3rd quarter review questions
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3rd quarter review questions






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3rd quarter review questions Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Do now:1. Obtain “3rd Quarter Assessment Review” from black desk2. Take out “Third Quarter Assessment PPT” from blog3. Sit with a partner and write the answers to the assessment review. Please explain your reasoning for selecting that answer.4. Raise your hand if you have any questions.
  • 2. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review
  • 3. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review
  • 4. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review
  • 5. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review
  • 6. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review
  • 7. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review
  • 8. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review
  • 9. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review
  • 10. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review1. Classify as ionic or covalent & give the namea.SO3 b. Cu2S c. BF3 d. I2e. Pb3(PO3)2 f. FeSO42. Give the formula for the following: a. vanadium(II) phosphide b. dinitrogen heptoxide c. gold(I) phosphate d. aluminum carbonate e. disulfur trichloride f. pentaphosphorus hexafluoride g. ammonium cyanide
  • 11. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review• Remember this roadmap: Atoms moles mass (g)1. How many molecules are there in 52 g of CO?2. What is the mass of 3.01 x 1023 formula units of Fe2O3?3. How many moles of Cl atoms are in 5.33 mol of CuCl2?4. How many O atoms are in 3.15 mol of SnO2?5. How many H atoms are in 17.5 g (NH4)2C2O4?
  • 12. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review• Ideal Gas Law1. Determine the celcius temperature of 2.49 moles of gas contained in a 1.mm L vessel at a pressure of 143kPa.2. What is the pressure in atmospheres of a 0.1085 mole sample of he gas at a temprerature of 20.0 C if its volume is 0.505 L?
  • 13. 3rd Quarter Assessment ReviewIdentify the ALL variables, the control and constants.• Suppose a farmer grows tomatoes in a small garden. He notices that his plants, compared to his neighbor’s, are not producing a lot of tomatoes and don’t look healthy. Each spring he plants 20 seedlings, and by autumn he usually harvests only 50 to 60 tomatoes. This spring, following his neighbor’s advice, he mixed 5 kilograms of fertilizer into the soil. Instead of the usual crop, his 20 plants produced more than 100 tomatoes- what a great yield! He now believes that the fertilizer increased his tomato crop yield. But did it really?
  • 14. 3rd Quarter Assessment Review ANSWERSAns to Pics:20. C36. I4. C5. I7. I8. D24. B95. B22. C
  • 15. 3rd QSBA Review Answers to Naming and Formulas1. a. C, Sulfur trioxide 2. a. V3P2 b. I, Copper I sulfide b. N2O7 c. C, Boron trifluoride c. Au3PO4 d. C, elemental Iodine d. Al2(CO3) 3 e. I, Lead II Phosphite e. S2Cl3 f. I, Iron II Sulfate f. P5F6 g. NH4CN
  • 16. 3rd QSBA Review Answers to Moles & Ideal Gas Law• Ans to Moles: • Ans to IDEAL GAS LAW:1. 1.1 x 1024 molecules 1. 6.90 K2. 79.9 g Fe2O3 2. 5.14 atm 10.7 mol of Cl atoms 3. Pg 9403. 3.79 x 1024 O atoms4. 6.79 x 1023 H atoms
  • 17. 3rd QSBA Review Answers to Sci Method and Variables• Ind variable: Fertilizer + soil• Dependent Variable: # of tomatoes harvested• Control: reg soil no fert• Constants: # of seedlings (20), amt of soil, place where planted, time of planting, amt of water