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Semiconductor / LED / MEMS Fab Database Brochure (SEMI – Industry Research & Statistics)

Semiconductor / LED / MEMS Fab Database Brochure (SEMI – Industry Research & Statistics)



A brochure that provides an overview and comparison of the World Fab Forecast, FabFutures, World Fab Watch, Opto/LED Fab Forecast and the Opto/LED Fab Watch database.

A brochure that provides an overview and comparison of the World Fab Forecast, FabFutures, World Fab Watch, Opto/LED Fab Forecast and the Opto/LED Fab Watch database.



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    Semiconductor / LED / MEMS Fab Database Brochure (SEMI – Industry Research & Statistics) Semiconductor / LED / MEMS Fab Database Brochure (SEMI – Industry Research & Statistics) Document Transcript

    • SEMI®Worldwide Fab Database ReportsSemiconductor • Discretes • LED • MEMSForecast • Overview • Capacity • Spending
    • Worldwide Fab Database ReportsSEMI fab database reports deliver the latest trends on fabs worldwide and are ideal resources toempower your market research. Identify target customers and analyze both investment and technologytrends with a comprehensive and dynamic range of information designed to help meet your marketresearch needs faster and easier than ever.Over the years, there have been sizeable investments in thebuilding of these complex fabs. In the future, additional fabswill be built to increase the capacity to accommodate growingdemand for semiconductors; device features sizes that willbreak into the 20 nm-class and beyond; and 450 mm wafersize readiness.SEMI is proud to offer reliable and up-to-date informationand forecasts. A dedicated team with more than 20 yearsindustry experience works daily on data collection, verificationand analysis. The team networks with SEMI global offices andother partners to ensure the best quality data is achieved.SEMI World Fab Forecast has proven to be one of the mostreliable forecasts in the industry. Using a bottom-up approach(fab by fab) forecasts for fab spending, capacity ramps andtechnology node can by tracked by quarter.From Overview Summaries to the Minute DetailsIn addition to projects at existing fabs, our fab database reportsfocus on fab projects planned to open in the next 18 monthsand includes detailed information about new fab expenditures,capacity; and ramps trends and technology nodes by company.The wafer processing equipment market research includessemiconductor front-end fabs including semiconductors, MEMSand LEDs.Reports include volume production, pilot, R&D and consortiafabs and track detail from the planning phase until the fab’s endof life and fab closure.Reports feature executive summaries with high level graphs andtables, as well as detailed fab information with analysis on capacity,geometry, wafer size, technology, products and types, and region.User friendly • Easy to navigate • Excel format • Easy to copy-paste$0$200$400$600$800$1000$1200$1400$1600$18001Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 1Q12 2Q124Q093Q09US$MillionJapanEurope &MideastSouthKoreaChinaAmericasSoutheastAsia/OthersTaiwanCONSTRUCTION SPENDING BY QUARTER BY REGIONSource: SEMI, World Fab Forecast, October 2012$0$2,000$4,000$6,000$8,000$10,000$12,0001Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q114Q093Q09JapanEurope &MideastSouthKoreaChinaAmericasSoutheastAsia/OthersTaiwan3Q11 4Q11 1Q12 2Q12US$MillionEQUIPMENT SPENDING BY QUARTER BY REGIONSource: SEMI, World Fab Forecast, October 2012• Installed Capacities• Equipment Spending• Construction Spending• Technology Nodes• Product Type and Products
    • World Fab ForecastThis comprehensive fab capacity database contains over1,000 records and features details by company and by fabin over 50 categories (including capacity ramps, geometries,wafer sizes, product types and regions) and covers three years—the past six quarters and projecting the next six quarters.Capital expenditure of fabs equipping and of fabs with con-struction projects feature added. Plus—summary trend chartsand summary key points.FabFuturesFabFutures focuses on fabs which have fab spending(construction and equipping).The report contains over 200 records and features detailslisted by company and by fab in over 34 categories,(including major construction and equipment spending,capacity ramps, geometries, product types, wafer sizes,and key milestone dates) and covers two years—thepast two quarters and projecting the next six quarters.World Fab WatchWorld Fab Watch provides a snapshot and overviewof the previous quarter for all worldwide semiconductorwafer fabs and contains over 1,000 records and featuresdetails in over 42 categories.Opto/LED Fab ForecastThe Opto/LED Fab Forecast tracks over 250 fabs manufacturingLED and optoelectronic devices. The database includes highlevel summaries, charts, and graphs; in-depth analyses of capitalexpenditure and capacity down to the detail of each fab; andforecast for the next 18 months. This is an essential businesstool for anyone interested in forecasting the key players involvedin this growing and expanding market segment.Opto/LED Fab WatchOpto/LED Fab Watch provides an snapshot and overview ofthe global LED and Optoelectronics fabs for the prior quarter.These facilities manufacturer devices that source, control, ordetect light. The data includes information by facilities includingfab location, theoretical capacity, wafer size, and more. Thelisting also provides an overview of equipment spendingby region.Compare Fab Database Reports-4%-2%0%2%4%6%8%10%12%14%1Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q114Q093Q09LEDFoundryMemoryAll Other3Q11 4Q11 1Q12 2Q12PERCENT CHANGE OF POTENTIAL INSTALLED CAPACITY BY PRODUCT TYPESource: SEMI, World Fab Forecast, October 2012$0$200$400$600$800$1000$1200$1400$1600$18001Q10 2Q10 3Q10 4Q10 1Q11 2Q11 3Q11 4Q11 1Q12 2Q124Q093Q09US$MillionJapanEurope &MideastSouthKoreaChinaAmericasSoutheastAsia/OthersTaiwanPOTENTIAL INSTALLED CAPACITY BY GEOMETRY (without Discretes)Source: SEMI, World Fab Forecast, October 2012MethodologySEMI maintains a database of more than 1,000 fabs worldwide.Information about individual fab projects is updated regularlythroughout the quarter by interviewing company executives,visiting companies, monitoring financial announcements, newsreleases and other important events throughout the year andthen analyzing and modeling the data.To learn more about SEMI methodology behind the databasereports, visit www.youtube.com/user/SEMIMktstats.
    • Copyright © 2013. Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI). All rights reserved. SEMI and semi.org are trademarks or registered trademarks ofSEMI in the United States and other countries. All other company and product names are trademarks of their respective holders.Visit OurYouTube ChannelTo learn more about the methodology behind the database reports, visit:www.youtube.com/user/SEMImktstatsHow to OrderFor more information, call: SEMI Global Sales and Services1.877.746.7788 (U.S. toll-free) or 1.408.943.6901www.semi.org/fabsAbout SEMISEMI is the global industry association serving the manufacturing supplychains for the microelectronic, display and photovoltaic industries.SEMI member companies are the engine of the future, enabling smarter,faster and more economical products that improve our lives. Since 1970,SEMI has been committed to helping members grow more profitably,create new markets and meet common industry challenges. SEMImaintains offices in Beijing, Bengaluru, Berlin, Brussels, Grenoble,Hsinchu, Moscow, San Jose, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, andWashington, D.C. For more information, visit www.semi.org.www.semi.orgFab Database ReportCOVERAGE NUMBER OF WHICH FAB DATABASE REPORT MEMBER PRICING NON-MEMBER PRICING(Previous | Next) FAB RECORDS IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Subscription | Single Copy Subscription | Single CopyWorld Fab Forecast3 years of data 1,000+ If you need data for all fabs worldwide focused on $4,120 / $2,150 $5350 / $2,850(6 qtr |6 qtr) existing capacity and capacity ramps, geometries,Forecast: Next 18 Months product type, wafer size and by region and capital expenditure by quarter for fabs constructing and equippingFabFutures2 years of data 200+ If you need detailed information on both fab $3,325 / $1,750 $4,285 / $2,450(2 qtr |6 qtr) construction and fab equipping spending forForecast: Next 18 Months future and current fabs that have committed to capital expenditureWorld Fab WatchSnapshot and overview 1,000+ If your focus is on worldwide overview of fabs $1,850 / $1,425 $2,725 / $2,150Opto/LED Fab Forecast3 years of data 250+ If you need quarterly data for all fabs worldwide; $1,925 / NA $2,575 / NA(6 qtr |6 qtr) focussed on quarterly capacity and spending ofForecast: Next 18 Months Opto/LED fabsOpto/LED Fab WatchSnapshot and overview 250+ If your focus is an overview of Opto/LED fabs $995 / $695 $1,295 / $995