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Prtesol Southern Newsletter June 09

  1. 1. PRTESOL-Southern Chapter Newsletter Latest News June 3, 2009 Issue 1 Teaching Tidbits Welcome to all our Southern Puerto Rico TESOL Chapter members! This is our first Writing Tip Chapter Newsletter and we hope to keep in Margie Steinberg, a seventh grade communications 4 touch with all our members and have you teacher at Roosevelt Middle School in Mason City, keep in touch with each other too. Iowa “Give the pupils The SPRTESOL Board for this year has both Many teachers say they have problems something to do, old and new faces. The president is Dr. getting students to write. Sometimes not something Carmen Celeste Morales who has formed a students have difficulties coming up with great team with a new vice-president Dr. ideas. I tell my students to write about to learn; and the Jennifer Alicea Castilo who teaches at UPR- what they know. I find that when they doing is of such a Ponce; Regino Megill director of the English do, their writing is the best because they Department at UPR-Ponce and is the have made a personal connection. I give nature as to secretary; Ana Claudio continues as my students '5 Line Themes' at the demand thinking; Treasurer; Frances Torres is our beginning of the class period. On an membership secretary and is an education overhead, I tell students to write five learning naturally major; Frances Arce is also a student lines using the word you chose as a results. – representative and came up with the idea subject. Then, I list five words such as of a newsletter, so she is now Newsletter imagination, success, failure, John Dewey.” editor. Our private school representative is responsibility, and video. The words do Nancy Gonzalez and Esther Gonzalez and not need any connection with each other. Yolanda Torruella are our Public School After giving the students a few minutes representatives. All of these educators are to write, I ask them to share. energized and ready to work for you this Retrieved from: year. Behavior Management Upcoming Events This amazing website is definitely worth checking out! It lists hundreds of different  Southern Conference misbehavior types (including 'the Animal'(!), 'the Distracter', 'the Hider' and “Down to Earth Brain Based Learning & Teaching Strategies” Differentiating 'the Noisemaker'), then gives detailed Instruction for descriptions of each type and offers help September 26, 2009 E.L.L.s and advice managing misbehavior. As the Pontifical Catholic University-Ponce It offers various website states, the purpose of the site quot;is sites for students to provide you with a resource for handling Keynote speaker: from 1st-8th grade. student misbehavior. It presents a Dr. José Pons PowerPoint Pointers complete step-by-step approach to This link is filled changing inappropriate student behavior  36th Annual Convention with premade to appropriate behaviorquot;. Visit the site “Winds of Change; PowerPoints for here: 'You Can Handle Them All' Teaching for Tomorrow” teachers to Retrieved from: download and November 20-21, 2009 customize to their Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort specific curriculum We want you to share your Keynote speakers: needs. ideas and strategies. Please *Deborah Short send them to *Esmeralda Santiago Newsletter created by: F. Arce