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This presentation provides a brief overview eFolder BDR. eFolder BDR is a wholesale, backup and disaster recovery solution designed for MSPs, solution providers, and VARs.

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  • The purpose of this presentation is to present the eFolder BDR solution overview to a reseller audience.The presentation should be possible in 30 minutes or less.In the event you need to incorporate a product demo or partner testimonial, you will likely need to reduce the length of the presentation to accommodate either content section.
  • The presentation follows a logical flow from client need, to solution overview, to unique deployment scenarios, and finally to competitive advantages.
  • This slide reviews the key client pain points that are driving the backup and disaster recovery market. This is the stuff that is keeping clients awake at night.First, legacy tape backup systems are stable solutions, but prone to various hassles and human errors. Tape rotation and offsite removal of tapes leads to potential privacy issues and extra operational costs for organizations, big and small. Moreover, the key issue with tape backup is that the recovery time (RTO) is too high for most organizations.Uptime and resiliency are key in today’s 24/7 economy. On-site servers run production applications that keep organizations productive and serving their clients. Downtime is not an option. Organizations, both big and small, need the confidence that critical systems – such as email and Exchange servers; databases; Sharepoint and internal portals – can be recovered in minutes, not hours or days.Even though rare, on-site disasters do happen. Tornados, fires, and floods can destroy mission critical data and systems. Clients need to plan for all eventualities, even the rare site-wide disaster.Lastly, cloud-based solutions are on everyone’s minds, since they unleash the potential for complete data protection and reliable business continuity, even at prices small businesses can afford.
  • Organizations have to defend against three kinds of business interruptions:First, everyday disasters are incredibly common. Hardware failures, especially disk drive failures, occur all the time. Corrupted software installs are common. Human error is a key contributor to system downtime.Natural disasters or site-wide disasters are far less common. They do happen however and the consequences for a business can be deadly. Fire or property insurance always seems like a needless expense, until you need it. The same goes for backup and disaster recovery preparedness. In some parts of the country – say in the Gulf Coast or in Tornado Alley – the likelihood of a site wide disaster is even higher. Most businesses can not survive the complete loss of their critical business data. If customer records, financials and accounting records are completely lost, most businesses would have a hard time recovering from such an event. Lastly, businesses need to guard against any kind of downtime today. In today’s competitive market, the fast eat the slow. Businesses can’t afford for their employees to be down, out of touch, or unproductive. Servers, workstations, and mobile assets need to operate at peak performance so knowledge workers, sales people, engineers, and support personnel can get their day to day jobs done well. If disasters do occur, recovery has to be fast and complete.
  • Introducing eFolder BDR.eFolder BDR is a complete solution designed for MSPs, solution providers, and VARs. eFolder BDR is a backup and disaster recovery service that delivers unparalleled data protection and business continuity to demanding business users. eFolder BDR is a service that combines intelligent software for image-based, bare-metal backups, online backup to the cloud, an on-site appliance for near instant virtualization of backed up servers, and emergency in-the-cloud virtualization for worst case scenarios. eFolder BDR delivers a complete business continuity solution, by not only protecting client data, but guaranteeing uptime and resiliency for mission critical servers and applications.
  • This diagram provides a simple overview of the main functions of an eFolder BDR installation.First, the imaging software running on the production servers captures an initial image of the server, along with incremental image backups, and stores them on the eFolder BDR.The eFolder BDR appliance acts both as a storage server and as a standby server, in the event the production server fails. The eFolder BDR, leveraging virtualization technology, can bring up the image of the downed server and operate just like production server. Since both the data and complete server configuration is backed up, this on-site recovery can happen in minutes, not hours or days.To deliver additional protection, eFolder backs up the server images daily to the eFolder Storage Cloud, providing cloud based protection from on-site disasters. The client or partner can recover the server images from the cloud, via a download or shipment of a hard drive with the server images.Or, partners may elect to recover the servers in the cloud with the eFolder Continuity Cloud. This approach provides the same benefits of on-site virtualization, but instead leverages the eFolder Continuity Cloud.
  • eFolder enables partners to deliver a robust and complete solution to their clients. The eFolder BDR service delivers total protection, since data is backed up not just on-site but also to the cloud.eFolder allows partners to commit to valuable service level agreements for server uptime, since the partner can recover a downed server quickly, either on-site or in the eFolder Continuity Cloud.Partners can build managed services that are highly resilient and meet uptime requirements of a wide range of clients.The quality the eFolder BDR service gives partners the confidence to charge a premium for a complete and highly reliable backup and disaster recovery solution. The key to consistent and profitable managed service revenue is standardizing on a high quality solution like eFolder BDR.
  • Now let me take your through some of the key features that clients will care about.eFolder BDR includes the intelligent software, the appliance, and the cloud infrastructure to make the whole solution work.Not all cloud solutions are created equal. eFolder engineers its software and infrastructure for highly reliable operation and the utmost in data protection. Behind the scenes, the eFolder infrastructure is quietly doing its job to protect the privacy and the integrity of the client data. Military grade encryption is used to ensure that client data is encrypted before upload to the cloud; only the client or their designated agent can use the encryption key to unlock the data. Once the data is in the eFolder cloud, eFolder applies propriety technology defend against “silent data corruption,” ensuring that when recovery needed the data will be sound and useable. Granular file recovery is an important feature as well. Clients can perform “quick mount” operations to recover individual files and folders from an image of the server. Included software tools also permit the easy recovery of Exchange items, such as individual emails, attachments or mailboxes.Lastly, eFolder service includes the eFolder Continuity Cloud, enabling partners or clients to recover servers in the cloud to keep an organization up and running even in the case of site-wide disasters.
  • There are various features of the eFolder BDR that will be appreciated especially by partners.eFolder BDR hardware is unique. eFolder has engineered its appliances to meet the demanding performance criteria of partners that want high performance and highly reliable operation. Reliability translates into lower operational costs and higher profits for partners driving a managed services model.eFolder uses state-of-the-art hardware and provides partners with a five different models to choose from. Storage and memory options are highly configurable and field upgradeable, allowing you to preserve your hardware investments and upgrade clients as needed.eFolder BDR is also flexible enough to meet the advanced requirements of any partner. Replication features enable additional levels of redundancy and permit partners to deliver faster recovery options for clients. eFolder Backup can be combined to deliver file-level backup, for a comprehensive solution from a single vendor.Lastly, remote monitoring and management, along with ConnectWise PSA integration, helps partners better serve their clients and keep their recurring costs low.
  • eFolder BDR is flexible.Partners may “build their own” BDR by procuring their own brand of hardware and licensing the key software assets from eFolder to craft their own solution. Overall, the economics of the solution will be similar. The partner will need to invest more labor in crafting their own solution, however, this permits the partner to leverage their own preferred brand of hardware.
  • eFolder BDR flexibility extends to replication.Partners can replicate images from one eFolder BDR location to another, giving the organization a hot standby capability. In the event of a site-wide disaster or complete loss of connectivity to a location, the replicated images can be brought up quickly with on-site virtualization in the additional location.
  • eFolder BDR can allow partners to provide even higher levels of business continuity to their growing client base.The replication capability can also be leveraged by partners to deliver fast RTO service level agreements to clients. Partners can provision a large, high capacity BDR in their own data center and replication multiple client BDRs to this location, allowing the partner to virtualize and recover any of the client servers in their own private cloud environment.
  • eFolder BDR is superior to many different BDR options on the market.Unlike Zenith Infotechand Datto, eFolder BDR deployments are field upgradeable. eFolder guarantees availability for the latest version of StorageCraft software tools; you will never find yourself stuck in a back rev scenario.eFolder’s silent data corruption prevention technology sets its cloud infrastructure apart from the competition. You get peace of mind, knowing your backed up data is safe from corruption.ConnectWise PSA integration saves partners countless hours on service and support. Automation, efficiency, and better labor utilization are all key to increasing managed services profits.Lastly, granular file recovery is essential to helping clients quickly recover individual files or Exchange items during those everyday disasters.
  • eFolder helps partners adapt to a fast changing technology landscape. Partners can leverage the power of the cloud, while managing the natural migration of infrastructure from on-premises to cloud-based deployments.With eFolder’s unique business model, partners control the client relationship. eFolder allows partners build unique and differentiated offerings, with your own service levels, pricing, and branding.eFolder partners create thriving businesses based upon managed services that generate predictable, monthly recurring revenue. Partners are able to keep their operating costs low through reliable service performance, automation, and integration with their PSA systems. And the result is consistent ongoing profitability.
  • eFolder BDR Partner Presentation

    1. 1. Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)Partner PresentationTed HulsyVP of Marketing, eFolder415 235 6087ehulsy@efolder.net
    2. 2. Agenda• Client Needs• eFolder BDR• How it Works• eFolder Difference• Feature Review• Partner Pricing• Deployment Alternatives• Competitive Advantages2 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    3. 3. What is keeping clients awake at night? “Our current backups are “We can’t afford a huge hassle.” downtime for any of our servers.” “Are we prepared for a “Shouldn’t we consider real disaster?” a cloud option here?”3 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    4. 4. Business Continuity Needs Today Data protection from Cloud protection for everyday disasters site-wide disasters Fast recovery to keep organizations productive and thriving4 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    5. 5. Introducing eFolder BDR• Key features: – Backup: • Intelligent software for image-based backup, protecting the data and the complete system configuration • eFolder BDR appliance for local image backup • eFolder Storage Cloud for cloud backup – Disaster Recovery: • Recover in minutes, not hours • Recover on the appliance, with on-site virtualization • Recover from the cloud via download or drive shipment • Recover in the cloud, with off-site virtualization in the eFolder Continuity Cloud5 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    6. 6. How it Works eFolder BDR eFolder Storage Cloud Image backupProduction Disaster recovery options BDR appliance servers 1. Download On-site virtualization 2. Disk shipment eFolder 3. Emergency in the cloud Continuity Cloud virtualization and recovery Users 6 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    7. 7. The eFolder Difference Total protection Fast recovery Resiliency Confidence7 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    8. 8. Client Features8 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    9. 9. Partner Features9 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    10. 10. Partner Pricing Please call eFolder for partner wholesale pricing details: 800-352-0248 www.efolder.net/join10 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    11. 11. Deployment Scenario: Build Your Own BDR Build Your Own BDR Key software tools eFolder Image backup Storage Cloud Third party serverProduction servers 11 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    12. 12. Deployment Scenario: Cross-site ReplicationClient Location 1 Image backup Production BDR appliance servers On-site virtualization eFolder Storage Cloud Image replicationClient Location 2 Image backup Production BDR appliance servers On-site virtualization 12 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    13. 13. Deployment Scenario: Many-to-one ReplicationClient 1 Image replication Production BDR appliance servers On-site virtualizationClient 2 Partner Private Image replication Cloud Production BDR appliance High capacity BDR servers On-site virtualizationClient 3 Image replication Production BDR appliance servers On-site virtualization 13 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    14. 14. eFolder BDR Competitive Advantages Field upgradeable BDR appliances The latest software version, guaranteed Silent data corruption prevention ConnectWise PSA integration Exchange granular recovery14 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    15. 15. Partner Testimonials “We were looking for a partner that could provide a one stop shop for all our backup needs. We needed file and folder backup, in addition to BDR and disaster recovery. Previously, we had separate partners for each of the solutions. With eFolder, now we have a one stop shop that combines all resources in one simple and easy-to-use interface.” − John Motazedi, CEO, SNC Squared, Inc. “We selected eFolder for our BDR after using other problematic BDRs. The eFolder BDR did what they said it would do. It was reliable and stable. Our clients are happy because there are no surprises. We make money off of the eFolder BDR because we do not have to spend a lot of time troubleshooting or fixing things.” – Robyn Howes, President, Certified NETS15 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    16. 16. eFolder Competitive Advantages • Leverage the power of the cloud Adapt • Manage the migration from on-premises to cloud services • Your own service offerings Differentiate • Your own pricing • Your own branding • Predictable, monthly revenue streams Thrive • Low operating costs • Consistent margins and cash flow16 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.