2. Notify the Departmenta. District A submits SRM exiting studentb. District B submits SRM enrolling student3. Complete IISD Sec. 25 Request Form4. Collect required documentation5. Submit form (one form per “sending” district) plus documentationto IISD at the end of each month
    24. 24. School Aid Act - RevisionsSchool Aid Act - RevisionsRequests for FTE adjustment per Sec. 25Required Documentation1. Copy of district enrollment form2. Copy of attendance verification for first day of attendance• STW program will be the 10 days of log-in plus mentor contact1. Copy of SRM submission2. Copy of residency verification
    25. 25. School Aid Re-WriteSchool Aid Re-Write Governor’s proposal to re-write the SAA – Michigan Education FinanceAct of 2013 Goal is to have completed by October 2012, budget developed for2013-14 in December, and to be effective Oct. 2013 Money to follow student and be at least partially based on proficiency. Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace Oxford Foundation http://oxfordfoundationmi.com
    26. 26. PA RevisionsPA RevisionsEarly Childhood Special EducationPupil absent for one or more of their scheduled days during the countweek:A.Unexcused absence – must be present on that same day within 10scheduled school days in order to calculate FTE based on IEP scheduleB.Excused absence – pupil must be present on the same day(s) within 30calendar days in order to calculate FTE based on IEP schedule
    27. 27. PA RevisionsPA Revisions
    28. 28. PA RevisionsPA RevisionsMDE Manuals Referent GroupWorking on both manuals to make consistentSome issues include: essential vs. nonessential courses, virtualand distance learning, seat time waivers, homebound
    29. 29. PA RevisionsPA RevisionsShared Non-Public StudentsMake sure to document request for servicesFTE calculations in the PAM address only secondary students.Continue to calculate elementary based on minutes/hours as inthe pastSeparate form for Elementary and Secondary
    30. 30. PA RevisionsPA RevisionsHomebound InstructionGeneral Education StudentsIf instructional services are less than required 2 45-minutesessions OR doctor statement missing, pupil becomes Part Time.In the above scenario, pro-rate FTE based on actualminutes/hours of instruction for the week.Report on Part Time Student List and reason would be HBStudent with < full day schedule should be pro-rated based onschedule
    31. 31. PA RevisionsPA RevisionsHomebound InstructionSpecial Education StudentsIf instructional services are less than required 2 1-hour,nonconsecutive sessions OR doctor statement missing, pupilremains zero FTE.No part time pro-rating allowed for special education pupilsPro-rating only allowed if schedule is less than full schedule
    32. 32. PA RevisionsPA RevisionsInvestigating Attendance IrregularitiesOn a test basis, interview teachers to inquire whether they are aware of any inappropriatealterations of their attendance records or any of the other teachers’ attendance records.Sample interview questions could include:If your district were to inappropriately inflate pupil counts, how could it be done?Are you aware of any of your attendance records being inappropriately changed, if so, whatare the details?Are you aware of anyone else’s attendance records being inappropriately changed, if so,what are the details?Are you aware of the district claiming any inappropriate pupil counts or running inappropriateprograms?Who else should I talk to about this?Is there anything else that you would like to bring to my attention?
    33. 33. PA RevisionsPA RevisionsPeer to Peer Course Elective ProgramPreviously LINKSFor all pupils with IEP, not just ASDCourse/credit program that incorporates applied learning in anon-traditional manner
    34. 34. PA RevisionsPA RevisionsWork Based LearningStudent may not work more than 24 hours per week when schoolis in sessionReplaces the limit of 48 hours per week for work + schoolAll other requirements still in place. MCPA looking to revise andreduce requirements (YAY!)
    35. 35. Seat Time Waiver - ReminderSeat Time Waiver - ReminderTwo Options1. Genesee ISD (GenNet)2. IISD Project ReImagine (Continued??)• Residents of Ingham County or Contiguous to IISD• American Academy• Other Teacher-led On-Line Courses• Blended• Must still follow PAM 5-O-B Requirements• Contact: Melissa White, Director Instructional Technology, IISDmwhite@inghamisd.org or 517.244.1471
    36. 36. Seat Time Waiver - ReminderSeat Time Waiver - Reminder5-O-B Seat Time WaiverRequirements:a) Pupil must be enrolled in the district and attending on count day:1. Pupil has a class schedule for the entire year2. The pupil logging into at least one online course on count dayb) Full time pupil has same number of classes on schedule asregular HS/MS student – each course counts as one classc) On-Site mentor teacher assigned - serves as teacher of recordd) Mentor interactive contact – min. 1x per week per student
    37. 37. Seat Time Waiver - ReminderSeat Time Waiver - Reminder5-O-B Seat Time Waiver cont.Requirements:f) Pupil must log into at least one online course on each count dayand for 9 additional calendar days during the 30 calendar daycount period.g) No log in on count day must be 10 log-ins10 log-ins during the next 30calendar days.h) Less than 10 log-ins = 0.00 FTE
    38. 38. FormsFormsNew/Revised:New/Revised:• Non-Public and Homeschooled Elementary Pupils• Section 25 Requests• Non-public/Public Course Comparison• Revised ECSE .1754 Absence List• Peer-to-Peer Support (was LINKS)• WBL Training Plan and Agreements
    39. 39. The Early College (TEC)The Early College (TEC)Director: Kristine GrunwaldLead Support/Contact: Peter Lincolnhol483-1640Lincolp@lcc.eduShared Educational Entity (SEE) Entity Code = 00800Program Participation Code = 3500
    40. 40. Due Dates:Due Dates:Due Dates: November 7, 2012 – count packets to IISD andcertify data with CEPI November 14, 2012 – Final certification with CEPIand notify IISD of changes
    41. 41. CONTACT INFORMATIONEllen Behm Kelly JacksonPupil Accounting Auditor Pupil Accounting Technician(517) 244-1203 (517) 244-1207ebehm@inghamisd.org kjackson@inghamisd.orgLiz Lentz Jim PerrySupervisor Attendance Officer(517) 244-1288 (517) 525-5245elentz@inghamisd.org jperry@inghamisd.org