Swarovski 2012 Spring Summer Jewelry Series

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Senior jewelry Swarovski and the series of Swing, Sing and Shine, which like a …

Senior jewelry Swarovski and the series of Swing, Sing and Shine, which like a
musical showing in front of everyone. This series is not only to t represents the
highest tribute, and crystal diamond reflects unique charm.

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  • 1. Luxury Zone Organizationhttp://www.lux-zone.orgSwarovski 2012 Spring Summer Jewelry Series[Raphael Necklace, Round Sphere Necklace and Bracelet, Raspberry CherriesNecklace]Senior jewelry Swarovski and the series of Swing, Sing and Shine, which like amusical showing in front of everyone. This series is not only to t represents thehighest tribute, and crystal diamond reflects unique charm.Regency NecklaceSwarovski Regency necklace with eight round crystal, rhodium-plated elementsand epoxy resin, to create a unique retro charm flower design, and in the palepurple cotton with violet, lavender, pale yellow, the color white, green egg whiteand White Opal crystal. In a words, giving a touch of elegance and wonderfulcharm to the people. page 1 / 7
  • 2. Luxury Zone Organizationhttp://www.lux-zone.orgRibbon necklace and bracelet, not only in color gives a fascinating feeling, morein the crystal have great originality. The perfect fusion of gray crystal pearls,worsted ribbon and classical shades of pink, such as embroidery, and a rose redegg white, violet, green, light rose red, lotus crystal red and gray mini crystalpearl. Classic Pink Ribbon bracelet such as embroidery, pearls and crystalbeads, which to create a bouquet of morphology. All seems so dreamy;Swarovski always gives us a dreamy enjoys. page 2 / 7
  • 3. Luxury Zone Organizationhttp://www.lux-zone.orgRainbow Bracelet and EarringsRainbow swirl design let the bracelet and earring is the only one. Rhodium-platedbracelet, which the oval design with light yellow, purple, light rose red, rose red,blue zircon color, blue and black mini crystal. Likes have more unpredictable andmysterious, which is waiting for you to tap. page 3 / 7
  • 4. Luxury Zone Organizationhttp://www.lux-zone.orgRaspberry Cherries necklace, Raspberry Lips bracelet necklace and bracelet,Polly Bracelet, Golf BraceletRaspberry Cherries necklace with black plastic resin beads strung on thenecklace, the cherry shape pendant, positive into the rhodium-plated elementsand epoxy resin, while the back is decorated with rose red, light red rose, purple,white and rose color. Always make you stand by the wonderful.Raspberry Lips bracelet to injection molding technology of plastic resin round,decorated with rose red, light rose red, purple and Vintage Rose crystal andepoxy resin lip pattern, which is very beautiful.Polly bracelet is made of Indian Pink, light rose red, light blue, green egg white,silk and up White Snow White Opal crystal bead , and integrate the add the detailof rhodium-plated coating , as well as a knot design pink, peach or blue cottonrope.Golf Bracelet ingenious fusion of purple vinyl resin paint and black crystal mesh,and with black car line and rhodium-plated snaps. page 4 / 7
  • 5. Luxury Zone Organizationhttp://www.lux-zone.orgRound Sphere Necklace and BraceletSwarovski crystal shape has already reached the level of reach the acme ofperfection. The necklace in the exquisitely crafted decorative chains, with sevento polish or matte finishing of steel, with crystal metallic light gold Crystal Rockspherical decoration. The same wide bangle with polished steel, and decoratedwith Crystal Rock and a single row of crystals. page 5 / 7
  • 6. Luxury Zone Organizationhttp://www.lux-zone.orgRaphael NecklaceSpherical design not only the good of use in the luxury watches. Of course theSwarovski for spherical design is more like. This gorgeous elegantrhodium-plated necklace with clasp three-dimensional spherical have decorationfocus. Fusion is very perfect. page 6 / 7
  • 7. Luxury Zone Organization http://www.lux-zone.org Rapture Ring, Reload Ring, Rocket Ring, Hyacinth Ring Rapture ring futuristic, with a unique charming pale blue color crystal, and using Point age Technology decorated with crystal, the perfect fusion of ore flow, and add gold plated PVD coating on polished stainless steel ring. Have you ever felt the sense of the future? This Reload stereo ring, which with a gradual effect of white, Multi Light and emerald green crystal. This symbol of you and I Rocket ring, add black PVD coating on polished stainless steel base, with two the one and only, geometry of the cutting of the blue zircon color and volcano color crystal. Ore powder blue color modeling of large shallow cut crystal, coupled with the use of Point age technology to hand inlaid crystal element, this large rhodium-plated Hyacinth ring injected fresh quietly elegant color gradient. We lost in the Swarovski crystal world. page 7 / 7Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)