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Time is like a fine gauze, filtration numerous of inspiration, panning thousands of...

Time is like a fine gauze, filtration numerous of inspiration, panning thousands of
elements, and finally can proudly flashing light is the fashion industry, Orient
House, long pet and not bad.



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Fashion jewelry-trends-en Document Transcript

  • 1. Fashion Allure Organization Jewelry Trends[Fashion Jewelry Trends, 2011 Swarovski, Fashion Jewelry]Time is like a fine gauze, filtration numerous of inspiration, panning thousands ofelements, and finally can proudly flashing light is the fashion industry, OrientHouse, long pet and not bad.Retro GorgeousnessRetro dressed in the same style of the past, as the most favored contestants ofthe fashion industry, is still sought after by the popular and favor. Matte metallicand ornate classical style is still the love in peoples minds for a long time. Thecomplicated and delicate totem, charming rose red, solemn and deep-sea blue,turquoise classical, perfect with a religious mysterious awe gorgeous. Big color ofthe gems and the harmonious composition of the silver metal is form anatmosphere wise like royal family. No wonder, retro as the arrogance of thequeen of the fashion kingdom, confident and calm to occupy the past few yearsthe fashion throne.Fresh military styleIn this time, military style exudes like a king gas field and spread upward. Withneutral in the wind is the highlight of the new popular, especially the blue and page 1 / 3
  • 2. Fashion Allure Organization color with a handsome soul of the sea wind temperament. The fresh andtransparent blue and pure unblemished white and the island flowers bring brightorange, coral pink and looming in seawater, like the Maldives islands naturalharmony, the impact of washing the city that is too oppressive air. This playfuland lively color is highlighting the desire for urban women in the pursuit of naturalinnocence. Make people can smell a hint of salty sea breeze fresh and natural ina monotonous and bleak metropolis.Smart NatureThe charm of the popular is the ambiguous collision between the old elementsand new elements of. Since 2011 Swarovski latest release the Spring Series"Butterfly feather poetry”, we seem to glimpse impressionism idyllic life tension.The entire series implies that the vitality of spring warm sun recovery all things.Make people want to roam in the dense atmosphere of the idyllic hide secretly inthe gentle afternoon repose leisure. Butterfly meaning new life flying in the field;draw the breath of life elegant nature smart, and perfectly transformed in amagnificent turn. Grass in spring, summer insects keep, the sound of hissinginsects hidden in daisies and Xia grass. People can’t help but think; only afterthe spring dance of the limp walk, the great forces of nature is about to fry like aprosperous swept the fashion world as the "butterfly effect". Eternal summer, asymbol of the most vitality and the growth season, return to nature, back tonature may become a new generation of fashion themes. Wild animals, plantpatterns, will remain an important element in jewelry design. The leopardsspeeding in the wilderness, the black bears hunting in the forest, circled by thegiant trees around the vines and birds, as well as the 2011 Lunar New Yearmascot rabbit. These lovely waves of timeless, classic animal shapes are still page 2 / 3
  • 3. Fashion Allure Organization touches the consumer enthusiasm for the many favorite animals. Integration of High-tech With the innovation and breakthrough in human science and technology, space elements and urban complex is like the river into the sea, into the era of the torrent. Through the transparent colorless gemstones and titanium, stainless steel and other metal with a glamorous and temperament, more were mature modesty and self-confidence. Always take the soft line of women sometimes need rigid, and concisely in the metropolis, capable and free and easy charisma. As the neutral clothing popular, slightly icy chunks of metal jewelry is because of its unique charm of texture in the trend, still steady as ever, winning the favor of many successful women. Hermes Necklace page 3 / 3Powered by TCPDF (