Social Media Elevation


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Social Media Innovation, Implementation and Measurement: Mixing the right social media recipe for success. SEO + SMO

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Social Media Elevation

  1. 1. Innovation, Implementation and Measurement SOCIAL MEDIA ELEVATION
  2. 2. Popular Channels BLOG Noted in a survey for SITA Loss of status
  3. 3. Multiple Engagement Options The Conversation Prism
  4. 4. Social Media Recipe For Success **To view how the different social networks have progressed over the last year, view the Social Media Analysis Report HERE. Mix The Right Ingredients Your Winning Combination! Spice -up your current recipe: Something for everyone to enjoy:
  5. 5. Manage Your Networks Retaggr: and FriendFeed:  Online profile and portfolio of your accounts.  All-in-one: Connect all accounts and they’ll stream content and auto-post your info. Retaggr FriendFeed FriendFeed
  6. 6. Enhance Your Status Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, etc: Blog and Website: FACEBOOK: BLOG:  Status updates and follow back if right fit  Have a blog within website or build in using WordPress  Route fans, friends, viewers to your website using tiny (backend analytics). Blogger is an option (use GetClicky URL’s such as or for analytics).  Share press and interact  Add Tweetmeme, Facebook Share, Digg This, etc for one- YOUTUBE: click quick sharing your content.  Share videos and post on landing page. Follow others  Consistently post (3 posts minimum a week). who share interests.  Encourage comments by asking questions and respond by TWITTER: the end of the day.  Use Hootsuite to manage account(s) and to setup auto-tweeting of your blog posts.  Share your posts using other social media tools (AddThis, ShareThis – both offer analytics and measurement) LINKEDIN:  Create Group to allow for sharing of info and ask WEBSITE: questions. ALWAYS LISTEN FIRST, then RESPOND.  Direct online traffic to a landing page.  Add Connections that have right fit.  Share videos using social media tools DIGG:  Have online forums (chat) to offer instant contact.  Digg your press releases and blog posts and do the same when you find information you feel is important.  Show off your social media profiles with icons/buttons on landing page.
  7. 7. Measure Your Success Record your search/social/site status before you implement your social media plan in order to measure effectiveness. Make changes? Continue? Do more? Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, etc. Blog and Website: SOCIAL STATE: SITE STATE:  Social Mentions  Google Analytics  Facebook Friends, Fans, Group Members  Blog Comments  Twitter Followers  Website Views, Hits  Digg Subscribers  LinkedIn Connections  Link Click-throughs  Retweets  YouTube Subscribers, Views, Comments
  8. 8. LARGE SCALE MEASUREMENT •Analytics •Website Optimizer •Adwords •Insights •Ad Planner •Website Grader •Blog Grader •Facebook Grader (Profile & Fan Page) •Press Release Grader
  9. 9. Google Analytics
  10. 10. Google Website Optimizer
  11. 11. Google AdWords
  12. 12. Google Insights
  13. 13. Google Ad Planner
  14. 14. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The BEST formula is one in which Social Media is married to SEO. SEO provides long-term security in search results. Links and Recs provide primarily the most benefit. Add Social Media (almost immediate SE benefits) and the mark is made! Image courtesy of Hubspot: Traffic Drawing Keywords
  16. 16. Elza Hayen Principal, Hayen Company 803.386.8646 @EHayen (on Twitter)
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