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  • 1. Clustering in Poland Place for the project logo
  • 2. Clusters in Poland Place for the project logo
    • 180 registered cluters in 16 voivodships
    • 56 cluters on the East of Poland
    • 13 cluters in podkarpackie voivodship
  • 3.
    • The policy of supporting clusters is an important element for industry and regional development
    • Is linked to development of Special Economic Zones
    • Is linked to innovative policy, regional policy and horizontal policy
    The Cluster Policy Place for the project logo
  • 4.
    • ” Strategy for Increasing the Innovativeness of the Economy, 2007-2013”
    How do we support clusters in Poland?
    • Adopted by the Government of the Republic of Poland on September 4th 2006
    • ” Infrastructure for innovation” - which stresses how important is to support joint networking activity
    Place for the project logo
  • 5.
    • Assistance from The EU
    • Innovative Economy Operating Programme: Support for Cooperative Connections of Supra-Regional Importance
    • Regional Operating Programmes: Support on a regional level in 16 voivodships
    • The Development of Eastern Poland Operating Programme” (for the Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie regions)
    How do we support clusters on a regional and supra-regional level? Place for the project logo
  • 6.
    • Cluster policy should be more closely linked with policy on the development of Special Economic Zones
    • It creates favourable environment in SEZs
    • It creates links between enterprises located inSEZs
    • It dynamises business activity in SEZs
    The Cluster policy versus Special Economic Zones Place for the project logo
  • 7.
    • It’s important to internationalise cluster Initiatives
    • It leads to exchange of experience
    • It intensifies technology transfers with Europe’s most important centres of innovation
    • It helps to go beyond national borders
    • It opens new markets
    • Poland as a memeber of the PRO INNO European Cluster Alliance
    Internationalisation of Cluster Policy Place for the project logo
  • 8.
    • A prioritiy of the Europe 2020 – A Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth
    • Member States aim at putting in place stable foundations for economic growth and ensuring the European Union’s competitiveness
    • Poland’s National Programme of Reforms - a strategy for the long- and medium-term development which helps to expand the country’s socioeconomic areas
    Cluster Policy in EU Place for the project logo
  • 9. Aviation Valley Assocciation
    • Located in the South-Eastern Part of Poland
    • Where the aviation industry is deeply rooted
    • Where many aerospace companies are concenrated
    • Rzeszow University of Technology is the only center in Poland which educates civil aviation pilots
    Place for the project logo
  • 10.
    • Created on 11th of April 2003
    • One of the biggest clusters in Poland
    • 90 members 22 000 employees
    • Mainly companies from Rzeszow
    Aviation Valley Assocciation Place for the project logo
  • 11. Eastern Poland IT Companies Cluster
    • Coordinated by IT Association in Podkarpacie
    • Located in podkarpackie voivodship
    • Established by the Marshal Office in 2006
    • Participation within the actions of the competitive economy workgroup,
    Place for the project logo
  • 12. Eastern Poland IT Companies Cluster
    • Cluster competencies:
    • R epresenting companies o f ering IT and marketing services,
    Place for the project logo
    • S upport of enterprises in obtaining f nancial support and management, support in building innovative networks of co-operating companies, institutions and institutes of higher education,
    • I mproving social and economic e f ectiveness of the entire macro-region of Eastern Poland and limiting the marginalization of this part of the country.
  • 13. First Casting Cluster in Poland KOM-CAST Place for the project logo
    • Located in 3 voivodships podkarpackie, lubelskie and swietokrzyskie
    • Established in 2006 by Polish Foundries – Starachowice , Rzeszów University of Technology , Metallurgy Factory WSK Rzeszów
    • Over 4000 employees
    • First place in Poland in export of engineering cast-iron components
  • 14.
    • Main activities:
    • Creating favorable conditions for entrepreneurs development ;
    • Support and promotion Polish casting industry abroad;
    Casting Cluster
    • Promoting and exchanging of knowledge about casting in cooperation between entrepreurships and research centers;
    • Support of KOM-CAST members in obtain UE grants;
    • Preservation Polish and regional tradition of castin industry.
    Place for the project logo
  • 15. Podkarpacki Cluster of Renewable Energy Place for the project logo
    • Located in podkarpackie voivodship
    • Founded in 2011 on the initiative of the University of Rzeszów
    • Cluster has 26 members – main companies from renewable energy sector
  • 16.
    • Cluster competencies:
    • creating networks of cooperation between Rzeszów universities, business support institutions and administration
    • stimulating the development of new technologies as well as analytical and scienti fi c base, of innovative products
    • creating joint products employing innovative solutions developed with the participation of R&D units of partner universities.
    The pillar of these activities is close co-operation with the University Centre for Innovation and Technological and Environmental Knowledge Transfer, which is being established, and with the Centre for Microelectronics and Nanotechnology. Place for the project logo
  • 17. Innovative Health and Tourism Cluster
    • Located in 2 voivodeships: podkarpackie i swietokrzyskie
    • Formed in 2009 in Rzeszow by University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów and Zamość University of Management and Administration
    • 34 members - mainly sanatori es and public organisations
    Place for the project logo
  • 18. New Cluster POLIGEN Place for the project logo
    • Established in 2011 in Rzeszów
    • The cluster engag es plastics processing Compan ies
    • Originators of the agreement and the main initiators of the creation this cluster are Rzeszów University of Technology, Marma Polish Films and the INNpuls company.
    • Companies centered around Poligen are employing a total of 810 people.