Sexuality research task


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Sexuality research task

  1. 1. Sexuality ResearchTask
  2. 2. What is sexuality? Sexuality is persons sexual orientation or preference.
  3. 3. Common stereotypes of a heterosexualmale• Considered normal• Ignorant• Dominant• Homophobic• Don‟t show feelings• Cheat when they can• “Macho”• Aggressive• Brave• See women as sex objects• Messy and unclean
  4. 4. Common stereotypes for a heterosexualfemale• Sweet• Pretty• Polite• Weak• Cook• Emotional• Self centred• Faithful• Gossips• Domestic
  5. 5. Common stereotypes for a homosexualmale• Clean• Drama queens• Like to go clubbing• Fashionable• Gay men relationships don‟t last long• Have lots of female friends• Have a lisp• Enjoy shopping• Party a lot
  6. 6. Common stereotypes for a homosexualfemale• Butch build• Don‟t wear make up• Never wear dresses or glamorous clothing• Hate men• Tattoos• Short hair• Sporty• Ugly• Piercings
  7. 7. How homosexual males are representedin TV dramas• Maxxie is from the TV drama „Skins‟. He is represented as being quite well groomed and emotional. He is portrayed as quite a sensitive character who is caring towards other characters in the TV drama. He also doesn‟t get angry.Stereotypes reinforced or challenged?Maxxie reinforces the stereotype of being well groomed and sensitive, however the stereotype is challenged as he isn‟t outrageously dramatic and doesn‟t go to parties any more than the other characters in the TV do.
  8. 8. How homosexual males are representedin TV dramasChristian from „Eastenders‟ is represented as being masculine looking. He is portrayed as showing more emotion than most of the other heterosexual men from the show. He is also represented as liking to have fun, go out and being caring towards his female friends.Stereotypes reinforced or challenged?The typical gay stereotype is reinforced in this program as he is seen as being well groomed and befriending lots of female characters. The stereotype of enjoying partying is also reinforced through his character.
  9. 9. Comparisons to heterosexual malesrepresentationCook from the TV series „Skins‟ is represented as being dominant. He has a threatening image and feisty attitude. He also quite a cocky character who manipulates other characters around him. He tries to look the toughest and uses bad language a lot.Stereotypes reinforced or challenged?Cook reinforces and doesn‟t challenge any heterosexual male stereotypes in the TV drama. He views females as sex objects and fights for power and dominance. He is also aggressive and doesn‟t show his feelings.
  10. 10. How homosexual females arerepresented in TV dramasNaomi from the TV drama „Skins‟ is represented as being kind. She is caring towards other characters although remains quite distant from others. She isolates herself and is very clever.Stereotypes reinforced or challenged?Naomi definitely challenges the typical lesbian stereotype. This is because she is a pretty character who is slim and takes care of her look. Her temperament is kind and is friends with both genders.
  11. 11. How homosexual females arerepresented in TV dramasSophie from „Coronation Street‟ is also a lesbian. Similarly to Naomi she is represented as a sweet character and has no typical characteristics of being a lesbian. She is kind natured and pretty.Stereotypes reinforced or challenged?Sophie challenges each stereotype of being a lesbian. She is a character who isn‟t seen as butch. She has a pleasant personality and dresses quite girly. She still wears make up and has friends from both genders.
  12. 12. Comparisons to heterosexual femalerepresentationVod from the TV drama „Fresh Meat‟ is represented as being quite strong minded and feisty. She has a few male mannerisms and is not afraid of speaking her mind. She also follows an indie dress code and has a low sounding voice.Stereotype reinforces or challenges?Vod challenges the straight female stereotype as she dresses unladylike and is quite outright about her opinions. She doesn‟t show emotion a lot and she isn‟t very domestic.