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Magazine comparison
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Magazine comparison


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  • 1. Music Magazines
  • 2. Music Magazine Front Cover AnalysisMast-headMain head lineBarcodeMain colours used in the colour schemefor this magazine include white, yellowand black. This colour scheme is includedin the mast head, main headlines, othercover lines.The model, Drake (music artiest) poseswith his eye looking at the camera in amid-shot, and arms beside him. Themodel (Drake) is wearing a black tee shirtwith ‘unstoppable’ in bold capital whitecharacters. Also has silver jewellery withJewish symbols, representing his Jewishbackgrounds with a black cap on.Model creditMain imageAlso include thesecelebritiesStamp
  • 3. Music Magazine Contents PageUnusually this contents page from karrang has a largeamount of space used for a picture of the band and abasic summery of the story included in the magazine.The contents page itself is designed to look like thepage has been ripped in half, exposing the blackbackground on the left. The font on this side is white,red and yellow; while its black on the right where thebackground is white.There seems to be more pictures on this contentspage, as there are usually either one or two, but herethere is four.Recycle logoheadingsContents
  • 4. Double Page Spread AnalysisThe main picture used in this article is the interviewee of this interview, herred outfit is bright against the white background; and to match heroutfit some of the text is also red. The quote in the middle of thedouble page spread is styled in a newspaper letter cut-out fashion.QuoteTitle ofarticleArticleModel
  • 5. Double Page Spread ComparisonMain pictureOver sized first letterFeatures of Double Page Spread:-More than 3 pictures-- extra features in article page--information on gigsFeatures of Double Page Spread:-Only one main image used-Over sized first letter than covers a wholepage.-- only including image, text, letter and modelname (Lady GAGA).
  • 6. Music Magazine Front CoverComparisonMast headMain headlinePriceOther articlesIssue numberDifferences between two different genred magazines:Kerrang, rock magazine;- Stamp- Competitions- Another picture of another artist- No extrasDifferences between two different genred magazines:Rootz, rock magazine;- Website advertised- Shows price in different currencys
  • 7. Contents Page AnalysisContents titleMain imageMain articleDateDifference between different music magazinecontents pages:NME contents;-subscription for magazine advertDifference between different music magazinecontents pages:NME contents;-two pictures of different artists in contentspage
  • 8. Different Music genresBluesCounrtyElectronicHip HopJazzPopR&BRockReggaePunkClassicalDance