Charles dickens


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Charles dickens

  1. 1. In this project…you have to do a biography about a real person and another about an important fiction character.You have to find the most important information about them.
  2. 2. A good biography Describes the person’s environment:  Where  When they lived  How Gives important details about his/her lifeRemember to use the past tense!
  3. 3. An example:Charlesdickens.
  4. 4. overview  Birth  Early years  Education  Career  work
  5. 5. BIRTH He was born On 7th February 1812 At Portsea in England He was the son of John Dickens and Elizabeth He was the second of eight children
  6. 6. Early Years His father ended up in prison because he had a lot of debts Charles left school and had to work when he was a child His family moved first to London in 1823, then to Chatham and back to London
  7. 7. Dickens house inLondon at 48Doughty Street.Now is CharlesDickens’ museum.
  8. 8. A good reader He read a lot of novels of important authors: Smollette, Fielding, Le Sage These readings had an important influence on his works
  9. 9. Early Career He became a junior clerk in a solicitor’s office in 1827 He learnt shorthand and became a reporter in 1829
  10. 10. Marriage He married Catherine Thomson in 1836 They had 10 children Their marriage ended in separation in 1858
  11. 11. Writing Career Published Sketches by Boz in The Monthly Magazine They were a success. “Boz” was his pen name He wrote The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick clubfrom April 1836 to 1837 It established his fame for all time Dickens became a busy and successful novelist
  12. 12. Oliver Twist in 1838 About a boy named Oliver Twist who escapes from a workhouse and meets a gang of pickpockets in London
  13. 13. A Christmas Carol in 1843 About an old, rich and mean man
  14. 14. David Copperfield in 1849 •His masterpiece •Originally appeared in serial form •The most autobiographical of all his novels
  15. 15. A Tale of Two Cities in 1859 Set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution. With 200 million copies sold, it is the most printed original English book.
  16. 16. And more works… Bleak House in 1852 Little Dorrit in 1855 Great Expectations in 1860 Our Mutual Friend in 1864
  17. 17.  He died from a cerebral stroke inDeath 1870  He was buried in Westminster Abbey.
  18. 18. His interest in Social Reform His novels explained the problems of his time:  Workhouses  Poor children  School  Work in factories  …