Hostopia finds a partner in eircom with datacentre services


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As one of the fastest growing web hosting organizations in the world, Ontario-based Hostopia puts a strong priority on responsiveness, technical prowess and flexibility in all of its partners. That's just what it found in eircom when it was looking for a co-location partner for its first ever European data centre.

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Hostopia finds a partner in eircom with datacentre services

  1. 1. HostopiaCase Study Datacentre Services
  2. 2. 2 Case Study — HostopiaOverviewHostopia finds a partner to grow withAs one of the fastest growing web hosting organisationsin the world, Ontario-based Hostopia puts a strongpriority on responsiveness, technical prowess andflexibility in all of its partners. That’s just what it foundin eircom when it was looking for a co-location partnerfor its first ever European data centre.Although less than a decade old, Ontario-based Hostopia isone of the fastest growing and best established global webhosting organisations, providing internet services to othertelecommunications companies and internet service providers.The company’s rapid expansion and its need to better serveits European customers led Hostopia to conduct a thoroughsearch for a highly capable European partner - someone withnot only cutting-edge data centre facilities, but also the skillsand flexibility to allow Hostopia to meet aggressive marketambitions.“We looked at the Docklands in London as well as a numberof other sites all around Europe,” said Hostopia’s ChiefTechnology Officer Officer, Dirk Bhagat. “Power was a bigconcern for us, and also having a connection to central pointsin Europe. It also came down to finding a facility that would beable to accommodate our size and our growth. eircom met allof that. From the beginning, we also had a real connection tothe folks in eircom - so many things are done on relationship,and we felt we could trust these people. In the course of ourrelationship, that’s been borne out.”Less than twelve weeks after the initial meeting, the contractwas agreed and rollout completed, an unusually rapidimplementation phase which allowed Hostopia to meet anunmoveable deadline, and which speaks volumes about theclose working relationship forged. Hostopia is now equippedwith the connectivity and support that has successfullysupported new customer acquisition as it expands further intoEurope and rest of world.
  3. 3. Case Study — Hostopia 3“In our experience with worldwide data centres providers, eircom is among the best we’ve had. We are always able to meet the decision- makers, and they’re business focused, which makes it so much easier” Dirk BhagatChief Technology Officer, Hostopia
  4. 4. 4 Case Study — HostopiaFlexibility andresponsivenessunderpin ambitiousgrowth plans forHostopiaHostopia was one of the first anchor tenants inthe new eircom managed services data centrein Clonshaugh. To meet its customers’ servicerequirements Hostopia relies on the world-classconnectivity, including carrier neutrality, availableat Clonshaugh. It also benefits from the centre’shighly advanced power, cooling, fire suppressionand biometric security measures, as well as thegreen technologies that minimise environmentalimpact.True flexibility to accommodatebusiness needsAs well as providing a flexible commercial modelto faciliate Hostopia’s business goals, eircomaccommodated its needs at every stage ofimplementation, including adapting floor layoutto more closely match the design Hostopia usesglobally.
  5. 5. Case Study — Hostopia 5Scalability to suit rapid growthHostopia took a caged area and rack space atClonshaugh, with eircom providing managedhigh speed internet connectivity. The company’sexpansion plans can be accommodated withinthe 125,000 square-foot centre, includingHostopia’s need for increased bandwidth in linewith its existing data centres. This means thatHostopia can tailor its ICT investment to whenand where it is needed, as it grows.Enabling Hostopia to deliver onits service requirements“Like the hosted services eircom provides tous, a lot of our market services are also ‘on-demand’,” Dirk said. “And we have to processnew requirements in a matter of days, notweeks. With eircom, we’re working with peoplewho understand the importance of this to ourcustomers and have the ability to process ourchange requests right away.” Additionally,Clonshaugh’s European location lets Hostopiameet its clients’ data privacy needs, and offersHostopia the ability to seek new European clientsfor whom data privacy concerns are paramount.
  6. 6. 6 Case Study — HostopiaStaying closeto Hostopia’sbusinessobjectivesAccording to Hostopia, the working relationshiphas been so successful because of eircom’sclear comprehension of Hostopia’s businessobjectives, and eircom’s willingness to help, asone enterprise to another. This extends not onlyto the details - like agreeing to store Hostopia’sequipment, or immediately sourcing Europeanpower cables when the North American fittingsdidn’t work. It also encompasses a willingness toshow commercial flexibility in terms of ramp-up,payment terms and future space.“In our experience with worldwide data centresproviders, eircom is among the best we’ve had.It’s a very closely knit team, and everybodythere is knowledgeable. We are always able tomeet the decision-makers, and they’re businessfocused, which makes it so much easier. Wehave the sense that we are dealing with peoplewho understand what our business requirementsare and what their own business abilities are,and they work to bridge those together. That’sinvaluable.”Dirk Bhagat, Chief Technology Officer, Hostopia
  7. 7. Case Study — Hostopia 7“From the beginning, we also had a realconnection to the folks in eircom - somany things are done on relationship,and we felt we could trust these people.In the course of our relationship, that’sbeen borne out.”Dirk BhagatChief Technology Officer, Hostopia
  8. 8. 8 Case Study — HostopiaGet in touchTo find out how eircom datacentre servicescan benefit your business, please contact youreircom Account