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Presentation given to the e-Health 2012: Innovations in Health e-Care conference in Vancouver, BC.

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  • Benefits of mentoring - improving school attitudes
  • Curriculum was designed from the original, linear curriculum of icouldbe
  • Recruitment: conducted via mailing lists, newsletters, Peer Support Network program (UBC-O), On campus recruitment, UBC Career website, Facebook, health science postings Screening: Panel Interview consisted of 6 timed stats that test verbal & written skills in various areas (time management, cultural awareness, resourcefulness, etc).
  • - Community Leads in different communities (Surrey, Adams Lake and Okanagan) Surrey SD: 42 mentees in grades 6-12 in 14 schools Akisq ’nuk First Nation: 4 mentees in grades 6-8 Adams Lake Band: 12 mentees in grades 6-8 Sto:lo Nation: 2 mentees in grades 10-11 Central Okanagan SD: Research Approved
  • Expected – about 32 logons
  • Expected – about 400 minutes
  • Content – e.g. cultural info, background info, familial, current academics, eMentoring, Goals (career/occupation, life aspirations, academic) Conversation (about Familial Topic) – AL Mentee: “I’m the oldest of seven, some of my siblings are stepsiblings” - AL Mentor: Wow, that ’s one big family! Do you get along with your siblings? What are some of your hobbies?” Interactional Patterns – e.g. Initiation, Responses, Inquiry, Information (Seeking & Sharing), Recognition, Elaboration Conversation (about Information Seeking) -ALBC-010 Mentee: 3a. Is studying for this job, complicating/hard? B. are you planning to be a doctor or dentist? C. Why did you choose to become a doctor/dentist? -ALBC-007 Mentor: Sounds very cool wolf99. If you had to describe yourself with 2 positive words, what would they be? Comment about Information Sharing – ALBC010 Mentee: I am generous, responsible and honest Relational Processes – e.g. Emotional/Affective, Encouragement, Empathy, Interest in e/o, eMentoring Sample Conversation (about Emotional Topic) – URB-Mentee: Once again I just want to say thanks again for being my mentor. -URB-Mentor: No problem! It ’s my pleasure you’re a wonderful mentee.
  • Mentors UBC Van – 43 (This number includes the mentors we have recruited for Fall 2012 and those from the previous year – recruitment is ongoing) UBC-O – 12 (Recruitment is ongoing) Mentees Akisq ’nuk – 4 Okanagan – 0 (Research Approval recently received. Recruitment for Fall 2012 is starting) Sto:lo Nation – 1 Adams Lake Band – 10 Surrey - 14
  • Aboriginal eMentoring BC

    1. 1. Aboriginal eMentoring BC eHealth Conference May 28, 2012 Sandra Jarvis-Selinger, PhD Lee Brown, PhD
    2. 2. Background eHealth Strategy Office
    3. 3. Increase number of Aboriginal youth eligible for post-secondary health science educationeMentoringBC is an online mentoring program for Aboriginal youth. Using the internet, we are matching Aboriginal youth with mentors who are 100% dedicated to helping them figure out what they want and how to get there. Gap in graduation Mentoring has positive rates effects across variety of Education as a outcomes health intervention eHealth Strategy Office
    4. 4. Project Goals – CIHR 2010 to 2014• Engage 100 youth (grade 6-12) in rural and urban areas and 50 mentors in health science programs• Develop culturally relevant, interactive and engaging online mentoring content (i.e. Personal Quest)• Create a culturally appropriate mentor training plan to help Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal post-secondary students prepare to mentor• Guide and develop an ethical and culturally relevant research plan that seeks to understand impact and successes eHealth Strategy Office
    5. 5. Community-University Partnership• Surrey School District • eHealth Strategy Office• Adams Lake Indian Band• Akisq’nuk First Nation• Central Okanagan School District• Sto:lo Nation• Westbank First Nations • College of New Caledonia • SFU Health Sciences • UBC Summer & CEDAR Science • UBC Indigenous Students in Science• icouldbe.org • Health Science Students Associations• First Nation’s Technology Council • UBC Okanagan Peer Support Network• Urban Native Youth Association • UBC FN House of Learning• Vancouver Island Health Authority • UBC Departments of Family Practice,• Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Emergency Medicine & Surgery • UBC Institute for Aboriginal Health • UBC College of Health Disciplines • University of Victoria
    6. 6. Curriculum and Technology eHealth Strategy Office
    7. 7. Personal Quest Challenges Career and and school college supports exploration Building volunteer/work experience Time management and study skills eHealth Strategy Office
    8. 8. Example of Quest Activity eHealth Strategy Office
    9. 9. Mentors eHealth Strategy Office
    10. 10. Stages to become a Mentor • UBC Vancouver • UBC Okanagan • Have 40 active mentors • Application From • Panel Interview • References • Criminal Record Check • Online cultural awareness course • In-person orientation eHealth Strategy Office
    11. 11. Mentees eHealth Strategy Office
    12. 12. Adams Lake Band Akisq’nuk First Nation Sto:lo Nation Central Okanagan School District #23Surrey School District #36
    13. 13. Research eHealth Strategy Office
    14. 14. How can we measure eMentoring’s success? To guide and develop an ethical and culturally relevant research plan that seeks to understand: • The impact eMentoring has on Aboriginal students’ interest in staying in school and intention to pursue a health career. • The process of collaboration throughout the project to help generate continuous feedback to improve the project and learn. eHealth Strategy Office
    15. 15. Data Collection Sources Date Evaluation Data Source Participant Group Commenced Mentees Dec-11 Baseline Survey (O1) Mentors Dec-11 Parents/Caregivers Dec-11 Mentees Jun-12 Impact Survey (O2) Mentors Jun-12 Parents/Caregivers Jun-12 Impact Mentees Dec-11 Impact Survey (O3) Mentors Dec-11 Parents/Caregivers Dec-11 Mentor-Mentee Communication Mentees Nov-11 Mentors Nov-11 Weekly icouldbe Stats Reports Mentees Jan-12 Box.net Activity Project Team Apr-11 Meeting Documentation Project Team Evaluation Survey (O1) Project Team (Forum) Dec-10 Process Partner Survey (O2) Project Team Aug-11 Project Lead Experiences Project Team Aug-11 Process Evaluation Interviews (O3) Project Team Feb-12 eHealth Strategy Office
    16. 16. Mentee – Time on Site (# of logins) eHealth Strategy Office
    17. 17. Mentee – Time on Site (minutes) eHealth Strategy Office
    18. 18. Mentor-Mentee Communication eHealth Strategy Office
    19. 19. Surrey School Districta. Have you had any experiences where you or someone you know wasthe victim of cyberbullying? If so, please share the experience.b. What are three ways to handle a cyber bully?Author: LeeshaF (mentee)Date: 1/21/2012 2:27:00 PMa- I was once the victim of cyberbullying. Now that I look back, I realize it wasnt that big of a deal, but at the time itseemed like the worst possible thing that could happen to me. The girl was in my class, and she acted like nothing wasgoing on while we were in the same room, but as soon as I left shed spread rumours and then harass me on *** and viatextmessage.b- at first, I ignored everything, thinking that if I didnt react then she would just stop. That didnt work. But the whole timeI was saving the messages she sent me on *** and to my ***. When things got really bad I took them to the principle, and Italked to my mom about it. After a few talks with the principle she left me alone.Author: lumina (mentor)Date: 1/24/2012 12:50:00 PMThe kind of subtle, sneaky bullying that this girl did to you can be more damaging and degrading than when it happensright in your face. I am so glad that you found support with your mom and principle and didnt wait. It is really hard tohave empathy for people that cyber bully... but really, they often have very big issues to deal with themselves and it requiressome kind of intervention immediately. Now that you have had this experience and got through it with support you willhave so much to offer other youth who have similar experiences. Thank you for sharing this. eHealth Strategy Office
    20. 20. Akisq’nuk First NationAuthor: ashleyrose7 (mentee)Date: 2/3/2012 7:51:00 PMI think it is interesting that you are going into health care its one of the things im pondering about cause i just starte my biology class and i like it butsick people kind of bother me odd phobia but im interested in it and well sports to i really like sports and television not many people i have foundhave that same thought, i was just wonndering what you do in pharmacy at school?Author: aa786 (mentor)Date: 2/5/2012 11:35:00 AMI think its great that you are interested in healthcare, its a very rewarding career choice. You get to help people all the time!In pharmacy school, we learn all about different kinds of medications, and how to treat people when they are sick. We also learn about differentdiseases, how they work, and how they affect people. Its very interesting!I think its great that you like sports and television. I remember you said you play rugby, that is amazing! Do you play other sports too? What kind oftelevision shows to you like?Author: ashleyrose7 (mentee)Date: 2/5/2012 9:56:00 PMI used to play soccer as goalie and forward but i quit playing because my coach wouldnt let me play any other position wich was frustrating cause ireally liked doing the other positions i used to play basketball, badminton for 1year and i did ice skating as well as fencing.Some of the shows i like hmm, well there are quite a long list would be alcatraz arcric air hawaii five O house glee the new girl parenthood the bigbang theory bones the finder the firm a gifted man and the good wife rookie blue eHealth Strategy Office
    21. 21. Adams Lake BandAuthor: Chocolate25 (mentor)Date: 12/30/2011 8:28:00 PMHere are my responses:3. I am an only child, but I would love to have an older or younger sister to play with.11. If I were an animal, I would want to be a bird so I can fly freely in the sky.14. My favorite thing to do in the summer is relaxing on my couch at home while eating ice cream.15. If I could visit any place in the world, I would choose Switzerland because Ive never been there before but I watched some travellingshows and the scenic views look absolutely amazing!17. My hobbies include collecting coins, playing badminton, watching TV, eating, and listening to music. Id like to develop hobbies thatinvolve exercising more because right now Im too much of a coach potato, and thats not very healthy!Your turn to tell me 5 things about yourself!Author: rainy1998 (mentee)Date: 1/23/2012 7:27:00 PMreally? im the oldest of seven some of my siblings are stepsiblingsAuthor: Chocolate25 (mentor)Date: 1/24/2012 2:37:00 PMWow thats one big family! Do you get along well with your siblings? What are some of your hobbies?Author: rainy1998 (mentee)Date: 1/31/2012 6:47:00 PMlol yup i know. and yes i get along great with my family no matter how crazy they are the youngest sibling is crazy in a funny cute waybut i love her2.the towni live in is small and there is not much to do4. my least favorite thing to do outside school is homework :) but my favorite is hanging out with my friends.5. every friday i do kickboxing/self defence class for 2 hours it is fun and something better to do then just doing nothing until all thegood shows come on t.v20. if someone made a movie about my life it would deffinatley be a comedy with a hint of drama11. if i were an animal id love to be a bird so i can fly and look from above at the cities. eHealth Strategy Office
    22. 22. Mentee Conversation To finish Unit #1 think about everything you learned in this unit. Complete the following sentence: If I think of: •How this program can be useful for me, •How I want people to see me, •Being safe online, •My mentors, •My role models, •The salmon metaphor. I think I could be ___________Author: cristy22 (mentee)Date: 2/5/2012 6:48:00 PMI think I could be the person I dreamed of being my whole life. eHealth Strategy Office
    23. 23. Current State of Affairs ~60 ~40 Mentors Mentees Teachers School Administrators Chief and Council Ab. Ed. District PrincipalsAboriginal Education Parents and Relatives Support Workers 5 CL’s eHealth Strategy Office
    24. 24. AcknowledgementsCOMMUNITIES INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS EXTERNAL ORGANIZATIONS• Akisq’nuk First Nation • College of New Caledonia • First Nation’s Technology Council• Adams Lake Band • UBC-Okaganan • Vancouver Island Health Authority• Sto:lo Nation • UBC Okanagan Peer Support Network • icouldbe.org• Surrey School District • SFU Health Sciences • Urban Native Youth Association• Okanagan School District • University of Victoria • Indigenous Leadership Development• Westbank First Nation InstituteACADEMIC RESEARCH TEAM UBC PARTNERS• Sandra Jarvis-Selinger • College of Health Disciplines• Helen Novak Lauscher • Summer Science Program• James Andrew • Indigenous Health Science Students• Kendall Ho • Health Science Students Association• Lee Brown • First Nations House of Learning• Lesley Bainbridge •Departments of Family Practice, Emergency Medicine• Michal Fedeles & Surgery• Robert Woollard • Institute for Aboriginal Health• Tim Michel FUNDER: CANADIAN INSTITUTES OF HEALTH RESEARCH eHealth Strategy Office
    25. 25. Aboriginal eMentoring BC www.eMentoringBC.com sandra.js@ubc.ca