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  1. 1. Chaucer’s Time Line Myranda Sutton 5th period -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1340-1345 -------------------------------Birth of Geoffrey Chaucer. ----- 1357 Chaucer became assistant in the household of Elizabeth de Burgh, Countess of Ulster.1359 ----------------------------------------In September 1359 King Edwardand his sons were invadingFrance with a largeexpeditionary force. Prince ------ 1360Lionel went into the kings army Chaucer is captured by theand Chaucer served in the French at the siege of Reims.retinue of Lionel in the war inFrance. ------- 1365-1366 Chaucer marries Philippa Roet who serves in the Queens household.1366 ----------------------------------------Death of Chaucers father, alsotravels to Spain. ----- 1367 Chaucer entered service as an assistant in the household of Edward III also his first son is born.
  2. 2. Chaucer’s Time Line -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1367-1370 ------------------------------- ----- 1368Chaucer translates parts of Chaucer writes the Book ofRomaunt of the Rose. the Duchess about the death of Blanche1369 ----------------------------------------Chaucer travels to NorthernFrance and serves in the army ofJohn of Gaunt. ------ 1370 Chaucer travels to the Continent on the Kings service. ------- 1370 Chaucer again serves with the army in France.1372-1377 -------------------------------Chaucer writes the poems lateradopted as the Second NunsTale and the Monks Tale in The ----- 1372Canterbury Tales. Chaucers wife Philippa starts to work in the household of John of Gaunts wife.
  3. 3. Chaucer’s Time Line -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1372 ----------------------------------------Chaucer travels to Italy on a ----- 1374mission. Chaucer is granted a pitcher of wine daily by the King. John1375----------------------------------------Both Chaucer and Otho deGraunson receive grants fromJohn of Gaunt. ------ 1376-1377 Several journeys to France and Flanders to negotiate for peace and the marriage of Richard with a French1378 ---------------------------------------- princess.Richard II confirms EdwarsIIIs, annuity of 20 pounds.1378-1381 -------------------------------Chaucer writes SaintCecelia, The House ofFame, Anelida and Arcite and ----- 1381-86Palamon and Arcite later Chaucer writes Boece andadapted as The Knights Tale Troilus and Criseyde
  4. 4. Chaucer’s Time Line -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1387 --------------------------------------Death of Geoffrey Chaucers ----- 1387-1392wife. Chaucer begins The Canterbury Tales1389 ----------------------------------------On 12 July 1389, Chaucer is ------ 1391declared clerk of the Works at Chaucer is robbed twice.Westminster, Tower of Robbers take away 10 poundsLondon, and other royal estates. at Westminster and 9 pounds, 43 pence at Hatcham. ------- 1391 Chaucer retired from Clerkship of the Kings works.1391-1392 -------------------------------Chaucer writes The Treatise ofthe Astrolabe for his son Lewis. ----- 1393 Chaucer is awarded 10 pounds by the King for services rendered.
  5. 5. Chaucer’s Time Line1394 -------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ ----- 1395Chaucer is granted an annuity for Chaucers son Thomas marrieslife of 20 pounds by the King. the heiress Maud Burghersh.1396-1400 --------------------------------Chaucer writes the latest of The ------ 1397Canterbury Tales Chaucer is granted a ton 252 gal. of wine a year by the King.1400 --------------------------------------Chaucer writes TheComplaint of Chaucer to HisPurse. --------- 1400 Chaucers Death on 25 October.