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Asset 2012

  1. 1. EI ASSET Celebrating 10 yearsInternational Benchmarking and Diagnostic Test Assessed over 1.5 million students
  2. 2. AS3000+ schools have partneredwith ASSETS N Kansagra School, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, K.K.Nagar, Jamnabai Narsee School,Delhi Public School, Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, St. George’s School, TVS Matriculation, Sri Kumaran Children’sHome, South Point School, The Indian High School, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Gundecha Education Academy,Carmel High School, Basaveshwarnagar, Manovikas English Medium School, Smt. Ramdevi Sobhraj Bajaj AryaVidya Mandir, Juhu, Sunbeam English School, Bhagwanpur, St. Paul’s School, The Heritage School, Lady AndalVenkatasubba Rao Matriculation Higher Secondary School, St. Paul’s English School, J. P. Nagar, Presidency School,Sishu Griha Montessori, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan, Udgam School for Children, Vasudev C. Wadhwa Arya VidyaMandir, Delhi Public School Bangalore, Ranganathan Montford , Christ Church Diocesan School, Arya Vidya Mandir,R N Podar School, Don Bosco School, Jasudben M L School, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, K D Ambani Vidyamandir, The ShriRam School,Rachana School , Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial School, The PSBB Millennium School, Sishya School,Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s V .M. Public School, Sri Kumaran Public School, R.K. Puram, Lourdes Convent High School,Bala Vidya Mandir, St. Kabir School, The Shishukunj International School, Venkateshwar International School,Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School, St. John’s High School, The Jain International School, M V Dhulashia and JHCTrust Schools, A M M Matriculation Higher Secondary School, St. Teresa’s Convent School, Maria’s Public School,Sunbeam School, Sindhi High School, Navrachana School, Anand Niketan School - Satellite. Delhi Public School,B - North Bangalore ,Innisfree House School , Akshar ,Newtown , Guru Gobind Singh Public School, Billabong HighInternational Group of Schools, Bombay Scottish School, Jamnabai Narsee School, Podar International School (ICSE)Kalyan , R N Podar School, Bluebells School International, Doon International School, La Martiniere Girls’ College,Mayo College , Tagore International School (East of Kailash), Welham Boys’ School, Don Bosco School NorthfieldKohima, South Point School Guwahati, St. John’s International Residential School, The Rajkumar College . ........ andmore.
  3. 3. ASSET is the scientificallydesigned diagnostictest, which standsfor Assessment ofScholastic Skills throughEducational Testing.Through multiple choice questioning, ASSET focuseson determining the level of conceptual understandingin students and not how much they have muggedup. The test generates detailed reports for studentsindicative of their progress and topics that requireattention and improvement.The teachers receive a special report which indicatesthe class performance as compared to the otherdivisions as well as other schools on a national level.The reports are accompanied by an instructionalsupplement suggesting the future course of action forboth students as well as teachers. In India, Nepal, Bangladesh, 1000 10 Years of experience Middle East Schools & Singapore 3,50,000 Students taking the test every year!
  4. 4. 5 Subjects With an objective to inspire a brighter future through students who learn and not just study. ASSET tests students in 5 subjects. Class 3 10 to Mathematics, Science and English Class 5 10 to Social Studies Class 4 8 to Hindi
  5. 5. Assessments are usually meantto serve three main purposes –to enable students to determinetheir level of mastery in theconcepts, to provide theeducators with a feedback on theeffectiveness of their teaching andto provide data which can helpdeliver focussed instructions.ASSET aims to enable effectiveeducation for all stake holders.StudentsWith ASSET, students can obtain an accuratefeedback on their strengths and weaknesses andfurther improve their skills by themselves being “ Istudying, I dislike it. don’t loveinvolved in the learning as well as evaluationprocess.TeachersWith ASSET, teachers can monitor and evaluateeach student of their class and benchmark theperformance with other divisions as well as I like learning. Learning isschools in the country. Based on progress reports,teachers can get a better insight into the progressof each child and aim towards continuous skill beautiful.”improvement.SchoolsASSET enables schools to keep an eye on theoverall progress of the students and scale theirperformance in comparison to other schools in thecountry. The performance and effectiveness of the National Test Datesteachers can also be tracked through the detailedreports. Summer Round: Aug 6th - 10th, 2012 Winter Round: Dec 3rd - 7th, 2012
  6. 6. The EvaluationProcess
  7. 7. Report cards in school usually show the marks and any inconsistency indicatesthat the student has gone wrong. However, neither the student nor theteacher can pin-point the root cause behind the irregularity in performance,thus limiting further improvement.ASSET believes in continuous improvement by solving the core problems.With ASSET, the evaluation is presented in the form of a detailed report for both students as well as teachers. Thecomprehensive analysis has a simplistic format and gives relevant information on the growth of the students.The reports are easy to infer and can be easily understood by students and teachers alike.The colour-coded format of the reports organizes the data and enables effortless browsing.The reports include a teacher as well as student centric report respectively – the Teacher MyBook and the StudentMyBook.ASSET, through extensive research in the field of learning, has made sure students, educators and parents can reaputmost benefits out of the evaluation process through the following assistance reports.Student AssistanceStudent Circular SkillProfile ChartIt shows the student’s skills based on 12comprehensive skill nodes in 3 subjects,namely, English, Maths and Science.ScorecardThe analysis, through objective questioning,provides a remedial tool to point out wherethe student is lacking in terms of clarity ofconcepts as well as silly mistakes.Strengths and WeaknessesAnalysisA thorough break-up of each skill intostrengths and weaknesses, which gives adetailed insight into the student’s progress. Circular Skill Profile Chart
  8. 8. Teacher AssistanceA Panoramic PerspectiveASSET provides a bird’s eye view of the entireschool’s performance and the positive attributesas well as areas which need to be worked on.Skill Performance ReportASSET helps in determining the strengthsand weaknesses of the entire class to en-able further improvement.Annual AnalysisThe yearly report depicts the improvement in the schoolperformance each year.Divisional AnalysisIn order to benchmark performance, ASSET providessectional analysis of each division of a grade in order toweigh the performance in comparison to other divisionsin the same school as well as nationally.Class Performance TableASSET generates class-wise reports for each studentin individual subjects. This helps identify the miscon-ceptions and forms a platform for further action.Question Complexity IndicatorASSET points the 3 questions that the students foundmost difficult to attempt as well as the ones they foundsimple to crack. This facilitates the teachers to furtherimprovise on the questions students are tested on.
  9. 9. School Management AssistanceBirds eye viewAn overall look at the school’s performance, providing a picture of the school’s best practices and concern areas. Class English Maths Science Students 3 -1 88.03% 86.99% 94.19% 139 4 114.4% 102.8% 106.47% 67 5 109.59% 91.82 105.29% 69 6 111.61% 100.64% 101.64% 60 7 - 121.77% 110.23% 121.39% 34 8 117.24% 98.25% 112.68% 23 9 122.09% 117.83% 112.38% 29 10 128.25% 121.77% 14.29% 24 Below national Above national 2011 average averageYear on Year Analysis 2010The report shows whether the school’s performance has improved over the years. Class English Maths Science Students 2011 Students 2010 3 -4% -2% -7% 139 63 4 5% 9% 11% 67 63 5 3% -2% 9% 69 61 6 -21% -15% -11% 60 33 7 11% 10% 15% 34 31 8 -1% -14% -3% 23 27 9 8% -14% 8% 29 25 10 30% -30% 10% 24 21 Significant Degradation: Significant Improvement: Degraded: Status Quo Maintained: Improved: More than 7% decrease Greater than 7% Between 3% to 7% Change by 3% (+ or –) Between 3% to 7% decrease increase
  10. 10. LearningEnhancementFacilitatorsASSET includes a range of services to improve learning. These havebeen developed through extensive research and consist of theTeacher MyBook and the Student MyBook.Teacher MyBook Student MyBookTeachers can mark students on their performance; Students are extremely grade oriented in theirhowever, often they cannot point out the precise development through schools in the fear of beinglimitations in the students’ learning. The ASSET reprimanded by their parents and teachers. However,Teacher MyBook is a customized folder for each this does not help them in their progress as they aresubject-teacher on the performance of every class. simply not aware of the root cause behind the gaps inIt points out the gaps in learning in each student learning.and simultaneously provides reference materialrecommending ways to augment the learning process. The ASSET Student MyBook presents the students with a customized feedback and breakdown of their performance. Individual test results are accompanied by a detailed analysis listing out the students’ strengths MY BOOK and weaknesses. The students also receive practice tests concentrating on their weak points. The answers to the tests are also made available, with elaborate explanations, to enhance the self learning process and to equip the students with skills to avoid any flaws in future. MY BOOK
  11. 11. ASSET MyBook in my opinion is one of the best concepts of ASSET. It is a brilliant idea especially for weak students and helps them to get better clarity of concepts. It enriches students with a lot of productive knowledge. After seeing the questions and solving them, I got a lot of knowledge and I am really thankful to it. Shishir Garg, The Scindia School, GwaliorIt helped me identify my weak areas. I could see why I had made mistakes. It was a greatidea and is perfect for providing personalized feedback for weak students. I learned fromthe mistakes I made in the test. It also showed my strengths, so it gave me a scope for myscholastic talents.Dhruv Devulapalli, India International School, Bangalore It contains questions with detailed answers for us to improve especially in our weak areas. It’s because of these Personalised analysis report and practice questions that I have managed to improve in those areas which I used to find very hard.Jai Tatia, Manovikas English Medium School, Margao
  12. 12. ASSET SUPPORTPost ASSET SessionTo help the teachers understand and utilise the ASSET results and analysis in a better way, the ASSET support teammembers would be visiting the schools who have registered for ASSET 2012 Summer Round / Winter Round with morethan 600 students. This would help teachers identify the learning gaps and misconceptions based on ASSET results.Professional Development SessionIn addition to the above we would also be offering one complimentary Professional Development Session aimed athelping teachers in improving their skills in one of the below mentioned topics. Remedial Plan Making Performance Tasks & Rubric Building Question Making Importance Of Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation Understanding By Design Planning Model (UbD) Discussions around Misconceptions – two in each subject (Maths, Science, English) Building Meaningful WorksheetsSchools can choose one of the topics mentioned above and register before 25th June 2012 bysending an email to*Please note that Post ASSET Session and Professional Development session would be done on thesame day within 3 hours of time spanThe schools registering with Detailed Assessment or Mindspark in addition to ASSETwould be offered a year round intensive pedagogical support** for the effectiveutilisation of the programmes implemented. To know more about these please checkwith our regional manager.* *conditions apply
  13. 13. Awards & RecognitionFor Students For SchoolsThe objective of ASSET is to give accurate feedback to To recognise the Schools and ASSET Coordinators’every student and school about the areas of strengths efforts to promote the vision of Learning withand weaknesses and thus help them do even better. Understanding among their students by implementingThis is why every student participating in ASSET is ASSET, the following awards would be given awayawarded a certificate. after the end of each roundHowever, ASSET tests are taken by thousands ofstudents across the country, and doing well in the • Certificate of Recognition for Schools*ASSET test is a creditable achievement. To recognize • Certificate of Recognition for ASSETthis achievement and inspire students to aspire for Coordinatoracademic excellence, top-performing students receiveawards * On registering for ASSET before 16th May, 2012Category & Recognition English Subject Topper for classes 3-10 A Trophy and a Certificate Maths Subject Topper for classes 3-10 A Trophy and a Certificate Science Subject Topper for classes 3-10 A Trophy and a Certificate Social Studies Topper for classes 5-10 A Trophy and a Certificate Hindi Topper for classes 4-8 A Trophy and a Certificate Each subject Top 1% Students A Certificate of Outstanding Performance Overall Top 1% Students A Certificate of Outstanding Performance Overall Next 5% Students A Certificate of Distinguished Performance Overall Next 10% Students A Certificate of Creditable Performance
  14. 14. Brain Boosters ASSET Question-a-Day The ASSET questions have been widely recognized for their ability to trigger the thinking process in children and to expose them to a fresh and unique way to check Which law of Physicis is this ? their own understanding of key concepts covered in the Science school curriculum. ASSET Question-A-Day (AQAD) are thought provoking questions that aim to make studentsQ. Sam is being chased through the woods by a wild elephant that he was attempt- more accustomed to skill-based questions on a regular basis. ing to photograph. The enormous mass of the wild elephant is extremely intimi- The benefits envisaged through ASSET Question-a-Day dating. Yet, if Sam runs in a zigzag pat- are tern through the woods, always chang-? ing directions, he will be able to use the Exposure to good questions that trigger real learning. large mass of the elephant to his own A useful daily regimen to dissuade last minute advantage. Which of this scientific phe- cramming and encourage regular interaction with nomena is the main reason ? innovative learning material. A large compilation of good questions at the end of the year that can be used in multiple ways. a) Inertia Everyday (Monday to Saturday), the team of educational experts sends a question to the schools’ registered email for students from classes 3-9 for b) Conservation of energy English, Maths, Science and Social Studies. The correct answer to the question is then emailed the next c) Action-reaction forces working day with the next day’s question and so on. d) Friction Students can register for AQAD by visiting our website:
  15. 15. ASSET Ambassador ASSET Ambassador is a platform that enables students associated with the ASSET test to interact with students from other schools. It is a widely accepted fact that peer influence is a powerful factor in the development of young minds. Student relations enable knowledge sharing and increases their self-confidence in the long run. In this way they can share their thought processes and ideas with a diverse student population across the country and unfold the importance of skill-based learning amongst their peers. ASSET Ambassadors get an opportunity to develop skills like leadership, problem-solving and public speaking. They also get to share and implement their ideas online. Currently there are 1250 ASSET Ambassadors representing 256 schools covering 96 cities. They have their own website - a social networking site exclusively for school students. This web space is a place for children to interact with their peer and counter parts all across the country; exchange ideas; build communities; discuss, share and learn. India’s only school students’ social network Students 3,00,000 1250 ASSETAmbassadors 96 Cities
  16. 16. Ordering InformationTo ensure that the schools derive maximum benefits we recommendschools to register as Full School or Full Classes in 2012. Advance registration Early bird opportunity Offer Details Registering BEFORE 29th Feb* Registering BEFORE 19th May ** English + Maths + Science Rs.400/- per student Rs.400/- per student Social Studies Rs.160/- per student Rs.160/- per student Hindi Rs.160/- per student Rs.160/- per student Admin charges 10% 10% Benefits for Principal/Management Executive Summary Report ( soft copy ) x Sectional Analysis Benefits for Teachers Teacher MyBook (For Full School/ Full Class participation) 1 post-ASSET and professional develop- ment session (for participation of >600 students for EMS ) AQAD on 2 registered email IDs Benefits for Students Student MyBook Benefits for Schools Additional discount on registering 5% Nil with >800 students for EMS Note: The schools registering for Detailed Assessment or Mindspark alongwith ASSET are entitled to Intensive Pedagogical sessions customized for the school ( Conditions Apply )*30% advance to be paid by 29th Feb 2012 and balance 70% by 30th June 2012.**30% advance to be paid by 19th May 2012 and balance 70% by 30th June 2012.Note: On cancellation of the test, schools will be refunded the amount paid after deducting a minimumof 25% Advance amount paid or Rs.10,000/- whichever is higher. Refund policy will be applicable onlyif the test is cancelled before shipment of the question papers· After which no refund will be done.
  17. 17. Instructions for filling up the School Summary Form Thank you for registering for ASSET. We request you to carefully read and follow these instructions which will help us process your registration quickly and in an error-free manner. General Instructions: 1. Retain a copy of this form while submitting the original to Educational Initiatives (EI) 2. A test administration fee may be retained by the school to cover test administration expenses including invigilation charges, DD Charges, courier/postage charges, etc as prescribed below 3. Please mention the school code (provided by EI if the school has taken ASSET earlier) in the space provided in the top left corner. Schools registering for the first time may leave the school code blank. 4. Fees from the students should be charged as per the offer availed by your school. 5. On cancellation of the test refund for the registrations done under Full Class / Full School participation module will be done as per the details mentioned in the table below. 6. The full payment should be credited to our bank account so that we can ship the papers on time. Advance registration Early bird opportunity Offer Details Registering BEFORE 29th Feb* Registering BEFORE 19th May ** English + Maths + Science Rs.400/- per student Rs.400/- per student Social Studies Rs.160/- per student Rs.160/- per student Hindi Rs.160/- per student Rs.160/- per student Admin charges 10% 10% Benefits for Principal/Management Executive Summary Report ( soft copy ) x Sectonal Analysis Benefits for Teachers Teacher MyBook (For Full School/ Full Class participation) 1 post-ASSET and professional develop- ment session (for participation of >600 students for EMS ) AQAD on 2 registered email IDs Benefits for Students Student MyBook Benefits for Schools Additional discount on registering 5% Nil with >800 students for EMS*30% advance to be paid by 29th Feb 2012 and balance 70% by 30th June 2012.**30% advance to be paid by 19th May 2012 and balance 70% by 30th June 2012.Note: On cancellation of the test, schools will be refunded the amount paid after deducting a minimum of 25% advance amount paid or `10,000/-whichever is higher. Refund policy will be applicable only if the test is cancelled before shipment of the question papers - after which no refund will bedone.Item-wise Specific Instructions:1.Please fill the school name legibly in the blocks provided, writing one letter per block. Leave a blank box between each word.The school name will appear on all certificates, as written here, followed by the town name in brackets.4.You will receive communications, automatic updates and dispatch details on your e-mail address.9.If you are eligible to receive an AQAD offer, then it would be sent on the two registered ids from Mon-Sat.Please do not pay by cash or local cheque. You may pay by multi-city cheque, or demand draft or deposit the amount directly into the Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. ICICI Bankaccount No. 006405000246 in any ICICI Bank branch in your city. Multi-city cheques and demand drafts must be drawn in favour of “Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd” (payable atAhmedabad)
  18. 18. Assistance youcan count onASSET believes in assistance at all levels of education. Ourwell-trained support staff is available to solve all your queriesand make sure the ASSET year round engagement programruns smoothly at your school. Speak directly to one of ourCustomer Support officer or Regional Manager and get thespeedy help you need to get the most out of our services. Customer Support Helpline: +91-79-40269623 Monday - Friday, 9 am to 6 pm Customer Support Email:
  19. 19. Head Office613-615, J.B. Towers, Opp.Doordarshan, Drive-In Road,Ahmedabad 380054. Gujarat. INDIA.Phone: +91-79-40269696. Fax: +91-79-26841400Email: info@ei-india.comBangalore | Delhi | Mumbai | Hyderabad | BangladeshDubai | Kuwait | Singapore |