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Dream board

  1. 1. Dream/Vision BoardA Dream Board or Vision Board is where you start to make all your dreams come true. Thisis the artist view of writing out your goals and in many cases far more effective. Imagineyou have the power to create what you want your life to be; you are creating the story andyou have the ability to make anything happen! This is your vision. Creating a dream boardor vision board is very similar to writing out your goals in life, except a vision invokes moreemotion then simply writing out your goals. This difference adds an interesting element thathas proved to be powerful and very effective. There are some important factors you dontwant to skip. Read carefully all of the instructions!Materials 1. Poster board 22”x28” 2. Glue 3. Color pencils, markers and/or glitter 4. Scissors 5. Different types of magazines or images from the internet 6. Other creative materialProcedures 1. Look for pictures that Look for pictures that really light you up inside when you look at them and that show: a. How you want to feel? b. Where you want to go? c. Want you want to have? (car, pets, etc) d. Where do you want to live? (house by the ocean) e. What things would you like to do? (Mountain climbin, skydiving, sailing, write a book/play, get married etc.) f. You can cut out words or sentences as well, anything that inspires and motivates you. (Include any sentences you liked from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”) g. Here are some positive affirmations you might also want to include: 1. ”I Am RENEWED” 6. “I AM SELF AWARE” 2. “I AM RELAXED” 7. “I AM CALM” 3. “I AM CONFIDENT” 8. “I AM ENRICHED” 4. “I AM UNSTOPPABLE” 9. “I AM PLAYFUL” 5. “I AM FOCUSED” 2. Obtain a picture of yourself you really like, where you are happy and feel good. You are going to paste this in the middle of the board. 3. Create a yellow outline for your poster board before you begin pasting all your pictures and words- [ This means you are surrounding your Dream Board with the light it needs to manifest your vision. ] (Be creative!). 4. In the middle of the vision board on the bottom write in black; “This or something better now manifests for me in divine and appropriate timing.” 5. Paste the rest of your pictures on your board.Requirements: Have fun!!! This is really important. You are now taking an exciting steptowards seeing and feeling the life you want…. This is your chance to HAVE IT ALL!!!DUE: Thursday 3/22 Per 2,4,6; Friday 3/23 Per 1,3,5
  2. 2. How to USE your Dream/Vision BoardEssential Action Steps: Put this dream/vision board somewhere you will see it everyday.Spend at least five minutes every morning and five minutes every night before bed lookingat your dream board.Take your time and feel the emotion the picture is invoking in you. Notice the type of colorsthat are on your board, they should inspire and stimulate your creative center. Take in theenergy you feel when you look at all the wonderful places you will be traveling to.Now… expect these wonderful things or something better to happen in the appropriate timehttp://www.qualified-lifecoach.com/Dream-Board.html