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Published in Technology , Spiritual
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  • 2. In life, there are moments when you miss someone so muchthat you would only fulfill your dreams by holdingthat person tight in your arms.
  • 3. When a door of the happiness is closed, another opens, but us,we continue to look at the closed door and we do not attachimportance to that which we have just opened.
  • 4. Do not trust appearances; they are often false.Do not interest yourself in the wealth; it will disappear.Seek somebody who communicates with you in laughters, becauseone laughter could turn a sad day into a joyful day.
  • 5. Dream whatever you desire to dream.Go wherever you wish.Seek whatever you desire.Because life is unique by how you shape it.
  • 6. The lucky onesinevitably do nothave bestof the best.They seek simplythe best ofwhat they seeon their journey.
  • 7. The most beautiful future will always depend on the need forforgetting the past. You will not be able to go from the pastin life as long as you will not have overcome the errors of thepast and all that hurt you.
  • 8. life in full, and always smile in spite of difficult times.
  • 9. Send thisMessageto thosewho counton you.
  • 10. ... As I did.
  • 11. To those who mark your life...
  • 12. ... To those who made you laughwhen you really needed somebody...
  • 13. To those whoshow youEncouragementwhen youare down.
  • 14. to your friends...
  • 15. To thosewho justpassed byyou…
  • 16. To those wholook upto you forencouragement.To thosewho needyou attheir side.
  • 17. Never loose the opportunity to give sunshine tothe day of a person who needs a few encouraging words.
  • 18. Life does not amount in breathings,but to the moments which cut you the breath.
  • 19. Life is beautiful!!!
  • 20. Specially with a friend like you.Specially with a friend like you.
  • 21. May everyMay everymoment ofmoment ofyour lifeyour lifebe filledbe filledwith joy.with joy.