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eircom provides business broadband for empowering their email and 'live chat' customer support function

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business broadband at

  1. 1. JustEat.ieCase Study Broadband
  2. 2. 2 Case Study — JustEat.ieCustomer is part of a global e-business companywhich allows consumers to order a takeawaymeal through the Internet from an extensiverange of over 800 Irish restaurants.The NeedAs a pure online company with a capacity togrow its business, needs a solid andreliable communications provider to provide arobust infrastructure.The selected eircom broadband to powerits email and ‘Live Chat’ customer supportfunction on their website. eircom also providesa fail-safe solution for’s online orderingsystem.BenefitOperating as a purely online company, JustEat.ienow has a reliable communications providerwhich can help ensure that its online orderingsystem and email systems are fully functional atall times. The clever use of ‘Live Chat’ customersupport on its website demonstrates itscommitment to delivering an enhanced level ofcustomer care.
  3. 3. Case Study — 3“We wanted to work with the most reliable telecoms provider and we knew that as an established and national provider, eircom was the best choice for us.“Emer McCormack,Marketing Directorat
  4. 4. 4 Case Study — JustEat.ieA takeawaysuccessInnovative company launched inIreland in May 2008. The firm, which is partof a successful global company, operates aunique e-business, which allows consumersto order a takeaway meal through theinternet from a broad range of restaurants.A key factor for any online company isreliability, and knew that in orderto be able to develop its business in Irelandit needed the help of a trusted’s online food ordering systemessentially operates like a mediator betweenrestaurants, the internet and the consumer. Itallows restaurants to publish their menu on website from where consumers canbrowse and then order their food. JustEat.ieperforms the marketing and promotion of therestaurant’s menu, takes the orders and sendsthem through to the restaurant, and process allcredit card payment through their unique pieceof technologyTo date, the company has signed up over 800restaurants to its site.The popularity of the site is increasing and it iscurrently recording over 200,000 unique visitorsper month. According to Emer McCormack,Marketing Director at The companyaims to break into the top 20 Irish websites thisyear, and to become a household name.
  5. 5. Case Study — 5eircom deliverspeace of mind forJustEat.ieIn order to achieve these goals however,McCormack knew that toconsider a reliable service that fulfilled userexpectations. When it moved offices toO’Connell Street in the city centre, JustEatie switched to eircom for landline andbroadband services. “We wanted to workwith the most reliable telecoms providerand we knew that as an established andnational provider, eircom was the bestchoice for us,” said McCormackeircom broadband powers’s day-to-day tasks such as administration and generaloperations, as well as email. “Our businesshas to run smoothly so that we can providetimely communication to both our clients andusers that visit the site,” explains McCormack.“It’s vital for us to know that there is someoneavailable at the end of the phone to deal withany issues we may have, and to resolve them asquickly as possible; it provides real peaceof mind.”Broadband also provides a fail-safe solution’s ordering system, which is currentlyoperated via mobile networks – a customer’sorder is sent via a mobile network to a unitat the relevant restaurant. In the background,eircom broadband works to provide a safety net,ensuring that all orders go through successfully.The system is monitored in real time so if for anyreason the mobile system became unavailable, would be able to phone the order inand maintain its service.
  6. 6. 6 Case Study — “We are a great advocate of social networking social media and recognise it as an effective way to build brand awareness. Sites like Twitter and Facebook can enable you to have two way communication with your customers, which is invaluable.” Emer McCormack, Marketing Director at
  7. 7. Case Study — 7Building a LastingRelationship withSocial MediaUsing eircom broadband is also able tomaintain a presence on social media sites, whichMcCormack says have become an importantcommunications channel for the company.Maintaining this level of communication withcustomers and clients is a vital part of’ssuccess. The company’s site features a “LiveChat” customer support function, powered byeircom broadband, that allows customers andclients to ‘chat’ directly with a member of thecustomer service team if they have any issuesor queries.Looking to the future, aims tocontinue to make use of proven channels suchas search engine marketing and social media toraise brand awareness and to develop lastingrelationships with customers and clients alike.Vital Statistics• Just-Eat grew 252% in 2011• Just-Eat received 1.8 million unique visitors in 2011, with total visitors numbers at 2.9 million visitors• 54.59 % new visitors to the site in 2011• Just-Eat generated 16 million for the takeaway industry in Ireland in 2011• Grew our headcount from 3 to 21 in the past two years.
  8. 8. Get in touchTo find out how eircom broadband can benefityour business, please contact youreircom Account