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  • 1. Network of Trainers in Europe Linking European research and policy initiatives on trainers The Network and its partners have been actively involved in several European research and development projects as well as policy initiatives that had trainers as a target group: Connecting - TT-Net Practice & Research - European Focus Group on Teachers and Trainers in VET (sub-cluster within the EU work programme 2010) Supporting - EUROTRAINER – Studies on Trainers in Companies Workshops & Platform - Consultation seminars on „VET Teachers and Trainers – Key Actors to Europe-wide activities for training practitioners, multipliers & researchers Make Lifelong Learning a Reality in Europe Since 2008, the Network has organised a series of targeted activities such as ( - an Europe-wide survey on the work and qualification of trainers with over 800 participants Join Now - CEDEFOP study on the „Changing Roles and Competences of VET - two online conferences on “the Training of Trainers” and “Innovations in Training Practice” - developing national case studies that focus on trainers’ roles and the training of trainers. Shape our Future Teachers and Trainers“ - Leonardo da Vinci projects „TTPlus – A Framework for the Professional All activities have been documented. The case studies will be published in a book on Development of Trainers“ ( and „TrainerGuide“ “European Dimensions and National Pathways of Trainers’ Professional Development” ( early in 2011. Promote the professional development of trainers To foster the community building process the Network has set up an All Network activities addressed the professional development of trainers as a central theme. interactive platform. It contains Thus, promoting the professional development of trainers is a main objective of the Network. - all information on the Networks’ activities including publications - a forum and list of network members to facilitate exchange and Promote and pilot computer-enhanced learning and communication tools communication for training practitioners and other target groups through e-features that include the interactive - links to interesting activities and events platform, online conferences, flash-meetings and video conferencing, among others. Support the creation of national trainer networks Perspectives for the future The Network was set-up by a group of international partners from Austria, How can we keep the Network going after the funding period ends in 2010? Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Finland, Germany, the We welcome you to the network! Please, share your ideas and contributions for future activities. Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the UK and Turkey. Contact us! Some of those countries have supported the development of national Simone Kirpal trainer networks, which in some countries (Germany, the Czech Republic, Eileen Lübcke Spain) are being linked with the national TT-Net. Joanna Burchert