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CIID at Reboot 11 conference
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CIID at Reboot 11 conference


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. ACTION Pilot Year@Reboot 11 DESIGNERS FOR ACTION OPEN INTERACTION DESIGN LAB the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 1
  • 2. ACTION CIID Take Action at Reboot11 DESIGNERS FOR ACTION CIID SET UP AN OPEN INTERACTION DESIGN LAB The Interaction Design Pilot Year hosted an open lab throughout the 2-day Reboot conference. The idea was for students to act as consultants//designers/ prototyping gurus/partners on any random ideas that conference participants wanted to share. Any ideas produced are open source and were displayed on a big wall at the venue and published in the Reboot book and on the website. This was the first time Reboot tried this open lab approach. It was an experiment but almost immediately a good synergy was struck and a dialogue between the conference participants and the students evolved naturally. The lab was located smack-bang in the middle of the venue, so in line with the theme for this years conference - it was action stations from the word go. The following pages are a diary of our Reboot experience. Text and photos by Ujjval Panchal, Alie Rose and Eilidh Dickson Interaction Design Pilot Year Website: Interaction Design Pilot Year Portfolio: Contact: the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 2
  • 3. ACTION The CIID Students Nina’s road to the Interaction Design Pilot Year has not followed the most logical path. After training as a market economist she traveled to Nina Christoffersen the UK to complete a Bachelors in International Management. She then returned to Copenhagen to study for a Masters in Digital Design and Communication at the IT-University, specialising in user centered design. Nina has experience of using qualitative research methods such as user testing, focus groups and target group analysis, and has also done concept development for web applications. She is completely Expertise: User Centered Design hooked on reative teamwork, idea/concept development, visual working methods and international work environments. Nina’s Core Skills -User Research -Problem Framing -Brainstorming -Concept Development -People Centered Designed designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 3
  • 4. ACTION The CIID Students Adam studied Digital Media at Philadelphia’s Drexel University. Since graduating in 2005 he has spent his time as a website developer Adam Little working between New York and Philadelphia. Adam worked primarily with nonprofit clients using open source web technology both professionally and as a volunteer. He has pursued the creative side of interactive media and technology by participating in workshops and classes at places such as Eyebeam, Harvestworks and ITP. The majority of 2007 was spent traveling and working in Japan and Southeast Expertise: Digital Media Design Asia where he grew vegetables and took care of sheep at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, worked as the in house digital media expert for a community development organization in Southern Thailand and helped a grassroots NGO in Cambodia launch a website for their sustainable tourism venture. Adam is the youngest of three boys and a soon-to-be uncle. His family lives in Rochester, N.Y. Adam’s Core Skills -Scenarios and Brainstorming -Video Prototyping -Web Design -Experience Prototyping -User Research designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 4
  • 5. ACTION The CIID Students Alice studied at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Her final thesis focused on how correct information comprehension and effective interaction Alice Pintus with public spaces can play a crucial role in emergency situations. After graduating, she stayed on at the Politecnico, as teaching assistant at the Final Synthesis design studio where she worked on light and interaction design projects in collaboration with professor Giovanna Piccinno. Since 2004 she’s been working as a designer, dealing with light, furniture and information/graphic design. She has also been Expertise: Product Design a contemporary art researcher and is a member of the ISOLA ART CENTER, a precarious and independent art centre with a strong alternative social impact, based in Milan. She also collaborates on Museo Aero Solar – a collective artwork initiated by Tomas Saraceno – which is a flying museum in the form of a solar energy powered hot air balloon. She has always been very interested in the intersection between the virtual world and its concrete representation – this is the reason she is studying at CIID Alice’s Core Skills -User Experience -Concept Generation -Re use, Recycle, Reduce -Rapid Prototyping -Light Design designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 5
  • 6. ACTION The CIID Students Eline has a degree in Visual Communication from the Danish Design School, with a focus on digital and interaction design. She does Ane Eline Sørensen conceptual and artistic work within visual interactive innovation with a strong emphasis on conveying knowledge through social design. She has done a lot of installation pieces and exhibition design. Eline’s background is in creative entrepreneurship with a bachelor degree from the KaosPilots, an education with focus on creative and innovative project management. From 1996 to 2003 she worked as a Expertise: Visual Communication freelancer in the film and television industry, as a 1st AD, director and creative producer within animation, documentary and fiction. Ane Eline’s Core Skills -Visualisation -Sketching and Brainstorming -Conceptualising -Video Prototyping -Experience Prototyping designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 6
  • 7. ACTION The CIID Students Ashwin has taken a break from a 6-year design and writing career to join the Interaction Design Pilot Year. After graduating in psychology Ashwin Rajan and sociology, he found himself compulsively attracted to user-centered and interaction design projects. As well as working as a writer and researcher, he has worn rather more ambiguous hats such as ‘information architect’ and ‘instructional designer’. Becoming increasingly involved in interactive media, he has participated and led projects in information technology, industrial and product design, learning, Expertise: Information Design development, and consulting. Throughout the course of this journey, Ashwin has worked in both India and in the US and is enthusiastic about working in other cultures globally. His leading interests as an interaction designer are the social and cultural aspects of technology, user-driven learning and design methods & processes. He considers himself an autodidact, and loves to play the roles of clarifierand integrator. Concepts around future societies, systems thinking, perception, and human/information relationships, among others, are an instant draw. With a little more time at hand, Ash finds himself returning to photography, and recently, penning the first pages of a graphic novel. Ashwin’s Core Skills -Information Architecture -Instructional Design -Service Design -Scenarios -Concept Generation designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 7
  • 8. ACTION The CIID Students With one foot in the world of art and design and one in the field of communication systems and accessibility, Erlend works with the weld Erlend Kyte and glue that exists between technology, social/cultural phenomenon and visual communication, in both the physical and metaphysical realm. With a background as a graphic designer, an Arctic ranger and a Bachelor in Communication Design, Erlend recently spent one year in Japan researching how technology and spirituality can coexist without conflict and how to better close the digital divide between Expertise: Communication Design different age and social demo- graphics. Erlend believes that beauty, experience, accessibility and purpose should all be important ingredients in the making of interaction cake. Erlend’s Core Skills -Visual brainstorming -Scenario building -Storyboarding -Video prototyping -Persona creation/ designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 8
  • 9. ACTION The CIID Students Francesco started playing with communication when he was young with stylish and purely formal graffiti. He soon realised that there was a Francesco Mondelli lot more to say about his social context, its controversial elements and the relationship between man and environment; so he attended the IUAV design university where he learned the tools to be able to communicate those paradoxes, his critiques and alternative point of view. While studying Multimedia & Visual Communication in Venice, Francesco learned about com- munication and social-responsibility Expertise: Multimedia Design through new technologies, media and classic graphic design – his final project was an interactive web-based social software. After graduating, he worked for 1-year as web/graphic editor of the Mondadori Books website but his passion for interaction design made him leave Milan and move to Copenhagen to join the Interaction Design Pilot Year. He is interested in ecology, electronic music and computer art & graphics; he usually prints his ideas and drawings on t-shirts. As often as possible, he takes hold of his Vespa and travels around the world. Francesco’s Core Skills -Brainstorming -Conceptualisation -Future Scenarios -Sketching and Storytelling -Environmentally Friendly profiling designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 9
  • 10. ACTION The CIID Students Jacob likes hacking, art, people, light, workshops, low-bit music and various types of beautifully geeky stuff. He has a background in Jacob Sikker Remin visual/performance art and film, which he combines with his newfound skills in engineering. Jacob is the initiator of 8bit klubben, a local Copenhagen hackers collective, producing cultural events, performances, workshops and installations. In May 2008, Jacob opened Mikrogalleriet, a small gallery space in Nørrebro focusing on electric art and creative technology. He hopes that some of the works Expertise: Cameras, Lights, produced on the Interaction Design Pilot Year could fit in this context and that his Copenhagen 8bit network can somehow blend into the CIID circle. Jacob enjoys taking strolls with his cat, cooking and making music on his gameboy. Engineering! Jacob’s Core Skills -Conceptualisation -Prototyping -Hardware Hacking -8 bit music -Media Art designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 10
  • 11. ACTION The CIID Students Jason is a Ph.D student in the architecture department at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. The lab he comes from focuses on the JasonHsu smart house and smart city – he looks at interaction design on an architectural and urban scale. Jason has experience of working with very different kinds of people and as well as architecture, has worked within several disciplines including industrial design and web design. Jason worked at a GIS (geographic information system) company to plan workflow and design the user interface. Recently, he was devoted Expertise: Architecture to working on a local search engine which indexes location related web-pages on a map and has user-friendly mobile phone access. He has written a number of business plans and built highly feasible business models for VC review. Jason’s Core Skills -Arduino -Brainstorming -Hardware Hack -Rapid Software Prototype -Scenario Design designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 11
  • 12. ACTION The CIID Students Kevin Cannon is a 28-year old Irish guy, normally based in Dublin, but currently enjoying the delights Copenhagen has to offer. He’s Kevin Cannon enjoyed playing with things, building stuff and generally making a mess as long as he can remember. When he hit college, he briefly experimented with computer science, before pursuing a degree in multimedia, where he learned quite a little about quite a lot. After graduation he specialised in web & interactive design, working for a number of web design studios and then working as Expertise: Web and Interactive a freelancer for a year. He is passionate about user interfaces and improving the utility of things. He’s frustrated by the technology we use today and wants to make it better. Although he loves the web, he’s been experimenting with taking his passion away from the screen to Design more physical situations. The Interaction Design Pilot Year is the next step in this process and he hopes to work with some great people and create some amazing projects over the year. Kevin’s Core Skills -Information Architecture -UI Wireframes -Flash -Concept analysis & refining designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 12
  • 13. ACTION The CIID Students Marcin earned a Bachelor’s in Computing Science from Poznan University of Technology. He continued his education in the area of Marcin Ignac Intelligent Decision Support Systems for 2-years but made the decision to leave after discovering the Intermedia course at Faculty of Multimedia Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts where he played with interactive art installations and visualisations. During his studies he worked part-time at Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center as an interface designer and as a freelance graphics Expertise: Graphics, Programming designer/programmer. His work has been exhibited twice and he has offers for further collaboration. As a member of the Polish demoscene group DMA, he tries to move pixels in 3d space to the rhythm of electronic music. Constantly looking for inspiration he never refuses & Interface Design to try new interfaces and software, or to develop his own. He perceives himself to be an artist and an engineer rolled in to one, so in his projects he tries to mix his passion for graphics with the art of programming: “I don’t do things that can’t be seen”. Marcin’s Core Skills -Data Visualisation -Programming -UI design -Interactive Installations -Web Design designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 13
  • 14. ACTION The CIID Students Mimi studied Interaction Design at the Landsdown Centre of Middlesex University in London. She has been teaching Interactive Mimi Son Storytelling at Kaywon School of Art and Design (Korea) for six years and has been working as an art director in her own studio. Her artwork has been exhibited in Seoul, Tokyo and Barcelona. She is currently researching emotional interaction for future life and the effects of technology from a creative approach. She is interested in exploring her surroundings with her eyes shining before creating something Expertise: Conceptualisation & interactive and funny based on narrative snippets from her life. She loves to play with art and nature as well as technology, which all lead her into a creative world. Interaction Design Mimi’s Core Skills -Physical Computing -User Research -Storytelling -Graphic Design -Persona creation/profiling designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 14
  • 15. ACTION The CIID Students Nunzia is interested in data visualisation, interactive installations and anything that connects real and virtual worlds – such as social Nunzia Coco networks and info-graphics. After completing a Bachelors in Industrial Design at IUAV (University of Venice) with a multisen- sorial thesis, Nunzia decided to remain at the same university to undertake a Masters in Visual and Multimedia Communication where her interaction design thesis focused on collaborative sketching. Nunzia was a visual designer for the TWBA/EPG advertising agency in Expertise: Industrial and Lisbon and for a fashion and interiors company in Italy. She has worked with a team of specialists on exhibition design projects in Milan, for the national art gallery in Rome and on a number of editorial projects. She spent two years working with Professor Giovanni Anceschi Communication Design on the Basic Design course at the Industrial Design University. Nunzia’s Core Skills -Methodical and Analytical -Game Theory -Group Dynamics -Paper Prototype -Data Visualisation designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 15
  • 16. ACTION The CIID Students Siddharth (Sid) comes from India and has a furniture and product design background. When he realised that there was a world to Siddharth Muthyala ‘Interaction Design’ beyond video games (which he loves!) he got so excited that he promptly decided to study Interaction Design. This decision lead him to CIID, Copenhagen, Denmark. He has worked in areas broadly ranging from Interaction Design, Product design and Service design. He enjoys working in diverse, creative and multicultural teams. Also, he enjoy being deeply motivated by things that have Expertise: Product and Furniture no immediate meaning to his life, Wikipedia helps him along that road.. But now he is really,really excited about being in Denmark and to learn something new!Expertise: Furniture & Product Design Design Siddharth’s Core Skills -Prototyping -Concept Development -Scenario Building -Sketching -Toys and Play designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 16
  • 17. ACTION The CIID Students Tobias is close to completing a Masters in Design Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and has taken a year off from Tobias Toft university to join the Interaction Design Pilot Year. He has always been interested in technical things like computers and electronics but also product design, typography and graphical design. In his spare time he is trying to become a better photographer and runner – he should also be trying to get better at drawing and playing the guitar, but for some reason he has not been practicing as much as he intended Expertise: Programming and to. The reason might be that he is spending too much time reading Wikipedia articles about things he does not really need to know anything about. Like for instance, when he recently spent a whole Sunday reading about prime numbers and cryptography, for no other Electronics reason than that his curiosity forced him to do it! Tobias’s Core Skills -Electronics and Programming -GUIs -Visualisation -Tangible Interfaces -Idea Generation designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 17
  • 18. ACTION The CIID Students Ujjval is an architect and a lifetime student of architecture – he studied in the School of Archi- tecture, CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Ujjval Panchal Over the last six years he has been working with various architects and designers mainly with Arya Architects and later with NP Flint – Experience Design Lab. For the last two years, Ujjval has been practicing with three other fellow architects in Ahmedabad. A major part of his interest comes from working with various alternative materi- als & crafts, new design methods and mix of new technologies/software. Expertise: Architecture Being an architecture student, he has always been keen to inquire how design and technology can influence human experiences with objects, spaces or environments. In his pursuit of spaces that thrive, come alive, and setup a dialogue with people and environment, he decided to join the Interaction Design Pilot Year to explore and improve his skills and to create beautiful experiences using various materials and technology. He sees interaction design as a culmina-tion of his various interests and it is a big opportunity and challenge for him to use interaction design to make intelligent environments that set-up an active dialogue and experience; but also a step forward to be able to create sustainable solutions. Ujjval’s Core Skills -Physical Prototyping -Model Making -Brainstorming -Sketching designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 18
  • 19. ACTION The CIID Students Yves graduated in information communication with a focus on digital media design. He has a visual communication design background Yves Chen and loves everything to do with art. During his Master period, he focused on interactive and digital art, interaction design, emotional design, and critical design. In his opinion, interaction design is a dynamic and innovative field focused on designing beautiful experience for users and it can reflect contemporary and future human life. His desire is to undertake excellent projects that truly touch people. Expertise: Digital Media Design Yves’s Core Skills -User Interface -Wearable Technology -Interactive Art, -Visual Communication Design -Photoshop designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 19
  • 20. ACTION The CIID Students Eilidh graduated with a degree in Innovative Product Design from the University of Dundee. During her studies she became very excited Eilidh Dickson about the field of service design. She uses design thinking and research methods to critically assess the needs of people to create user- centered experiences that will have a positive impact on our society. On completion of her undergraduate degree she started exploring service design within the public sector and soon became fascinated with the idea of designing with the user rather than for them, Expertise: Service Design harnessing their creativity and knowledge to co-create ideas. For the last year she worked as an intern at London based service design agency “thinkpublic” and ran a serviceimprovement project at Wigan Renal Dialysis Unit in the UK. Eilidh strongly believes that the use of existing and emerging technologies can have a huge impact on our lives and she is super excited to be on the Interaction Design Pilot Year so she can learn how to apply technology in a magical way to peoples lives! Eilidh’s Core Skills -Scenarios -Service Design -Concept Development -Paper Prototyping -Experience Prototyping designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 20
  • 21. ACTION The CIID Faculty Originally from a concept design background, Alie has worked on a portfolio of projects covering interaction design, marketing, Alie Rose innovation and business & technology research.Before moving to Denmark to work at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Alie was a project manager at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (Italy) where she was responsible for managing Applied Dreams (client facing innovation workshops), exhibitions and communications.She took the drastic step to work in academia after living and working in Expertise: Communications London, where she managed design-centred projects and events for a wide range of clients. Her approach towards managing projects and communications focuses on people, team-building and open networking. Alie’s Core Skills -Communication -Project Managment -PR -Open Networking designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 21
  • 22. ACTION Thursday 25th June 2009 DAY 1: CIID Open Lab Designers for Action! Text and photos by Ujjval Panchal, Alie Rose and Eilidh Dickson After a great on-stage powered wireless internet Next up were Marcin, introduction by Erlend and connection attached. During Adam, Yves and Kevin who Tobias, the day started with the session they generated worked with Espen Fjord, some pre-planning, putting and developed concepts for Head of Development at up our profiles and setting up new services connected to Gladsaxe Public Libraries. the lab. Armed with markers, the idea. Why have a wifi He was interested in creating post-its (every interaction connection on a bike? Where touch screen interfaces designers favourite tool) could it be used?...and what to enable foreigners and and a team of 19 interaction would be some interesting immigrants to access news designers, the lab worked service design concepts? from their home country. non-stop to help people drive They discussed ways to their ideas forward. The final idea was ‘Park = prototype the ideas and drive Free Wifi’ - which works the project further. Over the course of the a bit like an ice-cream van day, the diversity of people in that the cycle rings it’s approaching the team was bell to generate interest and really broad. They had followers, before leading brilliant starting points them to the park. This within a wide variety of creates a natural but mobile industries and it was great meeting point, encouraging to pool our knowledge small ad-hoc communities together to help them. We to form in public spaces. The discussed ideas ranging from students briefed Thomas multi-touch surfaces, to solar to come up with a theme powered wifi bikes; rapid tune so they can build an prototyping for children, to experience prototype on day video concepts for a Danish 2. Thinking about initial language consultan.t stakeholders, the library would be a good partner as designers it would be an excellent way The first group of people to expand the library to an to get snapped up were outdoor space. Erlend, Eline, Francesco and Nunzia who had a two hour session, working for Thomas Antvorskov Krag who has for action developed a bike with a solar at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 22
  • 23. ACTION the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 23
  • 24. ACTION the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 24
  • 25. ACTION Thursday 25th June 2009 DAY 1: CIID Open Lab Designers for Action! Text and photos by Ujjval Panchal, Alie Rose and Eilidh Dickson Also connected to ideas format. They gave advice In the Kindergarden surrounding transportation; on how to make the graphic we worked with Chris from design and layout fun and Over the two days of the Meadow Networks. Chris engaging for people to use. conference there was a special is an MIT alum working The second team they worked Kintergarden for children on concepts to submit to the with was very different...they of the participants. In the USA government. The goal helped one of the organisers Kindergarden there was lots of her project is to develop from Palomas to organise of activities for the children, frameworks and concepts a space they are using for a inclusing a sketching owrkshop surrounding the future of two week camp in Berlin. and a Nintendo Wii. Sid from transport. During the session During the camp they will CIID was also entertaining we created sketches that conduct creative workshops some children (and adults!) focused on the user experience. and brainstorm new ideas to by demoing his final pilot We also discussed how take action. They also gave year project. The game he has specific scenarios and video some tips on how to use video designed allows children to prototyping can be used as prototypes as a promotional run about talking photographs tools to address her design tool to promote the camp in as part of set challenges. It was challenge. the run up towards it. great to see how engaged the children were by it and with While this was all going on, Kevin had the opportunity technology. Alice was make lots of children to consult Joao from Portugal happy, by putting her skills as who is currently changing jobs a product designer to good use and moving into a new role by helping them create rapid where he was planning and prototypes of drawings they improving user flows on a large had produced. There should be commercial site. Kevin & Joao some 3D bugs running around had an interesting discussion the conference very soon! about wireframing techniques, how to use questionnaires Throughout the day Mimi and Tobias worked on a few to communicate with the client and about design designers as part of the design process projects together. The first one was with a Danish Language consultant who wanted advice communication. for action at Reboot 11 on re-designing an online platform she uses to show elements of her work in video the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 25
  • 26. ACTION the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 26
  • 27. ACTION Thursday 25th June 2009 DAY 1: CIID Open Lab Designers for Action! Text and photos by Ujjval Panchal, Alie Rose and Eilidh Dickson Just before lunch, Ujjval and The final session to happen Eilidh took a break from before a well earned lunch documenting the Open Lab break was with Martin from at Reboot and spent time and Martin from working with Adam to The school of Architecture generate ideas for Ole Høegh in Aarhus. The two Martins Hansen who is developing came to generate ideas on web based concepts aimed how to build an iPhone app at improving work flow, to encourage silence. We motivation and achieving goals suggested to that we go back within a work place. During to the root question and the session they facilitated brainstorm that. We asked a brainstorming session and ‘how might we encourage came up with some practical people to be more silent?’ solutions, as well as some and held a one minute silence rather more crazy ones! together before engaging in a rapid brainstorming session with ideas around silence booths, social contracts, silent areas in airports and lots of other ideas. We left them with a big bunch of ideas and challenged them to take action by creating a silent experiment later in the day. Four hours later, the students went to find Martin from Twingly to ask if he’d done anything (he hadn’t ;) so they helped him create some silence there and then. They gathered 20 people for a spontaneous silence which was signified by the participants touching a wall. the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 27
  • 28. ACTION the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 28
  • 29. ACTION Thursday 25th June 2009 DAY 1: CIID Open Lab Designers for Action! Text and photos by Ujjval Panchal, Alie Rose and Eilidh Dickson Adam & Mimi worked with mapme (a pilot year project To sum one at Andreas Lloyd who has a from the industry workshop Reboot has been fantastic. It food co-op called KFAX. with DSB) and physical has been great how willing Andreas wanted to find ways magnet tools that Erlend and open people are with to communicate his concept. has developed for his final their ideas and the number Video prototyping was the project. The outcome for and variety of projects we focus of interest and they Mikkel was to divide his worked on was amazing. demonstrated how video can plan in to two phases 1) Everyone has shown so much be a excellent tool to express explanation phase to be respect for the Open Lab service design concepts. sketched on paper & 2) a and people have been really Andreas was concerned that prototype which the team enthusiastic about the results his editing skills were not up would help with on day two. of the short, sharp, effective to making a film - but even if sessions. this is too complex for some The final session for day one non-interaction designers, of Reboot was run by Nina, making a storyboard really Siddharth and Eilidh. They helps work out what the worked with Søren Ejlersen important aspects of the from to service are. visualise the core value of an idea he was presenting to the Elfried Klarenbeek from Climate and Energy Ministry Plain spoke to Ane Eline the next day. The core of the at great length regarding idea was to demonstrate the methods for developing values of train travel. After service design concepts. creating a series of diagrams for Søren to present, the team Mikkel from Openproject went armed with a video wanted to launch a business camera to do live voxpops reporting company including and asked the question “what designers data harvesting for new qualities would you like to markets. The team worked experience when travelling with him on how to by train”. This provided communicate the key values additional material to support of an abstract concept. They boiled it down to the core of what should be conveyed for action the idea we had visualised. and showed examples of at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 29
  • 30. ACTION the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 30
  • 31. ACTION Friday 26th June 2009 DAY 2: CIID Open Lab Designers for Action! Text and photos by Ujjval Panchal, Alie Rose and Eilidh Dickson Day two started slightly more Erlend, Tobias, Francesco While all of this was going slowly but by and Sid were asked to make on, Mellis gave a talk mid-morning we hit the Ami from TwitterJobSearch’s about making money from ground running with nametag the biggest attention open-source hardware. Olf, a German product grabber at Reboot 11. The CIID students turned out manager in a large tech students equipped the tag to support him, and a few company and also a father with bigger text and two red, other people showed up, of 3. He is interested in pulsating, ultrabright leds to too. The talk discussed building a platform to make sure that nobody could Mellis’s experience from help communication in his miss it. Arduino: who makes money childrens’ kindergarten. on it, how, and how much. They often use email Two ladies from a publishing He also suggested some haphazardly to organise company approached us with alternative business models things like BBQs and the challenge of how to scale and posed some broader events and he thinks this their their writerclub website questions about open-source can be improved. Tobias into something that could hardware. There was good & Kevin went through a support building a writer discussion throughout brain storming session with community, connecting and lots of interesting him, discussing current users, finding texts and suggestions. collaboration tools, social personalising profiles. Erlend, decision making processes Sid and Francesco took up While all of this was going and how to test ideas the gauntlet and the first on, Kevin was working on a iteratively. Later on, he came part of the brainstorm was secret assignment to produce back to chat to Marcin to used to find the core “selling posters for the Reboot grant learn a little bit about Ruby points” and values. Then award nominees. on Rails to gain some more we discussed sites that are technical information about already doing something building a system himself. within the same domain as the “writes club”. The designers session ended with a look through the current writer clubs while the students gave them tips and directions on what to change. for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 31
  • 32. ACTION the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 32
  • 33. ACTION Friday 26th June 2009 DAY 2: CIID Open Lab Designers for Action! Text and photos by Ujjval Panchal, Alie Rose and Eilidh Dickson Tobias and Sid were asked Adam, Nina and Ashwin’s One of the last sessions of to take a look at Expono big session involved working the day was with Martston and advise Belinda (www. with guy, a childrens science Alfred, the founder of on how she can author. He was interested, a site make her new photosharing in exploring how video for diabetics’ sugar levels website look more might work as a medium to met Kevin to discuss userfriendly. At Reboot do what hes alredy doing how he might use data was touted in books (Q&A learning). visualisation techniques to as a possible flickr killer. They did some experience present information to his They promised to send her prototyping by getting users. Kevin showed him some simple wireframes for children to ask questions lots of examples of data the banner and header in on video and he responded visualisation techniques, exchange for free access to on video and observed the discussed how to use it to tell Expono beta! Sid and Tobias children’s reactions. This was stories and provide effective think Expono beta has some an exploration that could information to users. He super awesome functionality well continue beyond the also showed Marston the and love what it can do. conference. data visualisation work done at CIID with Shawn Eline, Francesco, Nunzia, Allen from Stamen Design. and Erlend’s adventure with Together they came up with Frederik and Nadia, involved a few ideas for visualisations designing graphics to explain that would be interesting to what their project Wikicrats users. can do. They created a document that will be emailed out to potential users as a kind of ‘sign-up’. designers for action at Reboot 11 the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 33
  • 34. ACTION the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 34
  • 35. ACTION Great job guys..... time to re[booze] the reboot11 book rev. 0.99a 35