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Malvinas Islands
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Malvinas Islands

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  • 1. AREA:Location: South Atlantic Ocean.Comprise two islands:-West Falkland.-East Falkland.Capital: Stanley (Puerto Argentino).Total Area: 12,173 km2.LANGUAGES:The only official language : English.Spanish: 10% of the population.The speakers are immigrants.
  • 2. FLAG: COAT: ANTHEM:-The first flag itwas a blue ensign.-The current flag isa red ensign.-Previously the redensign was used byships.-The shiprepresent thedesire.-The motto “Desirethe right”.-The ramrepresent sheep -flaming.-For Argentina is:-For Great Britain is:
  • 3. Terrestrial MarineFAUNA:JellyfishMollusksCrustaceansPámpanoHokiHaddock StingrayPenguinsAlbaratosPetrelsGooseMacacitoFalkland cootDucks
  • 4. FLORA:Terrestrial MarineTussockShrubsVerónicaPhytoplankton.Algal mass.
  • 5. Economy of the Falkland IslandsBut also theeconomy isdedicated to:In the present theeconomy is based onfishing.INDUSTRY wool, fishprocessing,sale of stampsand coins.AGRICILTURAPRODUCTSsheep anddairy products.EXPORT ANDIMPORTCOUNTRY
  • 6. Elizabeth IIElizabeth IIThe Constitution of theMalvinas Islands
  • 7. Causes. Aftermath.• The illegal occupation byArgentina military.• Argentina was experiencingeconomic problems.• The Argentineans had triedeconomic incentives for theislands.• The invasion was the only optionwas the only option to retake theisland.• The Argentina governmentquickly collapsed.•Return to democracy.•Period of political instability.•The population has increased.
  • 8. Galtieri
  • 9. Margaret Thatcher
  • 10. For geological continuity.For geography continuity.For the colonial legacy.For continuity of occupation.For effective occupation: When 1833 the British occupied the MalvinasIslands was governor delegation of Bs. As. Who were obligated to leavethe Islands by force.For continuity in the claims – Reclaimed to:• United Kingdom.• And to international organizations “UN”.
  • 11. Economy fishing. Commercial treats. External Politics.Parallel 45and 60.-Communications;-Commercial acts;-Taxes for themercancy.-Drug trafficking;-Commercial andmineralexploitation.
  • 12. Haveright tofreelychoose.No externalcompulsion orexternalinterference.Principle intheinternationallaw.FALKLANDS 2010 SELFDETERMINATION XVIII
  • 13. In the War. Actuality.Peru was the only country thatsupported openly the Argentinaduring the war. In addition report ofthe Chilean government theyindicate that Peru mobilized hisnaval fleet in the southern part,border that he shares with Chile,with the intention of neutralizingthe military Chilean movement tothe Patagonia and that the Peruvianarmed forces were ready to enteraction if Chile was taking part of theconflict.Now, there are 31 countries thatsupport to Argentina in the demandfor sovereignty over the islands. Boththe countries of Latin America andthe Caribbean. With the exception ofCanada and the United States.1 - Antigua and Barbuda; 2 –Bahamas; 3 – Barbados; 4- Belize; 5 –Bolivia; 6 – Brazil; 7 – Chile; 8 –Colombia; 9 - Costa Rica; 10 –Dominica; 11 – Ecuador; 12 - ElSalvador; 13 – Grenada; 14 –Guatemala; 15 – Guyana; 16 – Haiti;17 – Honduras; 18 – Jamaica; 19 –Mexico; 20 – Nicaragua; 21 –Panama; 22 – Paraguay; 23 – Peru; 24- Dominican Republic; 25 - SaintKitts and Nevis; 26 - Santa lucia; 27 -St. Vincent and the Grenadines; 28 –Suriname; 29 - Trinidad and Tobago;30 – Uruguay; 31 – Venezuela.