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Welcome to the WMS Counseling Department
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Welcome to the WMS Counseling Department


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Welcome to the Counseling Department Walkersville Middle School
  • 2. What is the purpose of today’s visit?
    • Learn about the counseling department at WMS.
    • Learn about the students at WMS.
    • Discuss bullying, harassment and the consequences.
    • Discuss the procedure for scheduling a formal appointment.
    • Learn some tips for having a successful year at WMS.
  • 3. School Counselors
    • Grade 8 Mrs. Twilley
    • Grade 7 Mr. Mavis
    • Grade 6 Mrs. Manry
  • 4. Secretaries
    • Registrar Mrs. Fyock
    • Attendance Mrs. Marple
  • 5. What does a school counselor do???
    • Helps students select courses and plan school schedule
    • Explores and identifies career options with students
    • Works with students individually and in small groups
    • Plans and participates in classroom lessons
    • Facilitates mediations between
    • peers
  • 6.
    • Helps students to solve problems at home and at school
    • Helps students to make good decisions
    • Recognizes Lions of the Week
    • Completes Individual Counseling Record with each student
    • Communicates regularly with teachers and parents
    • Monitors grades and attendance
    • Helps all students to be successful in middle school
  • 7. Where can you see your school counselor?
    • Counseling office
    • Classroom
    • Cafeteria/recess
    • Hallways
    • Before and after school
  • 8. How do I schedule an appointment with the counselor?
    • Self –referral (appointment request)
    • Parent referral
    • Referral from a friend
    • Referral from teacher or administrator
    • Request from counselor
    • The information shared is confidential except when someone’s safety is at risk.
  • 9. Where is the counseling office?
    • Near the front of the building across from the main office.
    • You must have a pass from a teacher before coming to the counseling office.
  • 10. Who makes up the WMS family?
    • About 80 staff members – administrators, counselors, teachers, support staff
    • 802 students – grade 6 (267), grade 7 (283), grade 8 (252)
    • African American, American Indian, Asian and Hispanic – about 20% of total school population
  • 11. What is diversity?
    • The inclusion of people of different races and cultures in an organization
    • Differences, what makes each of us unique
    • Accept, respect and learn from each other
    • Follow the Golden Rule
    Respect & Celebrate Differences
  • 12. What is bullying?
    • An intentional and hurtful act
    • Any behavior that hurts, threatens, scares or creates fear in someone
    • Verbal, written, emotional, physical or electronic
    • Can interfere with learning, cause grades to suffer, lead to absenteeism, damage self-esteem, cause social & emotional problems
  • 13. What can you do?
    • Report the bullying incident to an adult
    • Complete a green Bullying Reporting Form
    • Speak up when someone is being bullied, offer support to the victim
    • Include students who are left out
    • Show respect to all classmates, no matter how different their interests, skin color, religion, culture, gender, income, physical appearance or abilities.
    • WMS is a bully free zone.
  • 14. What are some tips for having a successful year at WMS?
    • Attend school every day and be on time.
    • Follow all school rules.
    • Be organized.
    • Turn in assignments on time.
    • Participate in class.
    • Set aside at least 1 hour daily for homework.
    • Be respectful to everyone.
    • Ask for help when you need it.
    Have a positive attitude!
  • 15. Homework – agenda entry
    • Share letter and other information with your parents.
    Have a great year. Let me know how I can help. At WMS we R.O.A.R. to success