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TESOLGram Fall 2008

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TESOLGram Fall 2008

  1. 1. P R T E S O L PRTESOL-GRAM A publication of PRTESOL: An organization concerned with the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. A Quarterly Newsletter Volume 35, Issue 2 Fall 2008 Keynote Speakers Professional Articles • Teachers: Who are they? Ms. Pre-Convention Section Meet our Convention Keynote Daphne Martinez Information, schedules, and forms Speakers • Cell Phone Use: A What do some professors for the 35th Annual PRTESOL Convenience, A Hazard or An have that many students Dr. Mario Herrera Convention Page 10-22 Addiction International Educational Prof. Florence Quilinchini want to take class with Convention Concurrent Sessions Consultant for Pearson Longman, Page 4 them? Page 6 There will be around 60 exciting ELT Group, in New York. sessions to attend. Start choosing • Video Games as a Potential • About Faculty Resource Tool for ESL Instruction Prof. the right topics for you. There are Dr. Rosalie Porter, Executive Network Kenneth Horowitz Page 7 topics for all academic levels. See a Director of READ Institute. by Prof. Ilsa López-Vallés sampler of the topics on Page 10 UPR-CAROLINA Page 5 Page 18-22 Pre-Convention Issue => 8?(@11703(67$'8quot;(94:quot;(ABCDE Fquot;1#$184quot;1(G(BH?4&48 Workshops Check the list of workshops on pages !quot;#$%#&'$(#)#*+',-)$-.$/012 18-21. There are plenty of workshops This is the issue you were waiting for. !+3#4'*5$.-*$0677#44 to fill out your day with worthwhile Here are all the details you need to make materials, techniques, and hands-on the most this year’s convention: practice. There’s something for every preliminary program, workshops, grade level and about every keynote speakers, registration forms, language arts skill you may be hotel information. !quot;#$%&$'()*+)),()--. teaching. The 35th Annual Puerto Rico TESOL /'01(2$345(67$'8quot;(94:quot;(9$;quot;'8 Exhibitors Convention and Exhibit is fast approaching, and this issue is your 94quot;(/'01<$,(67$'8quot;(94:quot; You will have ample time to visit the !quot;#$ guide to all the exciting events and %&&' exhibit area. Dozens of exhibitors activities you don’t want to miss. will be there to help you find the Let me share some good reasons to right materials and tools you are attend this convention. looking for for your students. !quot;#$ %quot;#&$ '()quot;#%*+'quot;(, ---./0&#+quot;#'1quot;+&2quot;3.quot;#4 Keynote speakers 2&33*2/#+&2quot;356*7quot;quot;.1quot;% Friends and Fun This year’s speakers will give you Meet old friends and make new inspiration, motivation, vision, friends while you have fun attending renewal, as well as scholarly the lunches, the chapter meetings, research and knowledge. Keynote the raffles, the closing ceremonies. I speakers are highlighted on page look forward to meeting you. five. The Gran Melia Hotel Visit www.puertoricotesol.org 1
  2. 2. P R T E S O L - G R A M TESOLGRAM TESOLGRAM is a periodical service to English TESOLGRAM Advertising language educators and administrators published by Are you looking for the best audience for your ESL Puerto Rico TESOL, P. O. Box 366828, resources? San Juan, PR 00936 -6828. You get maximum exposure for our advertising dollar by placing your ad with Puerto Rico TESOL. ESL Newsletter Staff teaching professionals, department heads, consultants, Editor: Carmelo Arbona and school administrators in both the public and private Assistant Editor: Dr. José R. Sellas Aponte sectors will see your ad. Circulation: 1,000. Contributions To receive consecutive run discount, the discount must Articles on English language teaching, theory, and be requested in advance and total amount (price in education in general, creative writing, book reviews, parentheses) must be paid in advance. poems, and short stories are welcome. Submissions must be typewritten, double -spaced, and no longer FEES FULL HALF QUARTER than five pages. They should be sent in a diskette or e- PAGE PAGE PAGE mail along with a letter authorizing its publication. If photos are sent along with the articles they should be 1. Per properly identified on the back with the name of issue / $275 $175 $95 individuals appearing in the photos. Include school single run affiliation; return address, e -mail address and telephone 2. (Two number. Articles are subject to editing for style, space, consecutive $249.00 $159.00 $86.00 and other considerations. If photo files are sent, please issues - 10% ($498.00) ($318.00) ($172.00) send them in .jpg, .gif, or .bmp formats. discount) Copy Deadline for 2008 3. (Three Articles and advertising copy must be submitted by: consecutive $223.00 $143.00 $76.00 February 1 for the spring issue, issues - 20% ($669.00) ($429.00) ($228.00 May 1 for the summer issue, discount) August 30 for the fall (pre-convention issue) November 15 (post-convention issue) for the 4. Cover winter (once inside issue back- black Bibliographies should follow APA or TESOL Quarterly and white) $300.00 style. *(three *$720.00 consecutive INSIDE THIS ISSUE: issues - Message from the President 3 20%) Cell Phone Use: A Convenience, A Hazard or An Addiction 4 About Faculty Resource Network 5 Copyright Notice Teachers: Who are They? 6 May reproduce articles for classroom use. Quotations up Videogames as a Potential Tool for Classroom to twenty - five (25) words are permitted if credit to the Instruction 7 author and the TESOLGRAM are included. In other Pre-Convention Section 9-16 situations, written permission is required. Convention Registration Guidelines Keynote Speakers p.10 Hotel Information p. 11-12 Pre-Registration form p. 13 Concurrent Sessions p. 18-21 PRTESOL-Gram 2008 PRTESOL Membership form p. 22 2 Visit www.puertoricotesol.org
  3. 3. P R T E S O L - G R A M PRE-CONVENTION MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dr. José R. Sellas Aponte President, PRTESOL 2008 I extend a warm greeting, to all our PRTESOL members and friends on behalf of the PRTESOL Board of Directors. Working in the ESL profession for over twenty-five years, I have observed how the field has grown, changed, and improved. I am proud to be an ESL professional that has grown under the wing of PRTESOL. I AM PRTESOL and YOU ARE PRTESOL. This is our organization, and for over thirty years, it has provided top quality professional development to all ESL professionals on the Island. As President of PRTESOL, I proudly invite you to attend PRTESOL’s 35th Annual Convention and Exhibit. Let no one stand in your way! This year’s theme is The Next Generation of ESL: Tapestry for Success. This year we salute, honor, and pay tribute to you, The Next Generation of ESL Professionals of Puerto Rico. We are extremely happy that our two day convention will be held at the Gran Meliã Hotel in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico during Friday, November 21st and Saturday, November 22nd. Please mark these days on your calendar! In this Pre-Convention Issue, we provide the necessary documents and information to facilitate your hotel stay and pre-registration process. The PRTESOL Board of Directors has been working all year on this Magna Event. We are proud to announce that this year’s Keynote Speakers are Prof. Mario Herrera and Dr. Rosalie Porter. Both Keynote Speakers are well known in Puerto Rico and the United States for their outstanding work in the field of ESL. Each Keynote Speaker will also host a Spotlight Session, so they will be with us on both days. You will have over 60 Concurrent Sessions to choose from over the two day period. And of course, Continual Education Credit will be available at an additional cost. In addition to the Professional Development Activities that will be carried out throughout the day, we will have a social gathering during Friday evening. Don’t miss out on the 1st Annual PRTESOL Talent Night, where you will be able to demonstrate your talent. Come and see for the first time on stage the PRTESOL Band under the direction of Prof. David García. Don’t wait; act now, the Convention is just around the corner! I hope to greet you personally. Thank you for Being the Heart and Soul of PRTESOL! God Bless, Have A Wonderful Day! MY KEYBOARD RUNNETH OVER Being the first issue of the PRTESOL-Gram I work on, the challenge for me has been truly unique. I want to thank the members of the Board of Directors for having entrusted me with this vital task. This is a professional journal with excellent articles from authors who are teachers, professors, and researchers in the field. I look forward to ensuring that our members have both the opportunity to read well- written articles on timely subjects and to publish their own articles to share their experience, expertise, and achievements. This journal is also a forum where the issues pertaining to our profession are discussed, debated, and discerned. English language teaching and usage in Puerto Rico never ceases to be a source of debate. A case in point is this year’s election ballots which will be in both Spanish and English for the first time. I would like to encourage PRTESOL members to express their views on professional issues through the PRTESOL-Gram. I look forward to serving the members of PRTESOL through this journal. Prof. Carmelo Arbona, PRTESOL-Gram Editor Visit www.puertoricotesol.org 3
  4. 4. P R T E S O L - G R A M Cell Phone Use: A Convenience, A Hazard or An Addiction By Professor Florence Quilichini The cell phone has become a popular technological device used by a great number of people around the world. It is an essential practical tool that has multiple uses. Most people use it to stay in touch with their work place, family and friends. It not only facilitates and speeds up communication in close and far distant places, but it also serves as a safety device in emergencies. Those who have learned to use it well benefit greatly. Unfortunately, there is a great number of people who make poor use of this device. Many use it for prolonged periods of time exposing themselves to the radiation released by the mouth piece and the key pad. Some feel that they need to be connected and available at all time and become nervous if they don't receive an answer to their call or send a response. The radiation transmitted by the cell phone is hazardous and may cause cancer. Scientific evidence gathered from research up to now indicates that the use of cell phones does not pose an immediate danger, yet cell phone users are advised to lower exposure levels. More research is necessary to determine what effects actually occur from cell phone radiation emissions and how dangerous these are. Over exposure to cell phone use can cause users the following effects: headaches, fatigue, memory loss, digestive problems, muscle spasms, stress, mood changes, burning sensation, skin rash, and the possibility of brain cancer. Luckily, we are not alone, organizations such as EPA, FDA and the United States government agencies responsible for public safety, work together and monitor the latest findings on cell phone use necessary to protect human health. A cell phone is a microwave transmitter. Microwave energy oscillates at billions of cycles per second. Scientists have found that cell phone radiation causes cancerous cells to grow aggressively. Radiation penetrates the brain, ear, and eye tissues which are all very susceptible to microwave damage. Both the mouthpiece and the key pad of the cell phone release radiation. If this is so, we ought to take the necessary precautions and lower the exposure level using the cell phone only when necessary. Cell phone dependence has become addictive for a great number of users. The emotional attachment some people have is such that they don't seem to be able to disconnect from it. Some users suffer of stress and anxiety when they loose their phone or leave it at home. Others impose their private conversations with little or no regard for those who are near forcing them to overhear their one-sided conversations. If we wish to make good use of this valuable technological device we should learn to identify the warning signs exhibited by users who have become excessively dependent on cell phones. 1. Can't enjoy a meal, a face to face conversation or a recreational activity without the cell phone. 2. Need to be available at all time. 3. Feel annoyed or anxious when the phone is disconnected. 4. Need to buy the latest cell phone gadgets and models in the market. 5. Show an uncontrolled need to check messages constantly. 6. Need to be informed and know what is going on at all time. 7. Have a compulsive need to use the cell phone in all places. If you find yourself falling into a number of these habits and wish to stay away from them, try some of the following suggestions: 1. Learn to give time to yourself. Turn off the mobile phone and spend time alone to reflect and ponder on the day's happenings as well as on your particular needs or situations. 2. Set yourself a time limit for the use of the cell phone. 3. Learn to set specific time to share with your family, focus on your work and dedicate time to leisure activities that will keep you away from its constant use. (Continued on page 17) 4 visit www.puertoricotesol.com
  5. 5. P R T E S O L - G R A M roundtable environment with the convener at the head of the About Faculty Resource Network table. Participants interact with an amazing group of people by Prof. Ilsa López-Vallés of different regions and cultural backgrounds who enrich UPR-CAROLINA class discussions with their expertise and diversity. The array of these seminars has allowed me to integrate novel Faculty Resource Network Summer session sponsored by teaching techniques and ideas to my classroom as well as New York University is an educational program geared to share it with faculty members of my educational institution foster the professional development of faculty members of through workshops. In my most recent seminar, I tried my over 50 participating educational institutions. Several hand at film making, co-producing and co-directing a three- universities of Puerto Rico are among the participants: minute film and putting my acting talent to use. Mr. Sean University of Sacred Heart, University of Puerto Rico Charlesworth gave us an intensive tutorial on camera campuses and UHS Secondary School. The network offers handling and filming. Dr. Sheril D. Antonio lectured on lectures, symposia and seminars of numerous disciplines posture, movement, distance and angles. Our convener, Dr. that enhance teaching techniques and broaden its Rosanne Limoncelli, introduced us to films made by participants’ knowledge. For more than twenty years FRN amateurs, and allowed us to constructively criticize and has successfully been operating and equipping its affiliate discuss their work as well as ours. Moreover, I was given institutions with innovative and creative seminars of general the opportunity of team-working with four wonderful interest for those in the educational field or related areas. professionals from Puerto Rico: Profs. María Teresa Martínez (Sacred Heart University), Sylvia Álvarez (Sacred As a three-time participant, I can attest to the excellence and Heart University) and Rosemary Morales (UHS). We professionalism of the seminarians, administrative learned the basic film terminology of extreme close-up, personnel and services provided. First, to become a close-up, medium shot, long shot, panning shot, tilt shot, participant, you must fill out an application made available zoom in, zoom out, etc. The four of us put our talents through NYU’s website (frn@nyu.edu), submit an updated together and produced two mini films as the final curriculum vitae and write a one to two page letter of assignment and requirement of Teaching Visual Storytelling interest. A liaison is appointed to each institution who is with the help and guidance of Dr. Limoncelli. responsible for writing a letter supporting each candidate. However, the FRN committee is solely responsible for the In short, the FRN program has been around for more than acceptance of its candidates who are notified via e-mail. two decades because of the effort, diligence and special Upon notification of acceptance, the participant will receive attention to the minutest detail of those behind the network: several instructional e-mails about readings or books FRN executive director Dr. Debra M. Szybinski, Program required for each seminar, assignments posted in Operations Manager, Magda Amaya, NYU’s Bobst Library Blackboard, syllabi and other related communication. If staff and the security staff at Hayden Hall. The excellence books are required, FRN will provide them by sending and thorough preparation of the Teaching Visual Storytelling copies to the institution’s liaison. In addition, housing, convener and lecturers merit special distinction: Dr. breakfast and lunch are supplied by the program. Rosanne Limoncelli, Dr. Sheril D. Antonio and Mr. Sean Charlesworth. Thanks to the professionalism of this Arrival to the Big Apple outstanding trio, I came up with a new focus for my institution’s English Department Annual Literary Contest. I Once the applicant has made a commitment to attend the trust that the integration of both technology and literature five-day seminar of his/her choice, accommodations at will be of special interest to students and faculty alike. NYU’S dorms at Hayden Hall will be arranged. A Meet and Greet Reception organized by the FRN staff will await participants who arrive a day before seminar commencement. The classes are offered on a 9:30 am to 5:00 pm schedule. For assignment completion, computer access and reproduction of material, one can use the resources available at NYU’s Bobst Library by simply getting a temporary user card. Thereafter, one is free to cruise around the Big Apple and go on walks, to museums, boat rides, tours, sightseeing, window shopping, and enjoy the delicacies of international cuisine. Enrichment group discussions and class work I have attended the seminars Critical and Creative Writing in 2006, Teaching Creative Writing and Poetry in 2007 and most recently Teaching Visual Storytelling in 2008. In all three seminars, group discussions are conducted in a Visit www.puertoricotesol.org 5
  6. 6. P R T E S O L - G R A M for many are this, and yet have not the power of TEACHERS, WHO ARE THEY? making others good. Whereas you are not only good by Daphne Martinez yourself, but also the cause of goodness in others”. When analyzing the students’ comments, I realized that in the academia few teachers possess If you want to become a teacher, you will touch these characteristics. Professors at the university level the future. Teaching is one of the most challenging often want their students to believe what they believe professions there is. Working in the academia has in and students should be willing to agree with them always been a challenging experience. What do some unanimously. Essentially, academics should give the professors have that many students want to take students the necessary tools to learn independently classes with them, while others are not so popular? and provide an environment of mutual respect. The For this writer, a good teacher is the one that can relate irony of the situation is that the professors assert that to his or her students and can walk in the student’s they are philosophers like Socrates who “do not teach shoes. anybody anything, but only make them think.” Students should not see teachers as superior, However, some have tunneled vision of the reality perfect beings, but rather as role models who want they should teach. They want to be the protagonist of them to succeed as they have succeeded. Teachers the classroom, so, where is the free thought! should constantly learn from others and from their Respect is an abstract noun that includes many students as well; life as such is a learning experience aspects of the academia. Respect should rule the and everyone learns until the moment of death. As world and of course should be present in the Socrates stated, “I am the wisest man alive for I know classroom. A teacher should offer respect to her one thing and that thing is that I know nothing.” students, in order to receive respect from them. When As a professor, teaching for the past 22 years, I educating, a teacher should respect every students’ often reflect on my teaching and how I am immersed opinion, not tell them what to think, but rather draw in the process of educating the future of a country. from the students the probable answer. How fulfilling can that be! As a Socratic believer, I As an educator in constant search of agree with what Socrates said! “The highest excellence, I have studied for many years and have knowledge is possessed by that individual who truly learned about many techniques in education, which knows himself, this knowledge constitutes wisdom.” includes taking into consideration the importance of In this process, it is significant to find out what having great rapport with the students in order to students are expecting from a course when they enroll establish a mutual respectful learning environment for in a class, and what they are looking for in a teacher. them. Students should learn as much as they can, so As part of the learning process, students write they can thrive in life and become citizens who reflective essays. Indeed, they are extremely honest. contribute to our society. It is important to teach by Each student has a different perspective, but most of example. them pointed out the qualities of dedication, To be a teacher at any level from kindergarten compassion, patience, and discipline in a teacher. to graduate school, one should be willing to go back to Last summer, students in the course wrote school and learn new ideas and beliefs. To be a good essays about a teacher who made an impact on their teacher, one has to be a student as well and learn from lives. They watched the movie The Miracle Worker, and today’s youth. As Socrates asserted, “An honest man I asked them if they had had a teacher like Anne is always a child.” Teachers should try to fulfill Sullivan. Most of their essays were enriching students’ expectations by being honest, admitting that experience as I read their opinions of teachers. What I they do not know everything, and connecting with gathered from their essays was that teachers should them by understanding where they come from. make a difference in students’ lives by living for their Let us ask ourselves, what constituted a good teaching. Teachers should see students as human teacher in the 19th century? I would imagine the beings and respect their opinions. In addition, they qualities were the same as teachers today. stated that teachers should teach students to be better people. An extremely important point noted was that teachers should teach by example. Teaching to be disciplined is demonstrated by being disciplined; one teaches to be aware of the importance of time is also be a person that teaches the meaning of being punctual. As Socrates said, “For who is there but you? Who not only claim to be a good man and gentlemen 6 Visit www.puertoricotesol.org
  7. 7. P R T E S O L - G R A M instructors play the game along with the students in a Video Games as a Potential Tool for ESL persistent, virtual world. Games like World of Warcraft and Instruction Sony’s Everquest - the title used in Gooch’s study - permit Kenneth S. Horowitz learners to not only receive visual stimuli for things like University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez vocabulary, but they also allow them to use them in context in real time. MMORPGs allow gamers to work together in Ever since they first exploded into American homes in the large groups to reach a common goal, and teamwork is mid ‘70s, video games have been mostly cast in a negative essential for success. light by both parents and educators. Decried as everything from a waste of time to the prime catalyst for juvenile Though not as popular, Gooch and his students preferred obesity, adults have traditionally seen video games as a Sony’s game for their study due to its concise visual cues. major obstacle to forming productive students and children. “We thought it would be a better game for language learning To that end, every effort has been made over the past three than World of Warcraft,” graduate student Yolanda Rankin decades to separate them as far as possible from formal explains, “because everything in the game is labeled, so you instruction, even as gaming increased in popularity and now have an opportunity to get visual reinforcement of generates more sales worldwide than both Hollywood and information, you see a noun and you get a label: This is a the music business (Bangeman, 2008). bird, this is a fortress. Also, the game's quests are documented and displayed on the screen. As students This course of action, while natural and expected, has been complete these quests, they develop an appreciation for too broad in its scope. Until recently, almost no one has verbs, adverbs, and colloquial meanings” (as cited in made any sort of concentrated effort to evaluate video Waters, 2008, p. 3). games as a worthwhile tool in education, and its potential benefits have gone largely ignored by both parents and Gooch and his students aren’t the only ones who see the teachers. With the growth of the gaming industry, and the potential for video games in ESL instruction. Researchers rapid sophistication of video games and other digital media, from the non-profit group SRI International began a project it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate the last year in the popular virtual world Second Life, which classroom from cyberspace, and educators must accept that currently has over ten million subscribers worldwide. For its today’s generation is more tech savvy than any other before research, SRI purchased a virtual island in the game, on it. Video games have the potential to become an ideal which it intends to open a hotel where ESL students can platform for immersion and language practice for ESL check in, order food, and perform many of the basic tasks in students in Puerto Rico and around the world, because they English that they would if they traveled to an English- provide instant access to vital skills in an environment that speaking country (as cited in Waters, 2007). students know and in which they feel comfortable. The aforementioned studies only represent a fraction of the As contradictory as it may sound, parents are mostly to research being conducted nationwide about how video blame for the popularity of video games. The average age of games can be instrumental in producing a positive learning America’s 174 million video gamers is now over thirty, and experience. Despite this, there’s still a lot of understandable that majority which grew up with the Atari VCS in the ‘70s apprehension about welcoming video games into the and the Nintendo Entertainment System in the ‘80s is now classroom. To this end, the American Library Association passing its love of the hobby on to its children. Modern recently launched a project to track and measure how consoles like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are built from gaming impacts literacy skills, as well as create a national the ground up for online connectivity, and Internet staples model for library gaming. The Verizon Foundation donated like chat, file sharing, and micro transactions are a million dollars for the project, which involves working increasingly being integrated into the hardware itself. The with a dozen game developers to document how video PC has been leading the charge in this regard for years, and games are being used in education. The ALA hopes to where kids from say, my generation, spent a lot of free time compile its findings in a “Librarians Guide to in computer class trying to avoid getting dysentery in Gaming” (Morales, 2008). Oregon Trail on the Apple II, today’s students in countries like China could potentially be learning English through Thus, as unlikely as it may seem, such research has a solid popular games like World of Warcraft. pedagogical base. Books and articles have appeared consistently over the past ten years that delve deeply into That last part was not a joke. More than a few studies have the cognitive processes of video game playing. For already been conducted in regards to using Massive Multi- example, University of Wisconsin-Madison professor James player Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) for Paul Gee has been a major proponent of the educational language instruction (Waters, 2007). Originally conceived benefits of video games, and he has published several books by Northwestern University professor Bruce Gooch and two on the subject. Gee’s work has primarily centered on how graduate students, the concept of using MMORPGs as a video games help us to understand learning and provide means to teach English involves having a group of better conditions for it than many of today’s schools. He Visit www.puertoricotesol.org 7
  8. 8. P R T E S O L - G R A M Video Games as a Potential Tool for ESL outside the classroom and in an environment in which they Instruction (cont.) feel at ease and enthusiastic. We’re always complaining argues that video games quot;situate meaning in a multimodal about how hard it is to get our students motivated to speak space through embodied experiences to solve problems and English. Why not use their interests to our advantage? reflect on the intricacies of the design of imagined worlds Students get to play a fun game and interact with friends and and the design of both real and imagined social relationships classmates, all without the pressure of learning English in the modern worldquot; (Gee 48). thrust upon them. To me, that’s a goal worthy of some playtime. In his work, Gee (2006) explains that video games offer learners information “on demand” and in the proper context precisely when they need it, whereas traditional methods of Bibliography instruction tend to bombard them with verbal information devoid of context. He states that learners create their video Bangeman, Eric. (2008). Growth of Gaming in 2007 Far game environment through their actions and choices, and Outpaces Movies, Music. Retrieved on July 22, 2008 that proper real-time context is vital for this to be successful. from http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/ “What we need people to learn, “he says, “is how to think 20080124-growth-of-gaming-in-2007-far-outpaces- deeply about complex systems (e.g. modern workplaces, the movies-music.html environment, international relations, social interactions, cultures, etc.) where everything interacts in complicated Bendigian, Louis. (2006). Professor James Paul Gee Shows ways with everything else and bad decisions can make for the World the Importance of Video Games. Retrieved disasters. Games – not as stand-alone entities, but as part of on August 3, 2008 from http://www.gamezone.com/ whole curricula – will eventually be crucial to this.” news/07_03_03_06_17PM.htm Now, I, for one, am in no way suggesting by these examples Gee, James Paul. (2003). What video games have to teach us that video games should replace formal instruction. The about learning and literacy. New York, New York: point I’m trying to make is that traditional teaching methods Palgrave Macmillan. are consistently proving to be more and more ineffective on today’s students, and we as educators must adapt to the Ivan, Tom. (2008). NPD Group: 174 Million Gamers in U.S. changing landscape. Children today are digital in nature, and Retrieved August 12, 2008 from http://www.edge- many have never known a life without iPods, high speed online.com/news/npd-group-174m-gamers-us Internet access, and cell phones. MySpace and Facebook are parts of their daily lives, which makes it all the more Jenkins, David. (2006). ESA Stats: Average U.S. Gamer 33 important that teachers don’t fall behind. I see this rapid Years-Old. Retrieved on August 3, 2008 from http:// change each semester when I survey my university students www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php? about computer and Internet access. Five years ago, fewer story=9342 than half owned an online-ready computer. That number has been reduced to a mere few today. Morales, Macy. (2008). American Library Association Receives $1 Million Grant from Verizon Foundation It’s often said that Puerto Ricans don’t speak English. This, to Study How Gaming Can Be Used to Improve in my experience, is true. Puerto Ricans write English, read Problem-Solving and Literacy Skills. Retrieved July it and understand it but are highly fearful of speaking. ESL 15, 2008 from http://www.ala.org/ala/ students in Puerto Rico don’t find themselves under constant pressreleases2008/june2008/verizon08.cfm pressure to speak the language, so they don’t receive the practice and exposure necessary to lower their affective Riedel, Chris. (2008). UCF Study Finds Video Games filters and develop the necessary confidence for fluency. Increase Student Achievement. Retrieved August 4. 2008 from http://www.thejournal.com/articles/22786 Consider this: If every ESL student gave a ten-minute oral presentation every week without exception during the Waters, John K. (2007). On A Quest for English. Retrieved school year, every year from first through twelfth grade, that August 4, 2008 from http://thejournal.com/articles/ would amount to only seven hours of speaking over twelve 21380_1 years of schooling. We all know that our students don’t give ten-minute presentations, and we surely know that they don’t have the benefit of uninterrupted classes during the school year. Think of how much more extra exposure could be had through the use of games like World of Warcraft. Imagine students running through quests in groups, coordinating and organizing their efforts as a team - all in English. Students could lose their inhibition to speaking English altogether, or at least make strides to that end, 8 Visit www.puertoricotesol.org
  9. 9. P R T E S O L - G R A M PRTESOL 2008 Chapter Elections Make a difference - become involved in your regional chapter Board of Directors. It is never too soon to consider running. Would you like to be involved in a professional development experience that • Gives you a perspective on ESL at all levels of the educational system • Helps you develop tremendous leadership skills • Provides valuable networking opportunities with ESL professionals throughout the island • Enhances your resume • Informs you of and involves you in sociopolitical issues relevant to ESL and education • and is fun at the same time? If your answer is yes, you may want to consider nominating yourself or a colleague for a position on your regional chapter Board of Directors. The following positions are open this year: Chapter Vice-President. The election will be held on site during the chapter meeting in our 35th Annual Convention, November 21-22, at the Gran Melia in Rio Grande. Guidelines • Nominees need to be active PRTESOL members. • Nominees will be accepted on site during the chapter meeting. • Votes will be submitted in writing by chapter members. • If a chapter has a vice president, he or she will become the president. If the chapter does not have a Vice- President or the current Vice-President is not available to continue as President, then there will be an election for President. • The chapter president will appoint executive secretary, membership secretary and treasurer. • Representatives may be elected on site. Chapter Meetings During the Convention each regional chapter will hold meetings and events including elections. It is vital that every member attend his or her chapter meeting. Find your chapter below and make sure you take an active role in your chapter’s activities. 


 Visit www.puertoricotesol.org 9
  10. 10. P R T E S O L - G R A M 35th PRTESOL Annual Convention & Exhibit The Next Generation of ESL: Tapestry for Success Keynote Speakers Dr. Mario Herrera International Educational Consultant for Pearson Longman, ELT Group, in New York Mario Herrera has taught English at all levels and has focused his research and methodology development on young learners. As a speaker, he has given workshops throughout Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, as well as in the United States. Mr. Herrera is an International Educational Consultant for Pearson Longman, ELT Group, in New York. He travels extensively to participate in conferences and academic symposiums, where his presentations are highly regarded for their level of participant involvement and creativity. He is the recipient of academic presentation awards from various countries. Mr. Herrera has authored or co-authored many worldwide best-selling ELT series, including New Parade and Balloons. His most recent best-selling series published by Pearson Longman, are Pockets and Backpack, for young learners. Dr. Rosalie Porter Dr. Rosalie Porter is an accomplished author and scholar. She is a consultant for school districts across the country, the executive director of the READ Institute (The Institute for Research in English Acquisition and Development), and founder and editor-in- chief of READ Perspectives. Dr. Porter, who arrived in the U.S. at age six, not knowing a word of English, has also been a fellow at Harvard University, a Spanish Bilingual Teacher, the Director of Bilingual/ESL Programs in the Newton, MA, Public Schools, and Chairman of the Massachusetts Commission on Bilingual Education. She has delivered public lectures for the U.S. State Department in Bulgaria, China, Finland, Japan, Israel, Italy and Turkey; and has been keynote speaker at Georgetown, Harvard, Brandeis and Northeastern Universities, and at Wellesley and Mt. Holyoke Colleges. Porter has served as an expert witness in court cases relating to the education of non-English-speaking students in California, New Mexico, New York, and Texas. Chairman, Massachusetts Commission on Bilingual Education Executive Director, The Institute for Research in English Acquisition & Development (READ Institute) Founder and editor-in-chief, READ Perspectives Member, National Advisory Council on Bilingual Education Author, Forked Tongue: The politics of bilingual education, Author, Language and Literacy for English Learners Dr. Porter will be speaking on “Language & Literacy for English Learners: Grades 7-12” during the concurrent session on Friday. Upwards of five million children enter U.S. schools without a sufficient knowledge of English to do regular classroom work in that language. One-third of these children are students of secondary school age. Major emphasis in developing second language programs has focused on ELL students in the early primary grades. Yet the plight of students between the ages of 13 and 18 without fluency and literacy in English is especially pressing. For these students, learning the common language of the school graduation in a few short years is a serious undertaking that calls for extraordinary measures. Four programs of proven success provide a road map for necessary improvements for this age group. 10 Visit www.puertoricotesol.org
  11. 11. P R T E S O L - G R A M Gran Melia Hotel and Resort With an idyllic location on Puerto Rico's northeastern coast in Coco Beach, Río Grande, Gran Meliá Puerto Rico brings the privacy and exclusivity you deserve and allows you the opportunity to escape from the rest of the world. From the moment you step inside this tropical oasis, you will be enveloped by the beauty and grandeur of Gran Meliá Puerto Rico. Stay at the hotel. Special rates are Lots of fun, fun, fun. Activities available for PRTESOL participants. include great food, raffles, music. Excellent hotel facilities at the Gran You’ll find all the reservation Melia.The Gran Melia Hotel Resort information needed on page xx. is the venue for this year’s convention. You’ll want to take The exhibit hall promises to be the advantage of the beautiful best source for teachers to find the innovative resources needed to stay up-to-date in the modern classroom: software, videos, books, teacher’s resources. Special attention has been given to provide practical workshops that will give you the know- Excellent hotel facilities at the Gran Melia. how you can use next Monday. Check the preliminary listing to surroundings and facilities. find workshops for your grade level or interest. Don’t miss the PR TESOL Band’s first concert on Friday, November 21. They will be playing Latin jazz, rock, and rock en español. There are openings for musicians to join the band. Contact David García of Cambridge University Press/Puerto Rico. Call 787-675-4714 or email dgarcia@cambridge.org. Visit www.puertoricotesol.org 11
  12. 12. P R T E S O L - G R A M RESERVATION REQUEST – IPO PR TESOL November 20-23, 2008 Name___________________________________ Last Name _________________________________ Company __________________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________________ Zip Code_______________________ City/Country________________________________________ Telephone_______________________________ Fax _______________________________________ E-mail_______________________________________________________________________________ Arrival Date _______________ Estimated Time ___________________ Departure Date __________________ Rate Room Category # of Guests # of Rooms (BEFORE TAXES) Deluxe Jr. Suite Garden $155.00 View Per room • Shared with: Name _________________________ Last Name __________________________ • Shared with: Name _________________________ Last Name __________________________ Rates are subject to 11% Government Tax & 11% Resort Fee. Taxes are subject to change according to government regulations. Third person rate $65.00 per night. Two children under 16 yrs. are free of charge, when sharing the same room with adults, maximum of 2 children per room. Maximum capacity in our rooms is 2 adults and two children or three adults. A one time Portage Fee of $7 (USD) plus 7% sales tax per person and a daily charge per room per night of $3 (USD) plus 7% sales tax for Maid Gratuities will apply to each reservation. SPECIAL REQUEST ______________________________________________________________ (Not guaranteed) FORM OF PAYMENT to Guarantee the Reservation Credit Card Visa ____ Amex _____ MasterCard ____ Dinners Club _____ Card Number ____________________________ Expiration Date _____/______ *ATM cards with a credit card logo will be automatically debited. In case the amount is not utilized your bank might take 2-3 weeks to process credit. Reservation Cut-off date – October 20, 2008/ after this date rooms are subject to availability. Cancellation policy 5 days prior, one night’s stay will be billed directly to the client’s card as a cancellation charge Less than 3 days, the total number of booked nights will be billed directly to the credit card as cancellation charge. No-show Signature ____________________________________ Date ___________ Please send by fax or e-mail to: F. 787-657-1055/ darlener@granmeliapr.com ATN: DARLENE RUIZ/ Reservations Dept. T. 787-657-1040 12 Visit www.puertoricotesol.org
  13. 13. P R T E S O L - G R A M Puerto Rico TESOL 35th Annual Convention & Exhibit Friday and Saturday, November 21 - 22, 2008 The Next Generation of ESL: Tapestry for Success Gran Meliá Puerto Rico Resort, Río Grande, Puerto Rico www.puertoricotesol.org * tesol@puertoricotesol.org PRE-REGISTRATION FORM Please READ and print clearly) Important: Pre-registration rates applicable until November 7th , 2008. After this date include a late fee of $20.00 to each rate. Last Names__________________________________________ First Name _______________________________________ Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________ City:__________________________________ State/Country :______________________________ Zip_______________ Phone: Home ______________________ Work _________________ E-mail:_____________________________________ Fax:__________________________ Type of institution in which you work (Circle): Public Private Level (Circle): Elementary Secondary Higher Education Administration Other (please specify) _________________ Convention Pre-registration Fees Check the Both days One day with lunch FRIDAY One day with lunch SATURDAY appropriate option. with lunch Member $150 $110 $110 Non-Member $170 $130 $130 *Student members $90 $70 $70 *Student Non-Member $110 $80 $80 Retired Teacher $110 $80 $80 *Please note: Rate applies for full-time students only (nine credits or more) with a copy of class program. Use separate form for each registrant. If payment is through a purchase order or institutional check for more than one registrant, please include a separate registration form for each individual: purchase orders must list each attendee’s name and have an original signature. Submit all requests to substitute names on registration forms in writing. Substitutions on registrations (including purchase orders) will not be accepted after November 7th, 2008. TOTAL AMOUNT INCLUDED _______________________________________________________________  Money Order quot;  Check (Please have some form of identification at hand during on-site registration.) Number: __________________________ Bank: _______________________________________  VISA or  MASTERCARD Card # ________________________________ Exp. Date: ____/___ Name on credit card (please print) _______________________________ Signature: ____________________________ Visit www.puertoricotesol.org 13
  14. 14. P R T E S O L - G R A M Inocencia Nieves Enrique Chaparro inonieves_prtesol@yahoo.com enrique_chaparro@alpha.sg.inter.edu Cel. (787)-627-9433 Cel. (787)-615-8188 EXHIBITOR AND/OR ADVERTISER CONTRACT Company ______________________________________________________________________________ Contact person ___________________________ Position/title _________________________________ Postal Address _________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________________ Zip Code _______________ Advertisement(s) in Convention Program Size Price Quantity Total One fourth (1/4) of a page $100.00 _______ _______ One half (1/2) of a page $175.00 _______ _______ One (1) page 8”x11” $300.00 _______ _______ Inside cover B/N $325.00 _______ _______ Total: _______ Exhibition area at the Gran Meliã Hotel & Resort: One (1) table 8x30 $550.00 ______ _______ Additional tables $450.00 ______ _______ Combos: a. One (1) table 8x30, one (1) page ad, one (1) lunch ticket $750.00 ______ _______ b. Two (2) tables 8x30, one page ad and two (2) lunch tickets $1,200.00 ______ _______ Additional lunch tickets $50.00 ______ _______ Electrical Facility $50.00(per day) ______ _______ Total: _______ _____Check made to: Puerto Rico TESOL _____Cash 1. It should include art (logo) and message ready for camera and printing. 2. Last day to hand in is June 6, 2008. 3. No refunds due to cancellation, please verify contract before signing. ___________________________________ ________________________ Name and authorized signature Date __________________________________ José R. Sellas Aponte – PRTESOL President 2008 14 Visir www.puertoricotesol.org
  15. 15. P R T E S O L - G R A M 35th Annual Puerto Rico TESOL Convention & Instructions: In order to become a member or renew your Exhibit membership visit our Website at WWW.puertoricotesol.org and download the Membership Form. Complete the form The Next Generation of ESL: Tapestry for and send by mail or submit via E-Mail to the PRTESOL Success Executive Board Treasurer. Payments can be made by check or using a major credit card. You can also become a CONVENTION REGISTRATION member or renew your membership at any Regional GUIDELINES Chapter Conference or activity. The PRTESOL Board of Directors & Its Executive Board If you have any questions that are related to Membership are working very hard to make the 35th Annual PRTESOL please contact via E-Mail the corresponding PRTESOL Convention & Exhibit a rewarding experience for all our Executive Board Member in charge of this process. membership. This year’s theme is: The Next Generation of ESL: Tapestry for Success. The Gran Melia Hotel in Rio Note: Membership must be in good standing in order to Grande, Puerto Rico will be the host of our 2 day request this year’s special Convention Rates. Non- Convention. Please mark these two days on your calendar, Members will have to pay an additional fee. Friday, November 21, & Saturday, November 22. In order to ------------------------------------------------- facilitate your Convention Registration Process, we have provided a series of guidelines & contact information that STEP 2 we feel will be of help. Pre-Registration (Regular & Student) PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE: November 7, 2008 PRTESOL Executive Board 2008 – Contact Directory Instructions: In order to Pre-Register visit our Website at If you have questions or need help email the following WWW.puertoricotesol.org and download the Pre- Executive Board members: Registration Form. Complete the form and send by mail or submit via E-Mail to the PRTESOL Executive Board • For questions about payments-Treasurer, Enrique Treasurer. Payments can be made by check or using a Chaparro Ramos – enrique_chaparro@alpha.sg.inter.edu major credit card. • For questions about PRTESOL documents- Executive If you have any questions that are related to Pre- Secretary, Liliana Arroyo – Registration please contact via E-Mail the corresponding arroyo.soto.liliana@gmail.com PRTESOL Executive Board Member in charge of this process. • For questions about On-site Registrations- Membership Secretary, Ines M. Arroyo – ines_collegegirl@yahoo.com Note: Membership must be in good standing in order to request this year’s special Convention Rates. Non- • For questions about PRTESOL documents- Immediate Members will have to pay an additional fee. Past President, Auda I. Perez Vazquez -- ------------------------------------------------- audyper2007@yahoo.com STEP 2 • For questions about Presentation Proposals- Southern (For Presenters Only) Chapter President, Miguel Camacho-- Presentation Proposal & Pre-Registration camachoprtesol@gmail.com PRESENTATION PROPOSAL DEADLINE: June 6, 2008 • For questions about Convention Site & Hotel- President PRESENTER’S PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Jose R. Sellas Aponte – sellasprtesol@yahoo.com October 7, 2008 Instructions: In order to Pre-Register visit our Website at • For questions about Exhibits & Advertising- Department of Education Representative, Inocencia Nieves – WWW.puertoricotesol.org and download the Presentation inonieves_prtesol@yahoo.com Proposal Form & Presenter’s Pre-Registration Form. Complete the Presentation Proposal Form and send by mail or submit via E-Mail to the PRTESOL Executive Board Vice President. Complete the Presenter’s Pre- CONVENTION REGISTRATION Registration Form and send by mail or submit via E-Mail GUIDELINES to the PRTESOL Executive Board Treasurer. Payments can be made by check or using a major credit card. STEP 1 Membership If you have any questions that are related to Presentation Proposals or Pre-Registration please contact via E-Mail Visit www.puertoricotesol.org 15
  16. 16. P R T E S O L - G R A M the corresponding Executive Board Member in charge of full before the Ad is included in the Convention this process. Program. ------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Membership must be in good standing in order to On – Site Registration request this year’s special Convention Rates. Non- Instructions: On – Site Registration will be available for Members will have to pay an additional fee. No Attendees if space permits. On – Site Registration will have Audiovisual equipment can be provided for presenters a late fee charge added. PRTESOL can not guarantee lunch ------------------------------------------------- for On – Site Registration Attendees. STEP 3 Gran Melia Hotel – Reservation Process If you have any questions that are related to On – Site ROOM RESERVATION DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER Registration please contact via E-Mail the corresponding 20, 2008 Executive Board Member in charge of this process. Instructions: In order to make Hotel Reservations visit our Website at WWW.puertoricotesol.org and download the Note: We strongly for all attendees to Pre-Register in Hotel Registration Form. Complete the Hotel order to avoid last minute inconveniences. Reservation Form and send via fax or submit via E-Mail to the Gran Melia Hotel. Reservation must be made using a Hope to see you at the 35th PRTESOL major credit card. Convention & Exhibit! Please submit a copy of the Confirmation Number and the number of nights you will stay at the GRAN MELIA HOTEL. Please send this information via E-Mail to the 2008 PRTESOL President. We need this information in order to know if we have to add more rooms to the hotel block we have reserved. If you have any questions that are related to Hotel => Reservations please contact via E-Mail the corresponding 8?(@11703(67$'8quot;(94:quot;(ABCDE PRTESOL Executive Board Member in charge of this process or the Gran Melia Hotel. Fquot;1#$184quot;1(G(BH?4&48 Note: Membership must be in good standing and the Pre-Registration Process must have been completed in order to request this year’s special Hotel Room Rate. !quot;#$%#&'$(#)#*+',-)$-.$/012 ------------------------------------------------- !+3#4'*5$.-*$0677#44 Exhibit Area Contract & Advertising Contract (For Book Representatives & Exhibitors) CONTRACT DEADLINE: June 6, 2008 Instructions: In order to reserve a space in the Exhibit Area or Advertise in our Convention Program visit our Website at WWW.puertoricotesol.org and download the Exhibitor / !quot;#$%&$'()*+)),()--. Advertising Contract. Complete the Exhibitor/Sponsor Contract and send by mail or submit via E-Mail to the /'01(2$345(67$'8quot;(94:quot;(9$;quot;'8 PRTESOL Department of Education Representative. Please send a copy of this Contract with your check to the 94quot;(/'01<$,(67$'8quot;(94:quot; !quot;#$ PRTESOL Executive Board Treasurer. %&&' If you have any questions that are related to Exhibitor’s Contract or Advertising Contract please contact via E- Mail the corresponding Executive Board Member in Register Now! charge of this process. Pre-registration form is available on page 13; !quot;#$ %quot;#&$ '()quot;#%*+'quot;(, ---./0&#+quot;#'1quot;+&2quot;3.quot;#4 registration on page 12. Hotel 2&33*2/#+&2quot;356*7quot;quot;.1quot;% Note: The Exhibitor’s Contract must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the 35th Annual PRTESOL Convention. The Advertising Contract must be paid in 16 Visit www.puertoricotesol.org
  17. 17. P R T E S O L - G R A M (From page 4) 4. Turn on the vibrate option in places where the cell phone is not permitted or it is not appropriate to use. 5. Lower the ring tone to avoid eardrum damage. 6. Use a headset and carry the wireless phone away from your body. 7. Use a hands-free- kit when driving. Use an external antenna. 8. Buy a more basic simple phone with less functions. 9. Use the phone speaker while driving to avoid accidents. Twenty years ago cell phones did not exist, and we were able to carry out a normal life without them. At that time we used the home phone or the mail to solve our daily problems and situations. It is true that with the advent of the cell phone we have been able to speed up communication and this in turn has brought progress and prosperity to our lives. Nevertheless we must bear in mind that regardless of how helpful cell phones might be, we can't let them take control. They were made to help us not govern us. We must learn to unplug and enjoy life just as well. Remember, cell phones are always going to be there for us, so let's use them adequately. Education Quotes Grammar in a Nutshell Three little words you often see Are articles - an, a, and the. Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of the fire. A noun is the name of anything William Butler Yeats As school, or garden, hoop, or swing. Adjectives tell the kind of noun, Education is what survives As great, small, pretty, white, or brown. when what has been learnt has been forgotten. B.F. Skinner Instead of nouns the pronouns stand - Her head, his face, your arm, my hand. A teacher affects eternity; Verbs tell of something being done - he can never tell where his influence stops. To read, count, laugh, sing, jump, or run. Henry Adams How things are done the adverbs tell, As slowly, quickly, ill, or well. Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, Conjunctions join the words together and writing an exact man. As men and women, wind or weather. Francis Bacon The prepositions stand before A noun, as in or through the door. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, The interjections show surprise but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. As Oh! How pretty!  Ah! How wise! Alvin Toffler The whole are called the nine parts of speech, Which reading, writing, speaking teach. Education is the transmission of civilization. Will and Ariel Durant Anonymous Visit www.puertoricotesol.org 17
  18. 18. P R T E S O L - G R A M Communicating In English: Comments and 35th Annual PRTESOL Convention CONCURRENT Suggestions Regarding English Language Instruction SESSIONS Presenter: Dr. Susana De Jesús obtained her Doctorate => 8?(@11703(67$'8quot;(94:quot;(ABCDE Fquot;1#$184quot;1(G(BH?4&48 from Columbia University, in Educational Policy and Administration. Her original research and dissertation studied the attitudes of Latino parents regarding !quot;#$%#&'$(#)#*+',-)$-.$/012 !+3#4'*5$.-*$0677#44 language learning in urban schools with 50% or more Latino student populations (in the United States). She obtained her Masters Degree from New York University, !quot;#$%&$'()*+)),()--. New York, in Teaching English to Speakers of Other /'01(2$345(67$'8quot;(94:quot;(9$;quot;'8 Languages (TESOL), and holds numerous Teaching, 94quot;(/'01<$,(67$'8quot;(94:quot; !quot;#$ Professional Development, Supervisory or %&&' Administrative Licenses from the New York and New Jersey Departments of Education. !quot;#$ %quot;#&$ '()quot;#%*+'quot;(, ---./0&#+quot;#'1quot;+&2quot;3.quot;#4 Email: dr_sdejesus@hotmail.com These are just a few of the approximately 60 2&33*2/#+&2quot;356*7quot;quot;.1quot;% concurrent sessions being offered at the convention. An approach to English instruction: Teaching language is not following the chapters of a 1 Plenary: book. Instruction must provide students what All Levels they need to accomplish goals. The ESL Teaching Genome: It Takes One to Teach 4 Workshop: One! All Audience Presenter: Marrio Herrera is an International Educational Consultant for Pearson Longman, ELT Making Magic with Music Group, in New York. Presenter: Lonnie Dai Zovi is teacher, author of many books for language teachers and is a frequent presenter This plenary session explores how in order to live a and speaker in the U.S and abroad. full and successful English life-learning outcome, we Email: lonnie@vibrante.com must learn in terms of competencies, and how it takes a competence-aware teacher, to teach such a process This exciting and active presentation will demonstrate adequately. Participants will value the importance of many ways that music can enhance any lesson at any “playing the part” of the today’s needed role in the level. Teachers will use these techniques on Monday. ESL classroom, at the time they foster autonomy in learners, as well as the use of cutting edge learning 5 Demonstration: tools in a teaching ambiance where tolerance and Higher Ed acknowledgement of differences prevail. Genomes making it to the learning outcome! Technology Integration into ESOL Teacher Education Presenters: Dr. Vicky Giouroukakis is assistant professor 2 Paper: in the Division of Education at Molloy College, Secondary and Higher Ed Rockville Centre, NY where she teaches courses in English Education and TESOL. She taught English in the Using the Right Thread for the Tapestry of Reading New York City public school system and ESL to Presenter: Dr. Michael A. Shand adolescents and adults. She earned her Ph.D. in Literacy Email: shandsurf@yahoo.com Education and Masters in TESOL from the University of Pennsylvania, and Masters in English Education from Presents “laws” of language learning and reading. Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research Discusses benefits and pitfalls of reading as a source interests include standards, assessment, and teacher of L2 input and provides methodology for overcoming preparation. E-mail: vgiouroukakis@molloy.edu pitfalls. Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld is associate professor and 3 Paper: coordinator of the Master of Science in Education: All Audiences TESOL program at Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY. She has published extensively on working with 18 Visit www.puertoricotesol.org