Rockets Rock!!!
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  • 1. !UNEXPECTED END OF FORMULAName of Project: Rockets Rock!!! Duration: 3-4 weeksSubject/Course: Science Teacher(s): Mr. Hercules Grade Level: 5Other subject areas to Science, Art, Math, included, if any:Project Idea Have you thought about how the fireworks during a 4th of July really work? What does it take to make a rocket? How doSummary of the issue, you know that the rocket will really work?challenge, investigation,scenario, or problem:Driving Question How do rockets work?Content and Skills Science – What are the Elements and Compounds that are inside a rocket? What chemical reactions areStandards to be involved?addressed: T+A E T+A E21st Century Skills Collaboration Other:to be explicitly taught and Xassessed (T+A) or thatwill be encouraged (E) by Presentation Prezi Presentation Xproject work, but nottaught or assessed: Critical Thinking: X Presentation Audience: © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 1
  • 2. Group: Under the supervision of the teacher and other adults, students will present XCulminating their own rockets. Students will show their findings as far as the making of Class:Products and the rockets and how they work. Students will need to discuss which XPerformances elements are needed to make fuel rocket (using home made materials). Which amount will work best? Why? Etc. School: X Community: Student will use a poster to display their findings. Each poster needs to Experts: Individual: have at least three different types of pictures showing how a rocket works. Web: X Labeling the correct parts of the rocket is essential. Other: PROJECT OVERVIEWEntry event to launchinquiry, engagestudents:Assessments Quizzes/Tests X Practice Presentations x Formative Assessments Journal/Learning Log X Notes X (During Project) Preliminary Plans/Outlines/Prototypes Checklists X Rough Drafts Concept Maps X Online Tests/Exams Other: Written Product(s), with rubric: x Other Product(s) or Performance(s), with Summative ______________________________________________ rubric: Assessments ____ __________________________________________________ (End of Project) Oral Presentation, with rubric x Peer Evaluation x Multiple Choice/Short Answer Test Self-Evaluation x Essay Test Other: . © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 2
  • 3. Resources On-site people,Needed facilities: Equipment: Materials: Paper Towel Tube, Baking soda, vinegar, (eggshell ) , tape, Which amount will be enough to make the rocket propelled upward. Community resources:Reflection Journal/Learning Log Focus GroupMethods (Individual, Group, and/or Whole-Class Discussion Fishbowl Discussion Whole Class) Survey Other: © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 3
  • 4. PROJECT TEACHING AND LEARNING GUIDEProject: Physical Science: Mix of Chemicals - Course/Semester: Knowledge and Skills Needed By Students Scaffolding / Materials/ Lessons To Be Provided to successfully complete culminating products and by the project teacher, other teachers, experts, performances, and do well on summative assessments mentors, or community membersElements See FOSS Kit –Students need to know the basic historical accounts on Frontload Vocabulary – using a word box. Use a videothe elements and their properties.  describing the basic elements.Compounds See FOSS KitWhat are they and how do they work? Chemical Reactions See FOSS KitWhen do chemical reactions occur? Air Pressure See FOSS KitHow is air pressure used in a rocket? Why does itmatter? History of Rockets Using students will research the history ofWho are the founding fathers of modern rocketry? Why rockets and record their findings including how rocketsare they important  are made, what do rockets need to be able to fly, etc. Lab Cart, © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 4
  • 5. © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 5
  • 6. PROJECT CALENDARProject: Start Date: MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY Project Week One Intro to rockets Intro to Elements Demonstrations Progress Monitor: Vocabulary and Compounds for Chemical Assessment Video Pair-share Reaction Discuss the activities with Elements Elements and Compounds Project Week Two Project Week Three © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 6
  • 7. Project Week Four © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 7
  • 8. © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 8