Semiconductor Equipment / Materials / Fab Market Research Report Oveview


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This presentation provides an overview and screenshots of market research reports and fab databases published by SEMI.

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Semiconductor Equipment / Materials / Fab Market Research Report Oveview

  1. 1. Industry Research and Statistics Product Overview January 2013
  2. 2. About UsThe SEMI Industry Research and Statistics group provides market data andmarket research reports covering semiconductor capital equipment,photovoltaic equipment, semiconductor materials, packaging materials,semiconductor, optoelectronics, and high brightness LED fabs.For our major reports, we collect actual data from suppliers around theworld following strict professional standards of confidentiality. Our reportsprovide trends, forecast, and outlook to help the industry make importantinvestment, strategic, and business planning decisions.For additional information regarding our products and our data collectionprogram, please visit us at or contact us
  3. 3. Market Research Reports Semiconductor Semiconductor Fabs / Semiconductor Equipment Materials Foundries Packaging• Equipment Market • Material Market Data • World Fab Forecast • Global Data Subscription Subscription (MMDS) Semiconductor (EMDS) • FabFutures Packaging Materials • Photomask Report * Mar ‘13 • World Fab Watch Outlook 2011/2012• Book-to-Bill Report • Silicon Reclaim Wafer• WWSEMS Report * Feb ‘13 • China Semiconductor (1991-2012) Packaging Market Outlook 2012/2013 New• Book-to-Bill (1991-2012) Notes: * These reports are included FREE with the purchase of the MMDS report, but also available as separate reports.
  4. 4. Market Research Reports LED Photovoltaic Enabling Products• Opto/LED Fab Watch • Worldwide Photovoltaic • Mass Flow Equipment Market Controller• Opto/LED Fab Forecast Statistics Report
  5. 5. Semiconductor Equipment
  6. 6. Equipment Market Data Subscription► Book-to-Bill ► WWSEMS ► Equipment Forecast • Worldwide coverage of the semiconductor equipment market industry • Covers 22+ equipment segments • Data is based on inputs direct from equipment suppliers • Forecast by region and major equipment segments • more... Excellent tool for validating your strategic business plan!
  7. 7. Equipment Market Data SubscriptionMethodology for Data Collection1. Proprietary company data 2. Data aggregated and company input directly to independent confidentiality insured accounting firm Participating SEMI Member Independent Financial Firm 4. Reports produced and distributed 3. Industry summary report prepared
  8. 8. Equipment Market Data Subscription► Book-to-Bill ► WWSEMS ► Equipment Forecast Book-to-Bill Ratio Monthly coverage
  9. 9. Equipment Market Data Subscription► Book-to-Bill ► WWSEMS ► Equipment Forecast Monthly coverage Worldwide regional coverage 22equipmentcategories
  10. 10. Equipment Market Data Subscription► Book-to-Bill ► WWSEMS ► Equipment ForecastEquipment Categories• Mask/Reticle Equipment• Wafer Manufacturing Equipment• Wafer Processing Equipment• Expose/Write Equipment• Resist Processing Equipment• Etch Equipment• Surface Conditioning Equipment• Thermal Processing Equipment• Ion Implant Equipment• CVD Equipment• Sputter Equipment• Inspection/Measurement Equipment• CMP Equipment• Assembly and Packaging Equipment• Fab Facilities Equipment• SOC/Logic Test Equipment• Memory Test Equipment• Handlers• more….
  11. 11. Equipment Market Data Subscription► Book-to-Bill ► WWSEMS ► Equipment Forecast
  12. 12. Semiconductor Materials
  13. 13. Material Market Data Subscription► Fab Materials ► Packaging Materials • Global coverage of the semiconductor material industry • Data is based on inputs direct from material suppliers • Covers wafer fab and packaging materials • more… Vital resource for your market intelligence program!
  14. 14. Material Market Data Subscription► Fab Materials ► Packaging Materials • Silicon • SOI • Photomasks • Resist • Ancillaries • Gases • Chemicals • Targets • CMP • Others
  15. 15. Material Market Data Subscription► Fab Materials ► Packaging Materials • Leadframes • Substrates • Ceramics • Bonding Wire • Die Attach • Mold Compounds • Encapsulants • Others
  16. 16. Fabs / Foundries
  17. 17. World Fab Databases Tracks Semiconductor/HB LED/MEMS frontend fabs Details on installed capacity by fab Details on fab construction and equipment spending Includes graphs and interactive pivot tables Tracks fabs: from Ground Breaking to Upgrades/Expansion to Close
  18. 18. Worldwide Fab Databases Other Columns LocationCompany Fab Type Name Product Type Products Technology Current Geometry Current wafer size Install Equip (date) First Silicon (date) Production (date) Construction cost Equipping costOwnership Total cost Wafer capacity* Wafer size* Geometry* Construction spending* Equipment spending* ….Quarterly ….Installed …Capacity * On a quarterly basis.
  19. 19. World Fab Databases Includes graphs for trend analysis
  20. 20. World Fab Databases Pivot table allows for customizable viewsSelect to include various typesSelect company or chose all
  21. 21. World Fab Databases Multiple tabs included in the speadsheet Summary Company Detail Capacity by Country & Region Graphs (12) & Tables (16) Spending by Region Capacity by Company Spending by Company Capacity by Foundries Capacity by Wafers size and Year Capacity by Product Type and Year Capacity by Geometry and Year
  22. 22. World Fab Databases Capability to create custom graphs and charts Cut and Paste In separate spreadsheet Create customized graph 200,000 180,000 160,000 140,000 120,000 100,000 Series1 Series2 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0 Hynix Hynix Hynix-ST Hynix-ST Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Ltd Ltd
  23. 23. World Fab Databases: Availability Single copy (single-user, 1 edition) Subscription (single-user, 4 editions, 1 year) Multi-user Global License (x number of users, 4 editions, 1 year)  Based on x number of users  Need to keep track of (record) each user Unlimited Users Global License (unlimited users, 4 editions, 1 year)  Can be posted on the companies intranet  Fab database can be access by all employees  No need to track each user
  24. 24. World Fab DatabasesDatabases are published at the end of the following months February May August November Availability may be 2 to 3 days after publication date if for example the date falls on a weekend Data updated on a daily basis – Published 4x per year
  25. 25. Need Customized Reports? Custom reports we have done for clients • Fab Transitional Report (fabs to be sold, sold, for sale, may-be-closed, etc) • Historical Fab Report – # of fabs operational/year (1988-2010) – Total spending on fabs per year (1988-2010) – wafer capacity by geometry (1994 – 2010) • Historical Fab Report – Fab Construction spending (1996 – 2011) – Fab Equipping spending (1996 – 2011) • Regional Fab Capacity Report (2000 - 2010)Contact to discuss your market research needs.
  26. 26. Semiconductor Packaging Materials
  27. 27. Global SemiconductorPackaging Materials Outlook (GSPMO) • Worldwide coverage of the semiconductor packaging materials market. • Data is based on inputs direct from material suppliers • Detail analysis for the major packaging material segments. • Five-year market forecast • more... Excellent tool for validating your strategic business plan!
  28. 28. Global SemiconductorPackaging Materials Outlook (GSPMO)Market segments covered include:• Organic • Bonding wire • Liquid substrates encapsulants • Underfill materials• Leadframes • Thermal interface • Die attach adhesives materials• Mold Compounds • Solder balls • Wafer level package (WLP) dielectrics
  29. 29. China Semiconductor Packaging Outlook • China government’s policy on the semiconductor industry and on the packaging/test industry. • Packaging and testing market size and industry trends in China. • Advanced package development in China. • more...Excellent resource for understanding the packaging market in China!
  30. 30. China Semiconductor Packaging OutlookThe report also includes an Excel file containing the following: • List of semiconductor packaging Companies in China • Companies with bumping/WLCSP/TSV lines in China • Semiconductor packaging material suppliers in China • Assembly Equipment Manufacturers in China
  31. 31. LEDS
  32. 32. Opto/LED Fab Databases• Global coverage of the optoelectronics and High- Brightness (HB) LED frontend fabs• Updates on upcoming fabs• Includes data on installed capacity• Plans for construction and equipment spending• Two Opto/LED databases available – Opto/LED Fab Watch – Opto/LED Fab Forecast
  33. 33. Opto/LED Fab Databases Comparison Opto/LED Fab Opto/LED Watch Fab ForecastCategories ~37 ~65Pages with analysis, graphs and table 5 10Graphs & tables page(most common charts by quarter and by region +18 valuable tables by region and by product type showing spending, capacities and count of fab. All table include yearly sum, change YoYand yearly shareGeneral fab information(Products, technology, tech node, wafer size, installed capacity,  total construction cost, total equipment cost)Status and probability  Milestone dates (begin construction, begin equipping, begin 1st Silicon,begin volume production) Facility and cleanroom information (size, class, AE, CM) Quarterly data for 3 years (including 1 ½ forecast):Installed capacity (and capacity in 2-inch EQs), wafer size, technology node, construction and equipping costs
  34. 34. Opto/LED Fab DatabasesFields included in the Opto/LED Fab Watch: • Company • Products • Ownership • Current Geometry • Joint Venture • Theoretical Full • Address Capacity • Main Phone/Fax • Current wafer size • Region • Construction Cost (M$) • Website • Equipment Cost (M$) • Fab Name • Product Type • Fab Type • Fab Comments • Status • Changes made • Project Type • Date Last Updated • Start Year • Change Comments • Close Year/Date • Fab Comments
  35. 35. Opto/LED Fab DatabasesFields included in the Opto/LED Fab Forecast:• All fields in Opto/LED Fab Watch, PLUS • Quarterly Installed • Cleanroom Class capacity • Cleanroom Sq Ft • Quarterly Installed • Facility Size capacity Equiv. 2” • Begin_Work Date • Quarterly wafer size • Construct_State Date • Quarterly geometry • Install_Equip Date • Quarterly geometry • First Silicon Date group • Production Date • Quarterly • Construction Year Construction • Project comments spending • Quarterly equipment spending
  36. 36. Worldwide Photovoltaic Equipment Market Statistics Report
  37. 37. Photovoltaic Equipment Statistics ReportProgram Overview• Quarterly worldwide bookings and billings data collection program for PV manufacturing equipment• Data is based on direct inputs from PV equipment manufacturers worldwide – truly global in nature• Collaborating with German Engineering Federation (VDMA) on data collection• Quarterly reports provide equipment bookings and billings data by region, by supply chain segment, and by equipment type Source: SEMI
  38. 38. Photovoltaic Equipment Statistics Report Methodology for Data Collection 1. Proprietary company data input 2. Data aggregated and company directly to third party financial firm confidentiality ensured Company A Participating Companies Independent Company B Financial Firm Company C 4. Quarterly report released 3. SEMI compiles report Source: SEMI38
  39. 39. Photovoltaic Equipment Statistics ReportCoverage C-Si Silicon Value Chain Silicon Wafer Cell Module System PV Manufacturing Equipment Substrate Cell/Module System Thin Film Value Chain Source: SEMI / VDMA
  40. 40. Photovoltaic Equipment Statistics ReportReporting Categories Manufacturing Equipment Geographic Supply Chain Types Regions Segments • Component • Americas • Poly/Ingot/Wafer • Single Equipment • Europe • C-Si Cell • Equipment Line • C-Si Module • China • Thin Film • Taiwan • Japan • Korea • Rest of Asia • Rest of World Source: SEMI / VDMA
  41. 41. Photovoltaic Equipment Statistics ReportScreenshot (1) Source: SEMI / VDMA
  42. 42. Photovoltaic Equipment Statistics ReportScreenshot (2) Source: SEMI / VDMA
  43. 43. Photovoltaic Equipment Statistics ReportScreenshot (3) Source: SEMI / VDMA
  44. 44. Photovoltaic Equipment Statistics Report2010 Report Highlights 2.00 Book to Bill Ratios 1.40 1.50 1.24 1.13 Americas 1.10 Europe 1.00 Asia 0.50 Total - Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Regional Distribution of Billings Regional Distribution of Bookings100% 100%80% 80% ROW ROW60% 60% Asia Asia Europe 40% Europe40% Americas Americas20% 20% 0% 0% Source: SEMI / VDMA Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
  45. 45. Photovoltaic Equipment Statistics ReportDefinitions (developed in conjunction with VDMA) Source: SEMI / VDMA
  46. 46. Photovoltaic Equipment Statistics Report (con’t)Definitions (developed in conjunction with VDMA) Source: SEMI / VDMA
  47. 47. Check Us Out!Contact: Ed Hall: ehall@semi.orgResources us on Twitter Slideshare YouTube
  48. 48.