Semiconductor Fab Trends and Forecast - June 2012


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The presentation contains Information and data on frontend semiconductor and LED fabs. The charts and tables are from an article published on June 5, 2012. Visit to read the entire article.

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Semiconductor Fab Trends and Forecast - June 2012

  1. 1. Industry Research and StatisticsFrontend Semiconductor Fabs Trends & Forecast June 2012
  2. 2. About UsThe SEMI Industry Research and Statistics group provides market data and marketresearch reports covering semiconductor capital equipment, photovoltaicequipment, semiconductor materials, packaging materials, semiconductor,optoelectronics, and high brightness LED fabs.For our major reports, we collect actual data from suppliers around the worldfollowing strict professional standards of confidentiality. Our reports provide trends,forecast, and outlook to help the industry make important investment, strategic,and business planning decisions.For additional information regarding our products and our data collection program,please visit us at or contact us at
  3. 3. Highlights• Since the February 2012 report, the number of fab construction projects has increased: 45 in 2012 (up from 39) and 24 in 2013 (up from 21).• Fab construction spending will decline now only -6% in 2012 to US$6.2B. This is a big improvement from the -28% decline forecasted in February.• Expect year-over-year fab construction spending in 2013 to improve drastically to about -1% ($6.1B), which improved from -39% decline forecasted in February.• Fab equipment spending for 2012 is expected to increase to US$39.5B or about 2% growth from the US$38.8B and 0% growth rate reported in February.• In 2013, fab equipment spending could reach over US$46.3B or 17% growth. This will be an all-time record for fab equipment spending.• Current capacity growth in 2012 is slower than reported in February: from 16M (equivalent 200mm wafers per month) to 15.87M or from 5.3% to 3.6% growth. 2013 is expected to increase about 7% to 17M. Source: SEMI World Fab Forecast (May 2012 edition)
  4. 4. Fab Equipment Spending
  5. 5. Fab Construction Spending over Time
  6. 6. Fab Construction Spending Outlook
  7. 7. ResourcesVisit to read the complete articleregarding the data in this presentation.Website us on
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Appendix
  10. 10. Market Research Reports Semiconductor Semiconductor Fabs / Semiconductor Equipment Materials Foundries Packaging• Equipment Market • Material Market Data • World Fab Forecast • Global Data Subscription Subscription (MMDS) Semiconductor (EMDS) • FabFutures Packaging Materials • Photomask Report * Outlook• Book-to-Bill Report • World Fab Watch • Silicon Reclaim Wafer• WWSEMS Report * • European • China (1991-2010) Microelectronic Fab Semiconductor Database and Packaging• Book-to-Bill Report 2012 Outlook (1991-2010) Notes: * These reports are included FREE with the purchase of the MMDS report, but also available as separate reports. ** Third-party report
  11. 11. World Fab Databases SEMI® Fab Databases • Data on fab equipment spending • Data on fab construction/projects • Data on fab capacity • Forecast information on frontend fab activities
  12. 12. World Fab Databases Includes Tables and Graphs
  13. 13. World Fab DatabasesDetail Fab Information Other Columns LocationCompany Fab Type Name Product Type Products Technology Current Geometry Current wafer size Install Equip (date) First Silicon (date) Production (date) Construction costOwnership Equipping cost Total cost Wafer capacity* Wafer size* Geometry*Joint Construction spending*Venture Equipment spending*Partners …. …. more… * On a quarterly basis. Source: SEMI® World Fab Forecast
  14. 14. World Fab Databases Pivot tables allow customize views Select to include various types Select company or chose all
  15. 15. World Fab Databases Summary Company Detail Capacity by Country & Region Graphs (12) & Tables (16) Spending by Region Capacity by Company Spending by Company Capacity by Foundries Capacity by Wafers size and Year Capacity by Product Type and Year Capacity by Geometry and Year
  16. 16. World Fab DatabasesCustomize your own graph and chart Cut and Paste In separate spreadsheet Create customized graph 200,000 180,000 160,000 140,000 120,000 100,000 Series1 Series2 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0 Hynix Hynix Hynix-ST Hynix-ST Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Ltd Ltd
  17. 17. World Fab Databases: Availability Single copy (single-user, 1 edition) Subscription (single-user, 4 editions, 1 year) Multi-user Global License (x number of users, 4 editions, 1 year)  Based on x number of users  Need to keep track of (record) each user Unlimited Users Global License (unlimited users, 4 editions, 1 year)  Can be posted on the companies intranet  Fab database can be access by all employees  No need to track each user
  18. 18. World Fab DatabasesDatabases are published at the end of the following months February May August November Availability may be 2 to 3 days after publication date if for example the date falls on a weekend Data updated on a daily basis – Published 4x per year
  19. 19. Need Customized Reports?Custom reports generated• Fab Transitional Report (fabs to be sold, sold, for sale, may-be-closed, etc)• Historical Fab Report – # of fabs operational/year (1988-2010) – Total spending on fabs per year (1988-2010) – wafer capacity by geometry (1994 – 2010)• Historical Fab Report – Fab Construction spending (1996 – 2011) – Fab Equipping spending (1996 – 2011)• Regional Fab Capacity Report (2000 - 2011) Contact us to discuss your market research needs.
  20. 20. Contact Us Today!Contact Edwin Hall: ehall@semi.orgWebsite us on our circle on Google+ Data on the Semiconductor Equipment, Materials, and Fab Market