business broadband at Organic Supermarket


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eircom provides business broadband to the Organic Supermarket

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business broadband at Organic Supermarket

  1. 1. The Organic SupermarketCase Study | Broadband
  2. 2. 2 Case Study — The Organic SupermarketCustomer OverviewBased in Blackrock, Co Dublin,the Organic Supermarketis Ireland’s largest 100%dedicated organic supermarket.Their online store provides next-day delivery to the 32 countrieswith all of the supermarket’sproducts available on-line.The NeedThe founder, Darren Grantwanted to develop an onlinestore to operate alongside hisretail outlet. The developmentof the online store allowed himto increase his potential marketrapidly. ‘Our market went fromThe Solution 4,000 people to fourThe Organic Supermarket million people overnight.choose eircom broadband to In addition, our overheadspower its online store. remain the same yet weBenefit can exponentially grow our revenue through theThe development of the site hastransformed the business with same costs that we areyear-on-year sales and turnoverincreasing substantially. The incurring. I see the websiteclever use of social media as our core business goingallowed it to build a loyalcustomer base which informs forward in 2012’customers in real-time aboutproduct promotions, updates Darren Grantand recipes. Owner Manager, The Organic Supermarket
  3. 3. Case Study — The Organic Supermarket 3
  4. 4. 4 Case Study — The Organic SupermarketAn Organic Route toSuccessBy making use of social networking sites and blogging andalso by creating a full visual shopping experience, DarrenGrant has made his online store, the Organic Supermarketa huge success.When he opened The Organic Supermarket in Blackrock in 2008,Darren Grant left a secure and very well-paid job to pursue hisbusiness idea. “I had no experience in retail, but I really felt thatfood in Ireland was becoming monotonous and that some of themajor supermarket chains were just taking over.”So he carried out a lot of research into the organic food area anddetected a clear market niche. “I decided to do research into itand I found out that there wasn’t yet a 100pc dedicated organicsupermarket in Ireland and went about building a business plan.”Now Ireland’s largest organic retailer, Grant says he aims tosteadily expand his business portfolio to make it Europe-widewithin the next five years and has trademarked The OrganicSupermarket in all EU member states.While his original plan was to grow a physical retail business,in the “contracting econmic environment” he chose to set upan online store ( as a more costeffective means of reaching new markets.Today The Organic Supermarket employs six people, with Grantadding that good old-fashioned customer service is integral,whether interacting with customers online or in person.The Organic Supermarket’s website has already made quitean impact. At the Irish Web Awards, the website earned theaccolade of ‘Most Beautiful Website’, while it also won ‘BestRetail & Commercial Shopping Website’ at the 2009 eircomGolden Spider Awards.
  5. 5. Case Study — The Organic Supermarket 5
  6. 6. 6 Case Study — The Organic Supermarket
  7. 7. Case Study — The Organic Supermarket 7Giving Customers aVisual Online ShoppingExperienceRealising the importance of having a web presence,Grant says he originally created the website as amarketing page to give people an overview of theirproducts and to direct customers to where TheOrganic Supermarket was located.However, while sales at the supermarket were growingquite well at the Blackrock store, Grant decided to reallyinvest in the online space in early 2009.“We took the ultimate gamble, which was the last ofthe capital that we had, and we pumped it into ouronline store. We looked at a strategy of how we couldkeep our overheads the same, make an initial investmentand expand our market beyond the surrounding areaof Blackrock.” Teaming up with a web designer whohad worked on The Organic Supermarket’s originallogo, Grant’s criteria for his website was to have it non-corporate-like.“My whole business concept is to be unique and tostand out from the crowd. To do that, I had to createa bespoke design. “I wanted the brand to appearfunky, yet functional, and to get the message acrossthat the company is an independently-run Irish retailbusiness selling quality goods. I wanted it to be fun andinteractive.”To give online customers the feeling that they are “in-store”, Grant set out to create a full visual shoppingexperience. That meant photographing every product thatis on the website.“The customer can make the image larger and read theingredients. It gives a sense of real shopping,” he says.
  8. 8. 8 Case Study — The Organic SupermarketSocial mediabroadens reachAs soon as The Organic Supermarket launchedits website, Grant says people picked up onits distinctive design and graphics, with thenews spreading globally via its blogs.He has also recognised the value of integratingsocial media into his marketing approach and TheOrganic Supermarket now has a Twitter accountwith 1,230 followers and a Facebook page withover 2,050 fans.“If I have a special offer or an interesting fact andI Twitter or Facebook it, I am hitting 3,280 people.We’ve integrated that technology into the website.We update our blog regularly, with celebrity chefRozanne Steven contributing recipes to the site –we even put up our radio and TV interviews.”“For the past few months, the website has beengetting 7,600 visitors per month, with an averageof about 40,500 page impressions. It’s gettingbusier and busier.”In terms of the company’s broadband connection,which is with eircom, Grant says this is vital. “Ourbroadband connection is absolutely critcal. Beingwithout it would be drastic for our business.”
  9. 9. Case Study — The Organic Supermarket 9Watch VideoDarren Grant discusses theOrganic Supermarket“For the past few months, thewebsite has been getting 7,600visitors per month, with anaverage of about 40,500 pageimpressions. It’s getting busierand busier.”Darren GrantOwner ManagerThe Organic Supermarket
  10. 10. Get in touchTo find out how broadband can benefityour business, please contact youreircom Account