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Ignite Presentation

  1. 1. Creating a Reference Page Using APA Format
  2. 2. The APA Manual  You need to become very familiar with this book
  3. 3. Who Uses APA Style References?  Writers, teachers, and students may use the APA format
  4. 4. Who Uses APA Style References?  Individuals in the social and behavioral sciences also use the APA format
  5. 5. When Do You Need To Reference ?  If you are quoting an author  If you are summarizing another author’s work
  6. 6. When Do You Need to Reference?  If you are using statistics
  7. 7. Plagiarism  Plagiarism is taking credit for someone else’s thoughts, ideas, written work or not giving the other person credit for their work
  8. 8. Constructing Your reference Page  The Reference page should be the last page in you research paper  Your Reference page should have a page number on it
  9. 9. Margins  Use one inch margins
  10. 10. Use Alphabetical Order  References should be listed in alphabetical order based on the author’s last name
  11. 11. Correct Spacing  The first line of your reference should begin at the left margin. Any additional lines should be indented five spaces.
  12. 12. Font and Font Size  Use 12 point Times New Roman font  Double space your reference page
  13. 13. What to Do With Titles  The titles of books and journal articles should be italicized
  14. 14. When to Include Page Numbers  Always include the page numbers when referencing books and journal articles
  15. 15. Punctuation  Be very careful about correct punctuation. The APA manual specifies where to place punctuation marks.
  16. 16. Referencing a Book Hult, C.A., & Huckin, T.N. (1999). The New Century Handbook. Needham, MA: Allyn & Bacon
  17. 17. Referencing a Website Warlick, D. (2006). Citation Machine. Retrieved June 16, 2009, from Landmarks Son of Citation Machine Web site: http://www.ciationmachine.net
  18. 18. Referencing a Journal Article Hayati, A.M., & Shariatifar, S. (2009). Mapping Strategies. Journal of College Reading and Learning, 39, 51-74.
  19. 19. Help With References  Become familiar with the Son of Citation Machine website. http://www.citationmachine.net
  20. 20. Don’t Forget  Never submit a paper without a reference page if you are using someone else’s ideas, quoting someone else, or using statistics!!!
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