Representations of ethnicity in tv drama


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Representations of ethnicity in tv drama

  1. 1. Researching UK and USA TVDrama sub-genres
  2. 2. SkinsThe clip of Skins I have chosen involves a Muslim fatheraccepting that his son is friends with Maxxie, who is gay.
  3. 3. RepresentationsIt is typical for people who are a part of the Muslim culture to be against homosexuality, therefore in this clip it is expected that the Muslim family would not take well to the fact that Maxxie is gay. Chris who is a white character in the clip appears and he uses language which is typical for a white teenager, using bad language.Clip showing this stereotype
  4. 4. Does this clip challenge of reinforce the stereotype?I think this clip challenges the Muslim stereotype. This is because Anwar’s dad accepts Maxxie without any concern. Although he does not understand gay people, he accepts Maxxie as a person. However, it reinforces the stereotype of white people regarding their spoken language, although not all white people talk in this way.
  5. 5. Who are the dominant and who are the subordinate groups in this clip?In the UK, where this TV drama is made white British people tend to be the dominant group in society. I do not think this is the case for this clip as the white British person is feeling apprehensive of displaying his true self to the Muslim families due to the fear of being rejected. This means that in this clip the white British male (Maxxie) is part of the subordinate character group and the Muslim family is the dominant group as they have the power in this clip.
  6. 6. Is hegemony challenged?I think hegemony is challenged in this clip regarding ethnicity as it challenges what a Muslim person would think about homosexuality.
  7. 7. MisfitsThe clip from Misfits I have chosen is where one of theprobation workers tries to talk to the characters about thecommunity service they are doing.
  8. 8. RepresentationsEach of the characters are represented in completely different ways. Three different ethnicities are shown in the extract; black British, white British, Irish and mixed race. Curtis, who plays the black British male character follows the typical stereotype. The Irish character, Nathan, follows a typical Irish stereotype as he has charm and is quite humorous. The white character is gobby and aggressive in the extract, and the mixed race character is glamorous and feminine in the extract.Clip showing stereotypes
  9. 9. Does this clip challenge or reinforce the stereotype?I think this clip both challenges and reinforces each stereotype. For example the black British character in the extract is being reinforced as the typical black British person, getting involved with trouble and not caring about consequences as he is facing community service. However, his stereotype is also challenged using mise-en-scene in the extract. This is because he is wearing a cross and chain around his neck, implying that he is aware that his actions are wrong and he feels guilty about it. The Irish stereotype is reinforced in the extract as he is charming and humorous. He is also quite a laid back character which is typical for the Irish ethnicity. The white character I feel the stereotype is being challenged. This is because not all white people are stereotypically ‘chavvy’. However the stereotype of being a chav is being reinforced as she is defensive and aggressive and also talks quite loudly. Her image such as scooping her hair back from her face in a tight pony tail is also stereotypically chavvy. Finally the mixed race character is represented glamorously by being well presented and wearing make up, she is represented to be quite confident which reinforces the mixed race stereotype.
  10. 10. Who are the dominant and who are the subordinategroups in this clip?Typically the dominance is shared in the extract. Each ofthe ethnicities show they are dominant. However, the socialworker character who is a white British women may be partof the subordinate group as she is simply going along withthe silly responses each of the characters are giving her.
  11. 11. Is hegemony challenged?I think that hegemony is challenged in the extract because one of the white British characters (Kelly) is stereotypically chavvy, however not all white people fit into that stereotype. Other than that hegemony seems to be reinforced as the way in which the other characters act seem to be quite realistic based on their ethnicity, however could possibly be an exaggerated version.