Ancient forevermark-to-ride-the-prestige-diamond-luxury-trip
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Ancient forevermark-to-ride-the-prestige-diamond-luxury-trip



Forevermark China retail director, Liang Guang Ye; famous movie star, Yuan ...

Forevermark China retail director, Liang Guang Ye; famous movie star, Yuan
Quan; the manager of ANCIENT jewelry, Pan Yi Qing; deputy general manager
of Hualian Shin Kong Department Store, Pang Kun Rong.



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Ancient forevermark-to-ride-the-prestige-diamond-luxury-trip Ancient forevermark-to-ride-the-prestige-diamond-luxury-trip Document Transcript

  • True Fashion Organizationhttp://www.true-fashion.orgANCIENT Forevermark to Ride the "Prestige" Diamond Luxury Trip[ANCIENT Jewelry, Glittering Diamond, Forevermark Diamonds, Butterfly Brooch, Elegant Ring]Forevermark China retail director, Liang Guang Ye; famous movie star, YuanQuan; the manager of ANCIENT jewelry, Pan Yi Qing; deputy general managerof Hualian Shin Kong Department Store, Pang Kun Rong.A glittering diamond is enough to make people be hearted, and create a page 1 / 3
  • True Fashion Organizationhttp://www.true-fashion.orgdiamonds fan by 2399 diamonds; weight of 310.27 carats is not surprising.Recently, the "love•precious•forever" ANCIENT and Forevermark together tocreate a "prestige" series of diamonds and debut in Beijing in China tour. In thesame day, all the guests to appreciate the Forevermark "prestige" series tworepresentatives works, the “magnificent fan” and “precious power ".Yuan Quan love "prestige" diamondIt is said that this tour is ANCIENT launched to commemorate the 10thanniversary of entering the Chinese celebrations, after Tianjin, Chongqing andother cities. On the event day, Forevermark and ANCIENT invited famous moviestars Yuan Quan attended the ceremony as the opening guest. At the openingceremony, Yuan Quan wears luxury precious diamonds provided by ANCIENTand appeared. Against the background of dazzling diamonds, Yuan Quan usesher unique temperament and charm adds perfect effects on Forevermarkdiamonds.Accompanied by ANCIENT general manager Pan Yi Qing, Yuan Quan came toANCIENT Shin Kong counters. She experience the ANCIENT bring to Beijingconsumers a valuable and ultimate diamond tour, and true feelings the ultimatebeauty of each one with Forevermark diamonds carefully designed and createdthe diamond light blinding. Yuan Quan said: “A diamond is forever, one isforever.” This advertisement is heard I was a child, felt the diamond is mysteriousand beautiful, and exuded endless allure. I am very thanks ANCIENT make mehave the opportunities to close contact with master diamond works, I am glad tocorporate with ANCIENT such a professional diamond brands, but also hope tomake my lives full of diamond-bright brilliance. "Owned love diamond is "precious" “Love • precious • Forevermark “ANCIENT Forevermark “precious” diamondsChina tour Beijing Railway Station stage, decorative design with the black andwhite timeless classic showing a minimalist modern style. The full of artisticsense creative space design and enhanced level of detail layout of each other isperfectly embodies the “use elegant simplicity to create a modern classic"concept, creating a comfortable and natural atmosphere.On the tour exhibition stage, the two "prestige" series representatives works – the“magnificent fan”, "precious power" with has a "close contact" with consumers.The “magnificent fan” uses spring as the theme, the beautiful seasonal flowersare cloudy, coiled with branches which is staggered by platinum and diamonds,and has a detachable butterfly brooch. The handle of the fan inlaid with astunning 9 carat oval-shaped Forevermark diamonds, and the butterfly brooch isinlaid with a 3 carat pear-shaped Forevermark diamonds. This jewelry totallycontains 2399 diamonds, weighs 310.27 carat, and is carefully crafted by the page 2 / 3
  • True Fashion Organization famous designer Zhao Xin Qi. The “precious power "is a rock chick style jewelry designed by Zheng Zhao Liang, including 5 rotating eternal diamonds – separately is 2.29 karat triangle cut diamonds, 4.31 carat pear-shaped diamonds, 7.11 carat oval diamonds, 4.09 carat emerald cut diamonds and 3.58 carat brilliant-cut diamonds. In addition to the "prestige" series masterpiece, ANCIENT especially provides two luxury diamond treasures for the tour -- eternal first landmark series, Encordia owned love series and inspired by the Forevermark mosaic ring which has the eternal unique imprint logo Encordia own love series was inspired by ancient Greece Hercules knot, and uses the unique Forevermark diamonds inlaid it, means closely tied, and spend a lifetime with each other. Forevermark mosaic elegant ring diamond with classic four-claw inlay Forevermark diamonds, has a symbol of the east, south, west, north ,360 ° full range of love. High-level interviews ANCIENT -- the diamond industrys premier jeweler The managing director for China Forevermark, Ms. Nancy Liu has full confidence on the corporation of ANCIENT and Forevermark: "Beijing is one of the most important diamond markets in China, ANCIENT as the diamond industrys premier jewelers, has many shops in Beijing, and is supported and loved by the Beijing Consumers. Whether in the way they operate or in the diamond design are very much in line with the Forevermark exclusive authorized jeweler stringent requirements. We are most pleased to see that our partners the ANCIENT locally has many great passion consumer groups for diamonds, and they know how to enjoy the best diamonds themselves freely, the Forevermark also want to bring them more perfect shopping experience. We believe ANCIENT and Forevermark cooperation is bound to bring unprecedented opportunities to both sides. " Cartier Earrings page 3 / 3Powered by TCPDF (