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SNW Pres City Of Safford 101209 Lr


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See how the City of Safford used GridBank to dramatically improve their storage management and reduce costs

See how the City of Safford used GridBank to dramatically improve their storage management and reduce costs

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  • 1. End User Case Study: The City of Safford Arizona Municipality Tackles Data Archiving while Reducing Costs and Storage Footprint Monday, October 12th, 3:45-4:30 pm Archiving Track Derek Kruger, IT & Communications Supervisor, MCSE, MBA City of Safford, Arizona
  • 2. Welcome •! Cameras, laptops, devices welcome •! Twitter –! ZenNerd – follow me –! #SNWUSA – tweet about the conference –! #SNWKruger - tweet about this session •! Ask questions any time
  • 3. City of Safford, Arizona •! County Seat of Graham County Population of 10,000 •! City government housed in 10 buildings •! Three-person team supports 250 users for: servers, software, storage, network, and telephony
  • 4. City of Safford: Technology Environment: Before •! Storage: !!DAS & iSCSI SAN environments !!Dell/EqualLogic 5000 (Primary storage) !!Drobo Pro !!Micron 440s !!OPEN-E (backup) !!Windows Storage Server 2008 •! OS’s: !!Windows Server 2003 !!Windows Server 2008 •! Primary Servers: !! 4 Hyper-V Hosts running on Dell Poweredge 1950/2950
  • 5. The Challenge •! Constrained CAPEX and OPEX budgets •! IT resource limitations RISK •! Continued growth in demand for data resources •! Backup Issues OPEX CAPEX •! Need for constant access to data •! Lengthy data retention requirements
  • 6. Breaking Down the Challenge •! CAPEX and OPEX for storage not controlled Fun Data Retention Facts •! Primary storage not 80% of data does not change optimized after 90 days –! Too much data stored in --Storage Networking Industry primary storage Association (SNIA) •! Backup windows too long –! 24 hours for full server backup 82% of companies are not •! E-discovery issues addressing the Federal Rules of –! Very lengthy discovery Civil Procedure –! Expensive --Storage Magazine –! Manual process and IT resource intensive 14,000 regulations govern •! Tape handling, media too record retention just in the expensive United States •! Need for security --Computerworld •! Legal data retention requirements
  • 7. Coming up with a Solution •! Create a tiered storage environment •! Chose an active-archive/ILM software solution •! Put automated policies in place –! Data retention, disposition, digital shredding –! Tiering –! Security, encryption, and end user access controls •! Optimize resources – hardware, software, IT personnel •! Insure transparent end user access of migrated data •! Secure self-service for end users •! Respond to FOIA requests in a timely manner •! Comply with AZ State Data Retention Laws
  • 8. Current Server Room
  • 9. The Solution: Tiered Storage and Active Archive Using GridBank™ •!Tiered storage solution PRIMARY TIER: !!Move as much data as 6TB Array (using existing possible from high cost hardware) primary storage to much lower Internal Server DAS Disk cost secondary storage tiers •! Create a tier of secondary storage with a GridBank SECONDARY, ARCHIVING TIER: virtual storage pool consisting 20TB Total Virtual Storage Pool – (using existing, multi-vendor hardware) of heterogeneous disk arrays GridBank software •! Add Amazon S3 Cloud storage service to secondary tier in Q4 ‘09 using SECONDARY, ARCHIVING TIER: GridBank’s cloud storage Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Service to be added – target support Tied to GridBank software •! Tape backup depreciated •! Disk-based backup with continuous data protection
  • 10. The New Technology Environment: Network Storage Architecture Production Secondary Active Archival: Environment Tarmin Technologies’ GridBank 7 - Dell 1950/2950 Servers Grid-based server, software command Windows 2003, 2008 layer, and metadata management Linux (planned) CIFS, NFS IP LAN/WAN WebDAV Storage Virtual Pool: Amazon Micron Arrays S3 Cloud Drobo Pro Storage Planned 20 TB Q4 ‘09 iSCSI SAN DAS Internal Dell/EqualLogic Hard Disk Primary Storage
  • 11. The Solution: GridBank •! Active-archive/ILM software: –! Policy-based automated data migration to low cost secondary storage –! Set policies on data retention, security, migration etc –! Perform rapid E-discovery –! Repurposed storage hardware from multiple vendors into single virtual storage pool
  • 12. GridBank’s Impact •! Optimized primary storage –! Reduced footprint by over 50 % –! Migrated 3 TB to low cost secondary storage –! Policy-based migration set at 90 days when files not changed •! Dramatically tightened backup windows –! Full server backup reduced from 24 hours to ONLY 8 hours –! CDP to Open-E box –! Archiving to secondary/tertiary storage and offsite cloud storage (Amazon S3)
  • 13. GridBank’s Impact •! Reduced IT labor on storage management through policy- based automation –! Added policies for security, encryption, compression, file- based SIS, data retention, data disposition, migration etc •! E-discovery in secs/mins vs. weeks/months –! Future end user roll-out will allow secure end user self-service
  • 14. How IT’s Role has Changed •! Reduced City’s storage CAPEX and OPEX •! Focus shifting from reactive to proactive •! Substantially reduced time for E-discovery of unstructured data •! FOIA Requests no longer a burden •! GridBank solution simplified search process: single pane of glass vs. 2 or 3 before •! Audit capability •! Secure storage environment •! Improved backup windows and processes •! Automated policy-based design frees up staff for non-storage management IT functions
  • 15. Plans for the Future •! SharePoint project with active archiving of data to GridBank •! Windows 2008, server virtualization, and Exchange 2010 deployments and archiving using GridBank •! Re-design of Active Directory •! Drive down storage and IT cost savings with archiving/ILM
  • 16. Plans for the Future •! Add Linux to primary storage and server infrastructure •! Archive/tier Linux data to GridBank •! Add Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Service to GridBank configuration – Q4 ‘09
  • 17. Thank you Derek Kruger Twitter: ZenNerd #SNWUSA #SNWKruger