New product development by ehsan bukhari
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New product development by ehsan bukhari



In this the presentation of my new product which name is Energy Producer!!!

In this the presentation of my new product which name is Energy Producer!!!



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New product development by ehsan bukhari New product development by ehsan bukhari Presentation Transcript

  • Energy Producer
    • In this there is no any fuel cost.
    • There is no any power required.
    • Total based on the megnatical power of earth.
    • Total different from other methods.
    • So cheap in production.
    • High energy production capability.
    • Directly for consumer.
  • Student of Bzu Multan
    • Its my first experiece to developing any product and the part of my own presentation.
    • My first presentation to any Marketing Based Meeting.
    • There also free slide of my product for anyone but no copyrights allowed to anyone under the law of Govt of Pakistan.
    • And its also for the idea that You people want to share on my link its available.
    • Ehsan Bukhari
    • (Mcom Continued)
    Email: Cell: 0334-60820223 Facebook:
  • What is a New Product?
  • Energy Producer new Idea Generation from hint of megnatic power of Earth I also checking that and finding that there is reallity & worth for all Business analysis is simple because there is need cause of loadsheding Development if occur Test in any Industry or any area for success After that Advertise in different channels and newspapers etc Stages in Producing Energy Producer
  • Instruments need for Generation EP
    • Two gararies upper and lowerwith chain.
    • One supporting Poll.
    • Desired wieghts to run
    • Excel of the garary to
    • the generator for production.
    • One generator.
    • And breaks instruments
  • Internal sources Customers Competitors Distributors, Suppliers Idea Generation
    • Drop Poor Ideas!
    • Criteria
      • Market Size
      • Product Price
      • Development Time & Costs
      • Manufacturing Costs
      • Rate of Return
    Screening and Evaluation
  • Part Two - Short-Term: Product’s Planned Price Distribution Marketing Budget Part Three - Long-Term: Sales & Profit Goals Marketing Mix Strategy Part One - Overall: Target Market Planned Product Positioning Sales & Profit Goals Market Share Marketing Strategy
  • Business Analysis Review of Product Sales, Costs, and Profits Projections to See if They Meet Company Objectives If Yes, Move to Product Development If No, Eliminate Product Concept Business Analysis
  • Standard Test Market Full marketing campaign in a small number of representative cities. Simulated Test Market Test in a simulated shopping environment to a sample of consumers. Controlled Test Market A few stores that have agreed to carry new products for a fee. Test Marketing
  • EP Diagram
    • Two gararies with chain
    • Its role up to down like chain role over garari
    • See the direction of the weights right and left side positions are different on chain
    • otherside a side view of one grari wheel which exc el is connected with the generator for production of energy
  • Readings P253, The Variations of Products P253, Product Line and Product Mix P253, Classifying Products P256, What Is a New Product? P256, Newness Compared with Existing Products P257, Newness in Legal Terms P257, Newness from the Company’s Perspective P257, Newness from the Consumer’s Perspective P262, The New-Product Process P262, New-Product Strategy Development P263, Idea Generation P265, Screening and Evaluation P267, Business Analysis P267, Development P268, Market Testing
  • Student of Bzu Multan
    • Ambission of this generation to remove loadshedding from Pakistan
    • Provide extra power to Pakistan
    • Increase the export of energy from Pakistan to other countries
    • Generating revenue for my country
    • Pray All of You for me success of my product and dreams for Modernlised Pakistan INSHAALLAH!!!
    • Ehsan Bukhari
    • (Mcom Continued)
    Email: Cell: 0334-60820223 Facebook: