#2 the dominion of canada


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  • Russia had just ended the Crimean war with the British and was wary about their territory of Alaska and the possibility of it being annexed by the British. Tsar Alexander the II negotiated with Britain and America hoping to start a bidding war. (Russia needed money). In the end America ended up the victor. Russia really had no interest in selling Alaska to their enemies.
  • #2 the dominion of canada

    1. 1. The Dominion ofCanadaCanada’s National Motto: “From sea to sea.”
    2. 2. Gee, thanks Russia.On March 30, 1867, the - Russia feared Britishday after Queen Victoria annexation of Alaska withsigned the British North the rapidly expandingAmerica Act, the British Columbia to theAmericans purchased south of the territory.Alaska from the Russiansfor 7.2 million dollars. - After the Crimean War with the British Russia- William Seward had no desire to sell theirAmerican secretary of territory to their enemy.state who bought thecolony said, “It is verywell, you are building anexcellent states tohereafter be admitted tothe American Union.”
    3. 3. Hudson’s Bay Company- It was the biggestreal-estate purchase inhuman history at thetime.- In 1869 The HudsonsBay company agreedto sell Rupert’s Landand the North Westernterritory to Canada for$1.5 million.(What a deal! Just lookat the square footage!)
    4. 4. Omission as a Hegemonic Strategy - No one consulted or - Hegemony: The even notified the First leadership or Nations, Inuit, and dominance especially Metis people who by one country or happened to be living social group over in Rupert’s Land and others. the North Western Territory. - By withholding information from the people living on the land; the Canadian government used omission as a hegemonic strategy.
    5. 5. Riel’s Red River Resistance- The Red River frontier, - More than half thein the area of present-day population was made upWinnipeg, had developed of Metis (a mix of Firstinto a crossroads culture. Nations and generally French background).- The Red River regionwas made up of First - The Metis lifestyleNations, French, centered around theAmerican and Scottish annual buffalo hunt.settlers with a populationof 12 000. - When news of HBC’s sale of Ruperts land to Canada surfaced the Red River was angry and defiant.
    6. 6. Louis Riel- The Metis called upon - Americana young man named annexationists beganLouis Riel to be their calling on the Metis toleader. ditch Canada for the U.S.- Canada sentsurveyors before the - John A. Macdonaldland transfer was saw his dream of aofficial. nation from sea to sea slipping away.- Riel literally put hisfoot down on thesurvey chain declaring,“you shall go nofurther!”
    7. 7. “This is horrible! This is cold blooded murder!”Thomas Scotts last - Thomas Scott was awords. hot-tempered, anti- catholic Irishman who- He belonged to a was thrown into jail forgroup entitled: plotting a counter“Canada Firsters,” a rebellion.nationalistic,expansionist group - On March 4, 1870calling for a Thomas Scott was putcounterstrike against to trail and killed bythe Metis whom they firing squad.referred to as, “thetreacherous half- “We must makebreeds” at Fort Garry. Canada respect us!” – Louis Riel.
    8. 8. The Manitoba Act 1870- Outplayed by LouisRiel, John A.Macdonald acceptsalmost all of the Metisdemands. (ie: Frenchlanguage rights, andthe protection of thecatholic church).- On July 15, 1870 thetransfer of Rupert’sLand and the North-Western territory finallywent through. And asagreed on the sameday Manitoba wasborn.
    9. 9. Riel on the Run- Riel, “the father of - Riel was later electedManitoba,” was forced to Parliament byto flee to America as a Manitoba voters evenmilitary expedition though, as a fugitive,under Colonel Garnet he would never be ableWolseley was on its to take his seat.way. - He was elected threeWolseley: “Had we times into the House ofcaught him, he would Commons.have had no mercy.”
    10. 10. B.C. Joins the Club- British loyalty wasstrong in British Columbiaand a delegation travelledto Ottawa to negotiate.- George-Etienne Cartier(Prime MinisterMacdonald’s right handman) offered them a full-scale transcontinentalrailway in ten years.- It did the trick, and B.C.joined confederation in1871.