Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing Defined


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Definitions of Marketing Automation and Lead Nuturing.

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Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing Defined

  1. 1. Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing Defined
  2. 2. Market Trends • IDC predicts overall market for automated marketing will grow from $3.2 billion in 2010 to $4.8 billion in 2015. • Gartner predicts by 2017 the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO.
  3. 3. The Funnel
  4. 4. Marketing Automation Defined Let’s begin with a definition: WHAT: Marketing automation is a category of software. HOW: It streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows. WHY: So Honeywell can increase marketing operational efficiency and grow revenue faster © 2013 Televerde, LLC AllNames Prospect & Recycled Engaged Lead Nurturing Lead Opportunity Sales Lead MQL SAL SQL
  5. 5. What is Marketing Automation? • Marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. • Marketing automation focuses on the lead acquisition and demand generation activities within a marketing group, as opposed to the sales activities, where CRM systems as a whole tend to focus. Simply put, these tools automate marketing processes — everything from strategic planning and campaign design to customer segmentation, lead generation, nurture campaigns, prospect scoring, and closed loop analytics.
  6. 6. What Marketing Automation Does AllNames Prospect& Recycled Engaged Lead Nurturing “The art of maintaining permission to stay in front of your buyers as they educate themselves” Builds relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with the goal of earning their business when they are ready. Lead Opportunity Sales Lead MQL SAL SQL
  7. 7. Lead Nurturing Defined “At its core, lead nurturing is the process of cultivating leads that are not yet ready to buy today."
  8. 8. Lead Management & Marketing Automation Improved lead management will create more demand for your products & services: • Leads get better follow-up through automated lead nurturing • Leads will better understand the benefits of your products & services • Your sales team can focus on selling to the highest quality leads Nurturing, Prioritizing, and Recycling Leads to Convert More Leads into Revenue
  9. 9. Why Nurture Leads? 9 • According to an MIT Study with, 78% of sales that start with a web inquiry go to the company that responds FIRST! • 70% of the buying process in a complex sale is already complete before prospects are willing to engage with a live sales person according to SiriusDecisions. • According to Focus, it is only in the last third of the buying process that prospects actually want to engage with a sales representative. • Of those surveyed by sales lead expert Mac Macintosh, 23% had bought the product or service they were inquiring about within 6 months. The other 67% still intended to purchase, but were not yet ready. • According to DemandGen Report, nurtured leads produce – on average – a 20% increase in Sales Opportunities versus non-nurtured leads.
  10. 10. Effective Nurturing Effective nurturing focuses on engaging with people based on where they are in the buying process •Engaging in incremental interactions •Gathering information that may signal intent to purchase •Track changes in behavior to understand changes in level of interest Source: SiriusDecisions
  11. 11. Contact Bryan… Bryan Ehrenfreund VP of Digital Strategies Direct: +1 480.303.7078 Twitter: @ehrenfreund Televerde provides end-to-end marketing and sales solutions that make B2B sales pipelines stronger and faster with maximum ROI, while making marketing and sales executives smarter.