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CHILD Site Coordinator Training
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  • 1. CHILD Site Coordinator Training
    • What’s a Site Coordinator?
    • Login to MT
    • Edit your profile
    • Customize your entry screen
    • Create a new page
    • Use the Edit menu
    • Edit a page
    • Learn about HTML and Textile
    • Add a link to a page
    • Learn about Categories
    • Add a new Category
    • Add an Excerpt
    • Add a shortcut
    • Search entries
    • Learn about Rebuilding your site
    • Upload a file and link to it
    • Add a form
    • Learn about resources
  • 2. What’s a Site Coordinator?
    • CHILD Site Coordinators are responsible for:
    • Creating and maintaining a site or section on CHILD
    • Responding to inquiries related to their site.
    • Checking for and fixing errors such as typos, factual and grammatical errors, and broken links
    • Ensuring that content is up to date and relevant
    • Removing old content
  • 3. What is Movable Type (MT)?
    • “Blogging” tool
    • A very popular web-based publishing tool which enables very easy publishing
    • The tool we use to manage CHILD
  • 4. How does MT Work?
    • You add content via a web browser
    • MT saves the content to a database so you can edit it later
    • MT adds your content to templates that Web Services has built
    • MT outputs a static web page
  • 5. Task: Login to MT
    • Open Internet Explorer
    • Address: http://s440/cgi-bin/mt.cgi
    • Enter you network login name, e.g. “ cwatso ”
    • Your password should be “ password ”
    • You can always login through a link in the CHILD footer
  • 6. MT Main Menu
  • 7. Task: Edit Your Profile
    • Enter your Name
    • Change your Password
    • Enter your Birthplace
    • Save
  • 8. CHILD Site Main Menu Screen
  • 9. New Entry Screen
  • 10. Task: Customize your entry screen
    • Click New Entry
    • Click on the Customize the display of this page link towards the bottom of the page (below the Save button).
    • In the Field Configuration pop-up window select “ Custom: show the following fields :”
    • Check the following options:
      • Category
      • Excerpt
      • Editable Authored On Date (Edit Entry screen only)
    • Click Save . The Create New Entry screen will refresh to show only those fields you selected.
  • 11. Task: Create a new page
    • Open “ Test Site ”
    • Click on New Entry
    • Enter Title
    • Select Pages category
    • Enter information in Entry Body
    • Preview
    • Go back to main page (click Re-Edit this Entry )
    • Post Status: Publish
    • Save (rebuilds automatically)
  • 12. Task: View your new page!
    • Click on View Page , or
    • Browse to site: http://child/staff_resources/test_site/
  • 13. Edit Entries Screen
    • Filter Entries
    • Power Editing Mode
    • Change how many entries are displayed
  • 14. Task: Use the Edit Menu
    • Filter entries by category
    • Change drop-down menu to view all
    • Access Power Editing mode
  • 15. Edit an Entry
  • 16. Task: Edit a Page
    • First we need to learn a little bit of HTML & Textile
    • Edit Entries
    • Click on Title to open entry
    • Make a word bold using HTML
    • Make a word bold using Textile commands
    • Create a heading (H2 and H3)
    • Create a numbered list using Textile
    • Create an unordered list using Textile
    • Preview
    • Save (Rebuild)
    • View on CHILD
  • 17. Task: Add a Link to a Page
    • Edit Entries ; click on Title to open entry
    • Select a page on CHILD you would like to link to.
    • Copy the URL
      • No need to include the http://child portion of the URL when linking anywhere within CHILD.
    • Go back to MT; select the text you wish to link
    • Click on URL button (or use Textile)
    • Paste the URL
    • Click OK (contd on next page)
  • 18. Task: Preview the Link
    • Note the HTML that was generated. Does it look right?
    • Click Preview button
    • Click on link. Does it work?
    • Click on Save this Entry
    • Save (page is rebuilt)
    • View on CHILD
  • 19. Primary Category
    • Assigns a page to a category
  • 20. Edit Categories Screen
    • Create, edit or delete your categories from here
    • Three pre-assigned categories:
      • Home
      • Pages
      • Shortcuts
    • You can create as many other categories as you want
  • 21. Predefined Categories
    • You have predefined categories that are used to control where content goes. They are:
      • Home
      • Pages
      • Shortcuts
    • You can create an unlimited amount of custom categories to group your content
  • 22. “Home” Category
    • Entries added to this category are placed on the home page
    • The title is ignored
    • Only one entry should have “Home” category
  • 23. “Pages” Category
    • Entries added to this category are placed beneath your categories
    • Use for single pages that do not need to be categorized
  • 24. Sites without Categories
    • Some sites do not need categories
    • If you have not assigned any custom categories your site may look like this
  • 25. How Categories Display
    • Define your own categories and they will show up in alphabetical order
  • 26. Task: Add a new category
    • Create a New Entry
    • Add Title
    • Click Category drop-down menu and select “ Add new category… ”
    • Add category
    • Select the Category and fill in the rest of the entry
    • Save , Rebuild, View site
  • 27. Excerpts
    • Each category page has a list of the pages within it.
    • Each sub-page is listed with a heading and an excerpt.
    • The default excerpt is not very helpful, but you can manually change it.
  • 28. Task: Add a Manual Excerpt
    • Enter your excerpt into the Excerpt field
  • 29. “Shortcuts” Category
    • Shortcuts act as one click links to other areas or sites
    • For example use this to point to your Phone Directory page, P&P or Forms
  • 30. Task: Add a Shortcut
    • Choose Category of “Shortcuts”
    • Put the name of the link in the Title field
    • Enter a sentence in the Entry Body (for search)
    • Put the link in the Excerpt field
  • 31. Search Entries
    • Search the content of entries
    • Find and Replace
  • 32. Rebuild Site
    • Rebuild your site when you make a change to published content (e.g. deleting)
    • Saving new entries will automatically rebuild relevant pages
  • 33. Upload a File
    • Use this to add a document, image or any other file
    • Just browse to a file
    • Then choose a destination
  • 34. All About File Names
    • Use generic file names
    • Don’t include dates in file names
    • Don’t use apostrophes in file names – you won’t be able to upload your file
    • Use underscores rather than spaces
    • Use all lower case
    • Keep file names simple
      • Good: check_request.doc
      • Bad: Check Request 10.02.06.doc
  • 35. Task: Upload a file to CHILD
    • Edit Entries ; click on Title to open entry
    • Click Upload File
    • Browse to file (make sure the file name is appropriate)
    • Upload to /documents/
    • Click Upload
    • Select “ Show me the HTML ”
    • Click Link
    • Copy the HTML
    • Close
  • 36. Task: Link to uploaded file
    • Paste into your entry
    • Review and edit HTML <a href=&quot;http://child/test_site /documents/info.pdf&quot;>Download file</a>
    • If PDF, add (PDF) after end </a> tag
    • Add additional attributes such as “ target=“_blank ”
    • Edit URL if necessary
    • Edit link text
    • Example of revised HTML: <a href=&quot;/child/test_site /documents/info.pdf“ target=“_blank” >View payment info</a> (PDF)
  • 37. Forms Site
    • All Site Coordinators have access to this site
    • Add forms to this site, then link to the form from your site
  • 38. Task: Add a new form
    • Open Forms site
    • Upload File (create new entry)
    • Add Title
    • Add form info to Entry Body
    • Link goes in Excerpt
    • Add Keywords
    • Save (Rebuild), View site
  • 39. Resources
    • Web Services site:
      • How To…
      • Site Coordinators section
      • Writing Tips
    • Marketing Communications Standards site:
      • Editorial Style & Usage Guidelines